The Goddess Of Fertility

The Goddess of Fertility

I used to work with a guy called Melvin. He was a lovely, happily married man with one
problem in his life. His beloved wife and he were finding it difficult to conceive.

I was I think 25, he'd have been about 40.

They began a programme of IVF at a private BUPA hospital not far from our workplace.

Each of them had to go on there from time to time, for the removal of her eggs, and
of course, for him to provide his "sample" for the procedure.

He used to tell me this in a very matter of fact, jocular fashion. He had to pop out
or take an early lunch and as we worked alongside, I needed to know.

One day her came back from his appointment and he was white as a sheet, trembling,
and he coudl hardly speak.

I sat him down and got him a cup of tea, and waited for him to tell me what was
wrong, if he wanted to.

With tears in his eyes he produced a specimen container, which was empty.

He spoke haltingly and confessed that he hadn't been able to do it. Firstly he couldn't
get hard, and then that he couldn't ejaculate. Of course the more he tried, the more panicked he became
and the worse it got and he ended up completely unable to perform.

Even in the private sector you don't get help to provide your sample. They don't have a
masseuse on call. Perhaps that's extra.

He said sometimes when they were trying to conceive naturally, he had the problem. He said
it was very difficult to just do it to order, whenever the fertilty was high.

I stifled a giggle.

He looked appalled.

I assured him I wasn't laughing AT him, and it was just that I was sure I could do it any time
of night or day.

He looked relieved.

He was to become more relieved.

He said his wife would go MAD, she would go ON an ON and on about how nuch she had to do towards it,
all the medication she was having to inject herself with. She was normally pretty feisty he said, and with
all the induced hormones coursing through her system made her absolutely incendiary.

We talked about it some more, and he said they'd given him the sample bottle to go away and try again
when he was calmer, at home. He didn't DARE go home without having done the business, however.

I told him to go to the disabled loo and have another go.

Twenty minutes later he was back, and even more crestfallen than before.

I took a deep breath and made my offer:

"I don't propose you tell your wife about this, but what If I helped?"

"WHAT?" he spluttered "you're k**ding right? You're taking the piss?"

"no" I said quietly "Neither. I am offering to do it FOR you. It might not do any good, but we could try"

I stood.

"come on" I said, holding out a hand

We crossed the bridge to the male disabled loo, and I closed the door behind us.

He was shaking. I was kind of excited.

I sat on the closed toilet.

"Come on" I said and pulled at his belt as he stood before me

He held his hands out of the way

I opened his trousers, and dropped them to the floor. He'd got quite nice shorts on. I seized the
waistband and pulled them down.

My first view of him, obviously. Big balls, all very hairy, and a big, thick but completely, utterly limp cock.

Now I am not used to this. Whenever I get one out it is ALWAYS but always at least half hard.

"It's ok, relax" I cooed "Enjoy the feel of my hand. It's new...exciting.. don't be guilty, this is for you
and your lovely wife"

His hips thrust almost imperceptibly forward.

I gently cupped his b*lls, wrapping my soft young hand around his scrotum

I equally gently began to pull the shaft. It reluctantly began to harden.

His face was scarlet, sweating.

I leant forward and licked around the head, taking it a little into my mouth.

He groaned

He began to harden more quickly in my hand

"You've got a very big cock" I smiled "I'm shocked"

"Really?" he asked

"mm" I said "It's getting huge for me"

Then he relaxed and began to enjoy the experience.

His b*lls were sweating as I massaged them.

His cock was now fully hard in my hand and I began to pump more firmly

It WAS big as well.

And I wanked and I wanked and I wanked and I wanked and I wanked and I wanked and I wanked
and I wanked

and nothing.

"Close your eyes" I said

He closed t
I unbuttonned my starchy white blouse and pulled it out of the uniform-skirt I had on,
I took the blouse off and undid my (gorgeous) bra, my big tits spilled out.

I asked him to now look.

He opened his eyes and they nearly popped out at the sight of my big firm young 36 DD b*obs.

I played with them both for a moment for him.

"Can I have a feel?" he begged

I nodded

He filled his hands with my big tits, squeezing them.

"Can I .. put it in between them?" he pleaded

I smiled and nodded again

He stepped forward to plave his cock vertically into my cleavage

I squeezed my b*easts togther for him, as he ever more vigorously fucked my cleavage

He nearly c*me so I pinched the base firmly to stop him, causing his er*ction to dip for a moment,
I gave him a proper blow job to bring it back up.

I slipped it back between my breasts and pulled them up and down on it

He tensed again, so I repeated the Vulcan death grip. This time I resurrected him
with a full deep thr*at blow ob. I did 4/5 times in all.

My tongue lapped the head and his whole body stiffened

"UNNNNNH" he groaned "OHHH JEEEeeeSUS"

I quickly grabbed the sample bottle and unscrewed the lid

I pushed it onto the end of his P*nis!

His whole body shook as his (frankly quite magnificently big) cock spewed it's contents into the
vessel. I kept on wanking the shaft, and felt even more juice runnig up it, by the time he'd finished
it was just about the biggest load I have ever seen. It nearly filled the thing.

Now I don't always think about what I'm saying, and the effect it might have.

I was practically... I Looked like a teenager, particularly in work clothes, and I was on my
knees having wanked off a very happily married man, who was in his forties. He probably
hadn't seen another woman naked for twenty years.

So WHY did I have to say ......

"God, that would have been a lot for me to swallow"

Once he'd shot his l*ad he kind of came to his senses a little.

His eyes nearly popped out if his head as that thought of him fucking my young mouth, and my throat filling,
and swallowing, popped into his head.

"My GOD" he croaked "I can't believe you..we did that"

"Just a helping hand, and mouth , and tits" I smiled

I screwed the top on for him, there was a drop on my finger, which I sucked.

"Hey I SAW that!" he exclaimed

I grinned as he dressed, suddenly now embarrassed.

"I want to thank you SO SO much. Are you coming back?" he made as to leave

"I er... um... need to have one myself" I said, and I blushed as well

"Okay, I'll.... leave you to it" he chuckled

He opened the door, then with his throat so constricted by nerves he could hardly form the words, said :

"Can.. I watch?"

"Oh my god, what a rude thing to ask" I giggled

I stood and took off the long grey pleated uniform skirt, which was very un-sexy. Underneath I only had on a black lycra thong.
I pulled that down and took it off, and sat on the closed toilet once again.

I opened my thighs and grabbing a tit in one hand and my cunt in the other proceeded to wank myself off
as Melvin watched. He knelt before me, watching my finger my hairy pussy, the freely flowing
juices coating my fingertips. My nipple was almost painfully erect, as I squeezed it between two fingers.

Looking Melvin in the eye, I lifted the breast to my mouth, which having big tits and a supple neck, I can do.
I lovingly sucked my own nipple, which was diamond hard and hugely erect in my mouth. I licked all round it
and sucked hard, lighting the fuse for my orgasm.

Melvin just groaned

"JEsus Christ" he chuckled "what a sight"

"Mmmmm" I moaned "CUMMing"

My bottom trembled under the strong spasms of my climax, the plastic toilet lid rattled.

Melvin, rather boldly, undid his trousers again, and produced his big cock. It was very hard.

"Can I?" he nodded at my breasts

"Sure!" I grinned

He took himself firmly in hand and within two or three minutes managed to pump a few drops of clear semen
into my gorgeous soft cleavage.

I gave him a little kiss on the end to say "You're welcome"

The upshot (!?) of all this was that the generous donation I received was added to his wife's eggs,
and .... nine or so months later twins were naturally born to the happy couple, and at Melvins suggestion
(not sure how he sold it to the wife) and named Joseph and Josephine.

Jo xxxx

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Really good. Trudi xx