letter to GF part 1 (bbw)

this is a letter i wrote to my GF. i have changed the names to protect ourselves :P
let me give u a idea of us. she is about 5'8, blonde hair, blue eyes, 200lbs (yes i love me a bbw girl. love some curves and a lil extra), 36dd
im 6'4, brown hair shoulder length and 180lbs with a 7.5in dick...
We were both laid on the couch watching a movie. I had convinced you to wear nothing after we had showered. So you were laying there naked under the blanket on my lap, and I was naked too. The movie ended and you sat watching the credits for a minute , then reached and turned the TV off se we were laying there in the dark.
Then you sat up and ran your hand up my leg and ran it across my dick and said, “Limp dick” like you normally do.
I said “so, you can change that.”
Then you said “nope” and I leaned forward and grabbed you and started to kiss you. You started to seem to melt. Then you ran your hand down my chest scratching me lightly and then down my thigh. You grabbed my dick and started rubbing it slowly and rubbing my balls. You pushed me back and made me lay back down on the couch and started kissing my chest and then you started biting and sucking my nipples. You then started kissing down my stomach and down my thigh. You then kissed and licked the head of my dick that was now growing harder from you playing with it. You sucked on the head for a second then grabbed a piece of ice from your glass of water and rubbed around the tip of my dick.
“You tease” I said.
“So what, you like it” you said. Then you got up and climbed on my lap and you shoved the piece of ice in your pussy and squeaked and I laughed.
“Not funny” you said as u sat on my dick shoving it in your pussy that was now cold and wet.
"Mmmmm that feels good” I said as you started to rock back and forth.
“Yeah it does,” you said in the middle of a moan. The cold water was dripping out of your pussy and down my balls and it felt so good. I reached up and pulled you forward and started kissing you and grabbing your nipples and playing with them, twisting them and pinching the, Then you sat up and started bouncing up and down real fast on my dick making it slam deeper into your now wetter pussy
“Mmmmm that feels sooo good Kelsey. Don’t stop.”
“You like that?” you said while moaning softly between bounces.
“Yes baby. Don’t stop please.” I said grabbing waist and making you bounces harder. Then you stopped and leaned forward and started rocking slowly making my dick slide out and start rubbing on your clit. Then you reached down and slipped my dick back and started rubbing it on you r ass sending a tremble up me.
“Mmmmm that feels good baby”
“Why?” you asked.
“I don’t know. Just feels different and really good”. Then you stopped and pushed back making the head of my dick push against your ass. You started moaning softly.
“What’s wrong baby?” I asked you.
“That feels really good” you answered softly. You got up and said
“Your turn” I got up and as you started to get on the couch I bent you over and slammed my dick against your clit making you moan really loud. I started rubbing it up and down your clit real fast. Then you stood up and went towards the bedroom and I followed real close to you not taking my arms from around you. As soon as you got to the bed I threw you down on the edge on your back and slammed my dick into your pussy making you squeal.
“Your mean” you said
“I know” I grabbed your legs and spread them upwards and slammed into you hard again going deeper and making you moan louder. I started slamming faster and making you screams. I reached down with one hand and started playing with your clit and rubbing it really fast. I felt your legs start to tremble and you started moaning and screaming louder. Then I stuck my middle finger in your pussy on top of my dick and started fingering you and fucking you at the same time and kept playing with your clit with my thumb. You started getting louder and louder screaming.
“Fuck me Josh! Fuck me harder!!” so I started slamming into you harder and still fingering you and playing with your clit.
You started screaming more “Oh my god josh! Fuck me! Oh my god Fuuuuuck mee!! Josh JOSH!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!” so I pulled my finger out and grabbed both your legs and started slamming full f***e into you making loud slamming noises.
“Oh my god Kelsey! That feels so fucking good!” my legs started to tremble. Feeling like I was about to cum.
“Baby I’m gonna cum!” I said mid moan and tremble.
“Don’t stop fucking meee!! I want you all inside me baby! Fuck me harder!!” so I leaned onto you spreading your legs more and going deeper in and slamming harder and faster. You started screaming even louder.
“Oh my fucking god! That feels so damn good JOSH!!” you started scratching my chest and pulling my hair. I let go of your legs and started grabbing your boobs playing with your nipples and squeezing your breasts hard. I slammed into you one more really hard time
“Oh my god baby! “I’m Cumming” I yelled, trembling
“Don’t stop!” you grabbed my waist and started thrusting your pussy on my dick as I was Cumming in you.
“Mmmmm that feels good Kelsey.”
“Yea it does. You feel so good in me josh!” I thrust and slammed into you two more times making you scream once more. I started playing with your clit as I slowly thrust as I finished Cumming in you.
“Oh my god baby, that was so good!” you said as you pulled me down and started making out with me. You grabbed a towel and started wiping yourself off. And as I was lying by you reached over and started playing with my balls and started to jack me off. “
My turn!” you said with a grin and you climbed on top of my dick and slammed it into your pussy and made me tremble…..

I woke up to a pleasuring sensation in my dick. Half asl**p, I didn’t think anything of it. Then I realized that you weren’t beside me. I looked down to see a bulge under the blanket. I threw the blanket back to see you lying between my legs. You were rubbing my balls gently with one hand and stroking my dick with the other, kissing and licking around the head of my dick.
You looked up and said “was wondering when you were gonna wake up.”
“How long you been down there?”
“About 3 minutes” you said with a seductive smile then you dropped your head down and started to suck on one of my balls.
“Mmmmm! That feels really good Kelsey!” you let go and looked at me
“Oh yeah? How good”
“really fucking gooood!” as I was saying it you did it again, but this time adding your tongue flicking on my balls as you sucked on them.
“You really like that?”
“Yes baby! That feels so good!”
“how about this??” as you said that you dropped your mouth down and around my dick and deep throating for just a second giving a hard suction as you pulled back very slowly.
“Mmmmm baby! That feels really good!” you started to suck and nibble on the head of my dick
“Yea? Why?” you said as you dropped and sucked really hard on half my dick bobbing your head up and down really fast making a suction noise. Then you started flicking your tongue on my dick as you sucked.
“Oh my god! That feels amazing Kelsey! You’re so good! Don’t stop please?!” then you dropped and deep throated me again and lightly bit down and d**g your teeth up my dick as you pulled it out of your mouth sending a tremble of pleasure through my body. You smiled at my shaking as you pulled up and started rubbing and stroking me again.
I looked at you and smiled and said “69?” you then slowly turned around, put your leg by my shoulders and pushed your pussy at my face. But you weren’t in 69; you were facing me with your pussy right in front of me.
“It’s your turn” you said with a smile. I reached and grabbed your waist and pulled your pussy to my face and shoved my tongue into your wet pussy. You let out a soft moan. I started nibbling at your clit and sucking on it. I reached up shoved one finger in your saturated, warm pussy.
I pulled it out and said “sit your pussy on my face baby.”
“I want to feel you in control.” You leaned forward and pushed your pussy onto my mouth, making me have to taste you. I shoved my tongue deep into you and I felt you tremble on top of me. I started shaking my face making you moan loader.
You pulled away and said “need air?”
“A little. Now give it to me again please?” this time you weren’t nice about it. You shoved your pussy down hard and fast forcing me to taste you and eat you out. So I didn’t take my time. I went at you making you shake on me with pleasure. You pulled up again
“You like that?” you asked me.
“Yes baby. A lot!! I like you in control of me”
“I don’t know, just a turn on when you’re telling me what to do and in complete control.” You smiled and f***ed your wet pussy back into my face, and I went at you making you moan even louder. Then you started rocking back and forth on my tongue like it was my dick in your sweet pussy.
“Your turn on me” you said as you ground your pussy onto my face once more then you got up and laid down. I got up and started to get between your legs.
“No I want you to play with your dick on my boobs.” You said grabbing my dick and pulling it towards your chest. I got on your chest and put my dick between them and started rubbing it in the middle of them then you pushed them together incasing my dick between your beautiful big breasts. I started thrusting slowly and grabbing your nipples. I pulled my dick out and started slapping it on your boobs and rubbing your nipples with the head. I pushed them back together and shoved my dick in between thrusting through as it started poking through you started to lightly kiss and suck on the head.
“Get up and fuck me please?” you said pushing me down. So I did as you said and got between your legs spreading your pussy lips with my hand and sliding my dick slowly into your wet and warm pussy. You let out a soft moan as I first penetrated into you.
I then slammed once all the way in to make you moan real loud “tease!!”
“I know” and slammed in again. Then I started to slowly fuck you. I leaned over and grabbed the wet rag you were using on my dick earlier and wiped my face.
“I want to be able to kiss you” I said smiling. I leaned down so that our bodies were now pressed together and face to face. I was slowly rocking my hips and rotating around in a circle. You started moaning softly and rubbing your hands down my back. I started kissing and biting your neck making you moan a little more then you grabbed my hair and pulled
“Mmmmm baby.” I said then you pulled my face to yours and started kissing me. You shoved your tongue in my mouth and I returned the favor. As I was thrusting slowly in your pussy our tongues swirled together. Then you started to suck on my tongue real hard. I pulled away slowly letting you suck on my tongue as it slipped out. I then started thrusting faster into your tight wet pussy making you moan louder. I reached down and started playing with your clit.
“Oh my god joshes!”
“What baby?”
“You feel so good!”
“What about me?”
“Your dick in my pussy feels so amazing and you playing with my clit!!” you started moaning louder as I pinched your clit. I started rubbing my thumb really fast and hard and you started to tremble as you moaned even louder. “Turn over baby” I said as I slamming into you a few times then I pulled out real quick.
“Tease!!” you said and smacked my chest and turned over and got on your hands and knees. I eased up behind you and started rubbing my dick up and down your clit making you moan softly.
“Squeeze my ass baby” you said looking back at me while you were moaning. I grabbed your ass with both hands and started squeezing it and spreading your ass cheeks. Then I spread them as far as I could and slammed into your wet, tight, and hot pussy making you let out a low scream. I then started fucking you faster. You started screaming softly. “
You’re not screaming loud enough!”
“Yes I am”
“Nope” I slammed into you as hard as I could and kept at it making you get louder and louder. I kept going until I started to slow down from getting tired.
“Oh my god that felt so good josh!”
“Yea it did baby”
“Why you stop?”
“Tired” you reached under you and grabbed my balls and started to massage them as I slowly thrust into your pussy. I was still squeezing and spreading your ass. You then leaned up a little and reached and grabbed my dick and started stroking it against your ass.
“Mmmmm that feels good Kelsey”
“Why baby?”
“Because you’re so good at that”
“Yes baby. Don’t stop please?!” you leaned up so you were now sitting up on your knees with your ass back so that the head of my dick was between your cheeks. I started to massage your breasts and play with your nipples. You leaned back down on your hands and knees and rocked your ass toward my dick making the head rub on your asshole.
“Mmmmm that feels good josh”
“Why baby?”
“I don’t know. It just feels really good” I then thrust with the rhythm of your ass rocking on my dick. I grabbed your ass cheeks and spread them and you started rocking faster. I leaned back and let you thrust your ass on my dick. You started squeezing your cheeks together and rotating your ass in circles. Then you stopped and sat up and turned around and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it.
“You wanna try putting it in my ass?”
“That’s up to you baby”
“But do you?”
“I only do if you want to Kelsey”
“I do”
“then I want to too baby” you leaned over and grabbed a bottle of lube from your purse beside the bed and started rubbing it all over my dick, jacking me off as you did it. You stopped and got back on your hands and knew then lay on your stomach.
“Rub it on my ass too” you said handing me the lube. I squeezed a little out between your ass cheeks and started rubbing it in playfully and making you moan a little. I slowly slid the tip of my pinky inside and you jumped a little.
“What you doing?” you asked looking back over your shoulder.
“Getting you used to something smaller going in first” I said sliding my pinky in and out slowly. Then you started to moan softly.
“You ok baby?”
“Yea, hurts and feels good”
“You want to stop?”
“No don’t stop please? It feels good more than it hurts”
“Ok baby” I then slid my middle finger instead. You start moaning more. This time I slid more than just the tip. I slid up to my knuckle in and out.
“you want to try your dick now?” you said leaning up on your knew and massaging my dick in one hand and taking the lube with the other.
“Up to you baby”
“I do want it in me now”
“Ok baby. Lean over then” you got back on doggy style and sticking your ass up in the air. I grabbed you ass cheeks and spread them and rubbed the head of my dick on your now exposed asshole.
“Ok baby. You push and make it go in how you want.”
“Ok baby” you said as you pushed back towards my dick and the tip of my dick started to slip in and you started rocking back and forth on it making it slide in more and more little at a time. Then the head fully popped in and I felt you wince.
“You ok baby!?”
“Yeah just kinda surprised me and hurt a little”
“You wanna stop baby?”
“No I want to keep going. It feels kind of good” you said thrusting your ass back slipping the head back in and you let out a moan. I started slowly thrusting the tip in and out of your ass and you were grinding your ass on my dick. I then began to squeeze your ass cheeks making you moan a little more.
“Push it further in baby” you said as you moaned more. So I slowly slid another inch into your ass and you let out a moan of pleasure and pain.
“Are you ok??”
“Yeah just a little pain. Its ok doesn’t stop.” So I started thrusting a little faster just the end of my dick in and out of your ass making you moan more. You started grinding back more so I stopped and leaned back letting you work my dick in your ass how you wanted. You were slowly getting it deeper and deeper. After about 10 minutes you had little more than half my dick in your ass.
“Baby that feels really good but let’s stop for now so it doesn’t hurt you.”
“Ok what now?” you said pulling out really slow and then rocking the head on the outside of your ass.
“Let’s go get a shower”

to be continued on the next letter i writer her

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