Fucked [part 1 of 2]
By: Jo Jo (joanne.erotic@gmail.com)

This is about Derek And Elaine. I used to work with Derek, and he was
a sort of mentor to me, when I started work for a large comms company
when I was 19. He was and is 19 or 20 years older than me.

Derek writes on ES as Doctor Wankenstein, though I didn't know what he
was like at the time !!

So .... by the time I'd been there a year there was a culture of
drinking straight from work, it was a high pressure job, and in those
kind of jobs you tend to flock together after work to de stress and
have a drink with your colleagues. On Fridays everybody would be out,
but weekdays there would tend to be only the singles, which included
Derek and I.

One night Derek seemed stressed and after a few drinks it came out it
was not the job that was bothering him, it was a girl called , Elaine.
she was an ex, it transpired, as I wheedled more information out of
him, of some six years previous, but she still regularly wanted him to
supply her with shelter, food, money ..... and sex. I really did have
to DIG the last element out of him: he wasn't forthcoming.

I started to wonder at what he could give her that she'd keep coming
back for it half a decade later! I was quite intrigued. Derek went to
the toilet, leaving his mobile phone on the table

No sooner had he disappeared than it rang out, with caller ID ELAINE.

I hesitated before answering it with "Derek *********'s phone"

"Oh, er, .. hello ... is he still at work?"

"He's left the office, he's just nipped to the gents, so hold on for
him, I'm sure he won't be a moment, Elaine"

"Oh, you know who I am?"

"It just came up off your number... I know you're a friend of his.
This is Jo, I work with him"

"Are you in a pub?"

I figured he might not want her to know he was drinking with someone who
could easily be his daughter

"We are, just on the way to our trains, but we have twenty minutes to
kill. I'm Jo" I added

Just then Derek came back, finding me on his mobile.

"Elaine for you" I said and whispered what I'd told her. He nodded
and took the phone.

"Well we were only planning to be here for another quarter of an hour,
max" he said "Well.. okay... I'll wait for you, it's by the
fountains... see you later then"

"She's coming in then?" I asked

"Yes, she quite insists" he sighed

I offered to stay till she arrived so as he would not be sat there on
his own, but of course I was intrigued to meet her

Nearly an hour later she arrived, and I was SO surprised. She wasn't
young, I was 19/20 at the time, Derek was say 39/40 then, she was
apparently 3 or 4 years younger than him, so in her mid 30's, but she
was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. She'd got the most skintight faded jeans on,
very passe' even then, but they looked good on her. She was a bit of a
Pamela Anderson type, but without the nips and tucks. My GOD as she
cut through the crowd the men were eyeing up her arse.

She came over to our table, and Derek had got her a large glass of wine
in. She looked at me, daggers, but, I just kept it light and
friendly, and once she realised I was taking to her, she relaxed. She
was certainly jealous, but reasoned, with female logic, that If I was
friendly to her, then I was not jealous, and if not jealous, not
interested in the man, and therefore no threat. That's the theory.
She was quite funny, and Derek felt a bit cut out as we gossiped,
drank, and giggled, while both eyeing up the men , or boys, as she
termed it "on the lookout for another prospective ex".

Anyway nothing happened at all this night, well not involving me,
anyway. We all got the same train home, and Derek and Elaine got off
together, Elaine and I having exchanged numbers and promised to have a
night out together. Derek and Elaine would have got off at the same
station ANYWAY, so I didn't know if she was going back to his, or if
she was, if it was for sxe.

I should perhaps explain that Derek had never shown the slightest
interest in me, he was kind and friendly, and a real mentor, but never
ever came on to me. I always figured he was not interested. Every
other bloke at work, and one woman, had tried it on with me at one time
or another.

SO, a week or so later Elaine rang me, she suggested we go , together,
to see Derek's band at a venue in Birmingham, it was a midweek day. I
said sure and arranged to meet her on the train on the relevant night,
which we did. She had the foil part of a half full box of wine in her
handbag, and we emptied it before we arrived in Birmingham. Now Derek
had said she fell out with people, as she'd go out with them, both
women and men-friends, and expect to be bought drinks all night, and
then disappear with some bloke she'd met. I didn't want to fall out,
so I took plenty of money in case.

When we got to the venue, the band's management had swelled the ranks of
the audience with the generous provision of free booze. BONUS!

Elaine filled me in on all the gossip. The band was (autographed photo
out to get names) Mike - he was the lead singer, he was gorgeous, Paul
the lead guitarist he was gorgeous, Neicey and Julie the female
singers, they were BOTH gorgeous, and there was Derek, and the drummer

According to Elaine, she had fucked Paul (and of course Derek) , Derek
had fucked Neicey and Julie, Ray was always trying to fuck anyone he
could get his hands on, which Elaine found off putting, I know what
she means.

So , they were really good - they rocked - we danced and drank and we
were trashed by the end of the gig.

Afterwards we sat and drank some more free booze while Derek loaded his
car, he'd not had a drink at all, and I could tell he was irritated by
how d***k we were.

We got in his car , as we all lived in a line, toward and out of
Solihull, Derek first then Elaine then me furthest.

I didn't really want to go home back to my parents, being so d***k.
Elaine asked if the curry pot was on at Derek's. There was usually an
after - gig curry at Derek's , but being midweek, no other band members
or hangers on were coming.

He said it was, and Elaine, rather than Derek invited me back for curry.
We arrived and helped him in with the gear, the hallway was a store
room, guitars everywhere. The inside of the house was rather nice
though, very MALE but cozy.

Elaine showed me the hundreds of photos in the lounge, telling me who
many of them were. There was one of her in a bikini, and she looked
fantastic in it, I have to say.

Derek came out with the curries and we sat and ate, with MORE wine,
Derek having several glasses, as he had not d***k prior.

As the conversation went on, it became clear Elaine was going to stay
the night, as she lived alone, there was no point in her going home,
and Derek now could not drive her, or me home.

We listened to music for an hour or so, and Derek explained there was
only one bedroom, as the other was a recording studio. He offered to
take the couch and let Elaine and I share the one bed. I said he
shouldn't have to give up his bed, so providing it was a BIG bed, and
he could give me something to wear, I'd be happy for us all to share.

We all went up to his room, and it WAS a big bed, a king size, all black
and white stripes , very male, very swish. He gave me a big Top Cat t
shirt to wear, and I went off to the bathroom to change. I was only
wearing a halter neck top, a sarong, and a g string anyway, so I
didn't take long to change, I kept the g string on, and put the T shirt
on, my tits are big but firm (even firmer then). By the time I had had
a VERY VERY big wee wee, and pinched a guest toothbrush to do my teeth,
I must have been gone for ten minutes.

I saw that there were lights on, through the crack in the door, the
flickering lights of candles. I silently opend the door, but the
draught caused the flames to move, signalling my return. Elaine was
naked, standing facing the dresser and holding on to it, bending over.
Derek was stark naked and fucking her from behind. The little gasps
told that she was loving it. Her body was to DIE for, the most gorgeous
arse, and lovely tits, conical , like a couple of little oast houses.

Derek had a nice athletic bum, and the muscles rippled and flexed as
he pushed his cock in and out of her. I couldn't see it properly, but
it looked wide!

I took all this in, in a second or two.

"Er ........Should I go back out and knock ?" I laughed

Elaine looked over her shoulder

"You don't have to" she grinned "watch if you want" she said casually I
went and lay on the bed, and made myself comfortable to mastrurbate. I
quite like watching , and LIVE is better than porn, anyday.

One hand went inside the T shirt to grab my nipples, the other snuck
down my g string to pleasure my pussy which had got VERY WET, VERY
QUICKLY. I soon had to quickly move aside, as Derek swung Elaine round
to bring her over to the bed, where she climbed on into a doggy
position on all fours, and all without the cock coming out. Clever

I was a foot away from them now, not across the room, so all the little
oohs and ahs and squelches were wonderful, I started by tickling and
rubbing my clitoris slowly until it became red and errect. As I became
wetter, I started rubbing it with two fingers from left to right as
fast as I could go. I was rubbing my breasts and nipples. When I rub
really fast, I come. It's a better orgasm than if I was using a

I actually came before Elaine did, and I was quite noisy about it, Derek
didn't come, he was saving himself I guess, and he pulled out of her
but as I was lying down and she was between me and him I STILL DIDN'T

Elaine collapsed in a heap and moved onto her back, Derek was kneeling
my the bed and whispering in her ear. She looked at him, and looked at
me, and actually looked SHOCKED ! I wondered what this conspiracy
could be.

"Have you ever been with a girl" he asked me fairly casually

"UM!" was all I could say, I always used to answer no to this, though
that is a lie, as I have mentioned in other stories, I went to an all
girl catholic boarding school so OF COURSE I had ! Hundreds of times.

"Elaine hasn't" he explained , coolly. "She'd like to try it"

"Says YOU!" spluttered Elaine, then she collapsed into fits of giggles

I was kind of nonplussed

"She's got a lovely pussy" he pointed out

AND IT WAS AS WELL. She was a genuine platinum blonde, and unsually for
those days she was very nearly shaved. I had a full set of pubes, quite
a hairy pussy really. Her pussy lips were bare and just a miniature
triangle of very cropped blonde hair above her wet and pouting (it was
very - both) pussy lips.

"WHY DO YOU THINK, I'd be willing ... to go down on your girlfriend?" I
asked, intrigued.

He answered, again quite coolly

"Well I know you went to a girls boarding school , and a catholic one to
boot, so I figured it must have been a den of iniquity, and I thought
you might be.. up for it"

I giggled , nervously, and with one flawless movement took my t shirt

They both gasped !

"God you're magnificent" said Derek

My tits looked fantastic I have to say, looking down at them, my nipples
were like Scammell starter buttons.

The taking off of the t shirt was I guess by way of an answer.

I climbed up Elaine, and kissed her full on the lips. Her mouth opened
very slightly , to let me rather than kiss me back.

I moved down to her breasts, they were gorgeous, as I have mentioned,
evern better nude, with wide, pale aureole and puffy nipples. I licked
across the milk glands slowly and sensually as the nipples grew into my
mouth I dragged my wet lips across them and she moaned loudly.

"Christ!" she breathed

I moved off them and tongued her belly button on the way to pussyville.

I opened her legs wider and the pink slot opened with them, pink and
juicy. I licked up her vulva, tasting a mix of pussy and cock, and
tunneled in under her clitty hood with the end of my tongue, finding
the TINIEST little clit there, but as hard as a little pebble. Her hips
shook as I sucked on it, she oozed her juices into my mouth, and as she
did there I was my my bum in the air, and my tongue in the cunt of this
beautiful STRAIGHT older woman, when I felt a pair of hands very firmly
pull my g string down and off.

The next thing was fingers in my cunt, feeling for my wetness and
readiness. As I lapped Elaine toward her second orgasm a big cock
appeared in my pussy, It went in easily enough as I was very wet and
horny but it was a big one, VERY hard, wide and with a very big knob on
the end. I reached back and stroked my own clit as Derek vigorously
fucked me. He hadn't even asked ! The dirty fucker.

"How is she?" asked Elaine as she teased her own nipples

"Fucking... fantastic !!" he groaned

"Teenage pussy!??" giggled Elaine, throatily , theatrically as she came
all over my lips and chin, not quite a squirt but a huge release of
fluid, forming a pool on Derek's duvet

Only seconds after she'd come, she squirmed out under me and positioned
herself under my tits, where she let my big boobs hang into her mouth,
and she tongued and sucked my formidable nipples, ending up gently
biting them. Derek parted my buttocks with his thumbs to increase the
amount of shaft he was giving me. A thumb lingered on my ringpiece,
pressing gently. With the cock, the bum stimulation and a woman sucking
my tits, this was enough give me a multiple, which I have to say I
usually only get when I am lucky enough to be double penetrated. Which
doesn't happen often enough lol!!

My pussy was dripping onto the bed as I screamed that I was coming. What
a fucking mess, literally, we made of his duvet.

Elaine now slipped out from underneath me, and went to my bottom where
she held it open for Derek

"pull out if you're going to come" whispered Elaine

He was and he did

"On your back" she told me

I flipped and ened up , right way up, head on pillow, legs apart,
stroking my pussy to calm it down.

I wondered if he was going to go up my arse with me on my back, which I
DO like, NOW anyway.

But no, Elaine pulled Derek's condom off, and moved him to be astride
me, cock level with my tits. At last I got to see it, and a beauty it
was, with a pronounced curve in the shaft, left to right or right to
left, not as in curving back toward his belly.

Elaine grabbed the shaft and proceeeded to briskly wank him off, as you
can IMAGINE. it did not take long,

"Hold them" she told me, I grabed my big tits and kind of gathered
them together, they're not floppy, even now, and back then they were
like rocks!

I was gobsmacked. I had to say something.

"I didn't even think you fabcied me, and now you've got your girlfriend
wanking you off over my tits!!!"

I watched the slot in his cock with growing fascination as she wanked
him, as he started to shake, and puff and blow, and OH and OOOOOOOOH

As he was in kneeling position, over me, he was quite high up, and as
a result the scalding sperm, when it came, went everywhere, MMMMMMF
and there was so MUCH of it, as if he'd been saving it up for months
(which clearly he hadn't !!)

We went downstairs for more wine, would you believe, and eventually all
collapsed into the bed. I slept for a time, when I was awoken by the
bed rhythmically moving, I opened my eyes to see Derek lying on his
back, with Elaine on top fucking him. I got up and knelt by her, and
kissed her again, this time she kissed me back , she was less shy. If
shy is the word lol. I sucked her tits and fingered her bum, and she
shook as she came again. The sight of all this was too much for Derek
who came his load inside her, again they hadn't used a condom. As she
climbed off, I went in to suck his cock, coated as it was in mixture
of sperm and her pussy juices, this was heaven for Derek, not because I
give the world's best blow jobs, or not then, but because Elaine came
in to take over and suck his balls, and then he took it in turns to
suck him as his cock died down. We swapped the sperm between our

"God you dirty bitches" he laughed and then moved me to sit down on his
face, I thought I must have stunk the amount i'd come, you know, but he
didn't seem to mind, my hairy pussy over his nose and mouth, he
licked me to another orgasm, and I was afraid he'd drown down there
poor chap.

The next day, Derek and I got the train into work together, and unable
to shake the memory of our sensual encounter, I sent Derek a VERY rude
pop-up / IM/ Lync, whatever we had back then. The upshot was we met
in the fist aid room, where he fucked me standing up with my uniform
skirt held up round my waist, and my tits pulled out of my bra.

There is a sequel to this, when the band wound down, there was a big
party, which developed into a full scale orgy, and I will write that up
as soon as I can !!

Jo xxxxxxx

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7 months ago
You fucking loved it you dirty cow xxx. Derek
7 months ago
What a superb story very erotic and keeps you reading it x
10 months ago
Brilliant! Gave me a nice Sunday morning hard on! More!!!!