Our next step.

So you want to know what else happened? Okay, I will tell you.
John and I had been getting together and stroking each other and sucking each other for months. I was happy as hell. I could not imagine that things could get any better. As far as going any further in our sexual exploration, we had never talked about it. I really have never been excited about the thought of anal sex. I was happy with the way things were. John and I were getting together once or twice a week and making each other cum over and over. I still had my gf. In fact I was living with her at the time. She never knew about what John and I really did. She would freak out of she knew what was happening. About a year after John and I started our oral pleasures, he stopped by my place one night. My gf was at work. John was horny as hell and wanted to have some fun. I decided that there was no time like the present. I was a bit horny too and always love to swallow one of John's big loads. We got naked right there in the living room. I was on my knees in front of John. I had his big cock deep in my throat and was really enjoying what was happening. John had his hands on my head and slowly sliding it deep in my mouth. I was playing with his balls as I sucked his cock. Suddenly the door opened and in walked my girlfriend. I could see her out of the corner of my eye. I about died. I stopped what I was doing as my heart sank. Janet just stared at us. A whole range of thoughts ran through my mind. I waited for Janet to start screaming. I expected her to kick me and start calling me names. She looked at me, then John, then back to me. Not only did not heart sink at the situation, but so did my excitement. I looked at John and then down to the floor. John also was loosing his excitement too, but not as fast. John didn't know what do. He just stood there waiting to see what happened. I didn't know what to do either. After what seemed like forever, I looked at Janet. I could see that she was openly staring at John's cock. She saw me looking at her. I watched a smile slowly creep across her face. Janet laughing said that I wasn't k**ding when I used to tell her that John and I had some male bonding to do. I nerviously giggled at her comment. Janet walked over to me and asked me to stand. I stood naked in front of her. Janet reached out and cupped my balls. She then reached out and cupped John's. I was affraid that she may get pissed and squeeze both our balls off. Janet leaned into me and kissed me deeply. I was shocked. I then saw her lean over and kiss John deeply. When she broke off the kiss with John, she turned to me. She looked me in the eye and asked how long we had been "bonding". I told her the truth. I watched in amazement as Janet started to take her clothes off. She asked how far we have gone. I told her the truth about that too. When Janet got naked, she reached out and started to stroke my soft cock. She also started to stroke John. I could see John was getting hard again. I was still scared as hell and was not getting as excited as John was. Janet leaned over to me. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to watch me suck off John. I was shocked. I never in my wildest imagination would I think she would want to see that. I did not want to do it with her watching. Janet tried to encourage me. She whispered that she would suck me off and wanted to see who would cum first, me or John. Janet sucked my cock into her mouth. I still didn't know what to do. John told me to go ahead. I hesitantly started to suck his cock. John moaned as he felt my lips on his cock. I could taste the precum escaping the tip. John was horny. He was very turned on by the events that were happening. I felt John grab my head and drive his cock deep into my mouth. Janet was watching us as she sucked my cock. I think she was enjoying what she saw. It didn't take John very long to explode in my mouth. I tried to swallow it all, but was still in shock about the whole scene. John's cum was dribbling down the corners of my mouth. Janet released my cock and kissed. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and sucked John's cum from my mouth. She then licked my face clean. Suddenly I felt her lips on my cock again. She was really working my cock over good. After about a good 5 minutes of Janet sucking me, I let go. I heard Janet moan as she gulpped down my cum. Once she swallowed the last drop, she sat between us on the couch. We all chatted for a bit. Janet slowly started to stroke our cocks again. John got hard right away. He was really excited about Janet joining us. Janet confessed that watching me suck off John was one of the hottest things she had ever seen. She then said that she wanted to see us fuck. I surprised by her comment. Janet asked if we would do that for her. I was hesitant. I am not sure how John felt about it. Janet then said that if we did this for her, then we could continue our "bonding" with her blessing as long as she could join in from time to time. John said that he was all for it. I was still undecided. John dropped to his knees and started sucking me off right then and there. Janet layed back and started to finger her wet pussy. She was really getting into this. She started to tell John to suck my cock. I heard John moan as he fondled my balls. My cock was hard in no time. John stood up and turned around. He then bent over and said that he wanted to feel my big hard cock deep in his ass. Janet ran to the bedroom and got some lube. I realized that I couldn't do without John's hot lips and cock. I told Janet to lube me up good. Janet squealed as she poured the lube on my cock and stroked it a bit. She then aimed it at john's ass. I grabbed his hips and pressed forward. Nothing happened. I pressed harder. I felt like my cock would break in half before he slipped inside. Janet reached around John and grabbed his cock. She slowly stroked him as I applied an even pressure to his asshole with my cock. I swirled my cock around a bit. I felt John relax a bit. Suddenly I felt his ass surrender to my invading cock. My cockhead popped inside John's ass. John cried out loud. I stopped all movement. I asked John if he was okay. He said that it hurt a bit. I asked if he wanted me to stop. John said no, just take it easy. I held still for several moments. After a while, I felt John's ass squeeze my cock. I then slowly applied a bit of pressure. Bit by bit my cock slowly disappeared into his ass. John started to moan. I asked if he liked this. John just moaned. I also heard Janet moan too. Janet was working her fingers in and out of her pussy like crazy. With one final push, I buried my whole cock deep into John's ass. I was incrediably tight. John was moaning and moaning. Slowly I started to move in and out. John moaned louder yet. Then john shouted out, yeah man fuck my ass. That was all it took. I exploded. I emptied my balls into John's ass. I could feel his ass squeezing my cock, milking my cum from me. When I was done. I pulled my cock out. It came out with a loud pop. Janet was cuming as she masturbated. John then turned the tables on me. I bend over and he lubed up his own cock. I felt him press his cock against my ass. He felt huge. I didn't think that there was anyway that he was going to get that big fucker inside me. John started stroking my cock as he pressed harder and to get inside me. John then leaned against my and whispered in my ear. He told me that just relax. I tried to, but was still unsure that his huge cock would fit inside me. John then whispered for me to push like I was on the toilet. I did. I felt a sharp pain shoot through my ass. John slipped the head of his cock inside my ass. God her really was huge. I just held still as did John. Soon the pain turned to pleasure. I loved the feeling of his cock head inside me. Soon I was pushing back at John. HE got the hint and slowly pushed in deeper. before long John was driving his cock deep inside me to the hilt. I was in heaven. I felt John grab my hips and drive faster and faster. Janet crawled underneath me and started to suck my cock as John fucked me. That was all it took. I exploded, filling Janet's mouth with my load. My ass worked John's cock like crazy as I came. I felt John stiffen and cry out. I was amazed that I could feel his cock throb inside my ass as he came. He pumped my ass full of his hot cum. Janet was beside herself. She said that watching us fuck was even hotter that us sucking. We spent the rest of the night sucking and fucking each other. Janet loves to join us every chance she gets. She says that she gets twice the cock than she used to and she loves it. We all think that things worked out for the best.

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1 month ago
MMmmm very hot.
3 months ago
a dream cum true!!!
4 months ago
A dream come true!
6 months ago
What a hot n great story !!!!
6 months ago
well you can use my ass pussy too and fuck me until the cows cum home
6 months ago
hot story