Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs
By: Jo Jo (

Internal Affairs

(95% True, if you're interested, and this is an amalgamation of two or
three real life incidents and a sexual fantasy)

When I was 23 and pregnant with my second c***d I went for an early
scan at my nearest hospital, I had the gel applied and a nurse ran the
scanner thing over my belly. All was okay, 3 months pregnant, and
hardly showing. I was in a curtained cubicle, and "decent " as in
all covered up bar my little belly.

After that I was told a doctor would be round to give me an intrnl
(plvic) examination. Before long the curtains opened and a young male
doctor came in, he was about my age.

"Good morning, Mrs Pokehard, he said, (I may have changed my name here)
was wondering if some medical students could come in on this exam, is
that okay with you?"

"Er, yes, I suppose, fine" I said. I was more enthusiastic later.

"Much appreciated" said the young dark and devilishly handsome doctor,
and he ushered in his entourage.

There were six of them, in all, all in ill fitting white coats. Three
were Asian, and appeared younger than their years. One was tall blonde
and gorgeous, and appeared quite cool calm and collected, the other two
British were nerds, and sweating profusely. Nursing poor, aching hard
ons, I would imagine.

The young doctor donned his latex gloves and lubricated up. The
lubrication was to be a a bit surplus to requirements,for me, to be
honest. Still with a sheet over my bits, he slipped a couple of fingers
into my psusy, and pressed down on my pubic mound, my "mons veneris" a
little. I don't know why they do that. And sometimes they go up your
bum as well. Now doc knew what he was doing, either professional or
private practice. The next vounteer was one of the Asian lads, who
looked for all the world like he was going to cry. He fumbled, sight
unseen, to get into me, before I , without request or permission of the
qualified medical staff , decided to let the dog see the rabbit, as it
were, I pulled the sheet away,and basically opened my legs for him.
The white lads coloured up, the coloured lads went darker, even the
doctor looked a little shocked. My razorwork meant every moist, plump
pink fold was on display, glistening and juicy, with none of the
natural camouflage of the "full - bush".

I could also, very slightly, smell me.

"It's difficult enough" I said, by way of explanation "without being
able to see - it's ridiculous. I'm not particularly embarrassed,
please just do what you need to do"

The white coats were moving, in some cases.

The British nerds had their fumble, and their shaking fingers were
having some effect on my insides. Perhaps I ought to design a sex toy
to emulate them!

Then......... oh my life........ his gorgeousness... Mr Confident. All
of 19/20 and as cocksure of himself as you like. Tall blond, clear
skinned, blue eyed dreamboat.

Oh please don't touch me there, don't touch me there.

He did.

He touched me THERE.

Oh Boy.

His gloved fingers slid in and he did his little examination , he
managed to bump my clit, two, three times.

"oof" I said quietly

"Sorry did I hurt you?" he whispered,

"No, just a little tingle" I said, starting to blush rather.

"Sorry" he said, blushing back

The rest of the entourage were aghast.

"Sensitive area" I acknowledged, nodding

A few minutes later they discussed if in their expert opinion everything
was present, correct, and in good health, they concurred it was, and
went on their rounds.

My fucking clitoris was working, that was for sure !!

The nurse was giggling a little.

"Poor lads" she said "they're SO embarrassed"

I agreed and dressed and left.

Outside was a gaggle of smokers. Now I'm more of a recreational smoker
these days, but I was shaking, post exam I have to say, and I could
have killed for a fag.

As luck would have it outside, indulging his dirty habit was dreamboat.
The student Doctor Dreamboat.

I decided to face him off and act cool.

"Hello, can I have a cigarette afterwards as well?" I giggled

"Oh hi" he said, surprised

"You recognise me?" I grinned

"Of course" he said and offered me a Marboro, full strength jobbie. I
only ever smoke girlie cigarettes.

He lit me and the headrush was wow. My bl**d tingled.

"You were very brave in there" he smiled

"I thought you guys were the brave ones" I went on to say some of the
lads had obviously never seen a naked woman in their lives.

"Sorry I made you uncomfortable" he said quite genuinely

"Well.. my fault for being a dirty bitch, really" I giggled

"Are you?" he said after a pause

After a twenty minute chat, he asked me again

"How dirty a bitch are you?"

"OH, Very " I said "very very. On a scale of one to ten...... 29"

He started to colour up

"You know when my ... fingers were ...... in you?" he gushed

"Yeah, I remember!" I giggled

"You looked down, and watched, and u*********sly... you licked your

"Heh heh, well I like to watch... I bet YOU'D like to 'LICK MY LIPS',
wouldn't you?" I asked, with a big grin

"Um...well... are you going to complain about me and get me struck off,
if I say something a bit rude?"

"Unlikely!" I laughed "......I might complain if you don't"

"Okay..well... Mrs Pokehard (name changed) ... I would LLLLLOVE to fuck

"it's your lucky day then" I muttered, then more clearly: "Do you live
on site?" I asked

"Well...nearby" he choked

"Take me there" I said "..........and take me roughly from behind " I
murmured the last bit, not sure if he heard

"What now?" he choked

"Yes, I have about two hours, so ....... get me while I'm hot"

"Ah..okay, I will have to call in sick"

"Lots of ill people in hospitals, so go on then"

He made a brief call on his mobile, feigning a pathetic little cough.

We set off on foot out of the gates and across the busy road. We passed
a pharmacy.

"Have you got condoms?" I asked.

I don't use them with Nick (my husband), so I don't generally carry them
with me, unless I'm on the pull.

"Er I might have one or two " he said

"Go in there and get 6" I said

"SIX? " he gaped, "you said you only had two hours? Six?"

"Just get them will you, you will need them" I laughed "I shall want it
up my arse, ok? So KY jelly as well, do I have to spell it out for you?
Get 6. You might go off early"

He tripped off into the pharmacy, muttering.

I do walk rather quickly (even after being on the receiving end of a
speculum) and we were soon at the door of his shared house.

He opened the door, it smelt rather pleasantly of washing.

"Do you live with guys here?" I asked

"Two of each live here" he said , "Taters, me , Evelyn, and Marie,
they're students"

"Have you fucked them?" I asked, bluntly

"Not Taters, the others I have, once or twice"

"Good lad" I said........ mysteriously

"Why is Taters called Taters?" I asked, because, frankly, I wondered.

"Because he has really really big testicles" he answered , frankly

"He sounds interesting" , I said " I DO love big bollocks. I like to
think they can produce pints of sperm to fill me up, and ...cover me.
That's probably a bit rude......don't you think, Doctor?" I asked

"Er......." he laughed uncertainly

"Right, have any of the girls got any stockings I can borrow?"

He went off and sorted me some sheer black hold ups

I went into another room and came back wearing them, my little tiny
black diamante g string, and lots of lipstick. I was topless and, quite
frankly I thought my bg tits (a generous 34D, if you wanted to know)
were looking fantastic, even though I do say so myself.

"Jesus" he said

"You like?"

"Oh god, yeah" he groaned.

I could see the bulge in his nasty trousers, clear as day.

"Give us a kiss" I said "then I'm going to bend over for you, and I
shall want you to lick my arse for me"

"Jesus there's no mystery with you is there?" He spluttered, then my
tongue was in his mouth

When I'd had enough I f***ed his head down to suck on my big tits. My
nipples were absolutely rampantly erect.

While he was sucking on them, I put my thumbs into the band of my g
string and hauled it down to mid thigh, where it was at a level just
below my stckng tops, which I always think looks kind of 'abandoned'and
dead sexy . Some juices were freed with it, dribbling down the insides
of my thighs.

"Eat my cunt" I ordered

"Oh wow"! he murmured

"Not too much" I clarified "don't actually make me come. I CAN sometimes
multiple, depends who I'm with, and I don't know about you yet"

"God, I could do with a drink, actually" he said

"Drink from me, you haven't got time for anything else now, you can have
a pint later when you tell your mates all about this"

"I will be, actually"

"Good, tell them I'm an absolute slt. I want you to tell them
everything, make sure they all get hardons. Now eat me. Tongue up
inside, then clitty, then stop, understood?"

"Er yeah" he muttered as he moved in

His long tongue snaked into the wet hle of my pussy

"OOh yeah" I moaned

He slid up the crack to my large and hard clitoris, and lapped at it
like a kitten at a saucer of milk

"little bit harder" I urged, and he pressed on, perfectly

I felt my knees jerk, and I thought 'I'm going to fucking come in a

It was the extreme eroticism of the sitauation that was doing it, not
what he was doing to me. Cheating on my husband, with a younger guy
(younger than him, younger than me), in middle of the afternoon, stone
cold sober, my sheer sluttishness with the students, my being pregnant,
all were factors that were getting my hormones firing on all six.

"Do you want me to open it all up for you?" I moaned

"No, you're okay" he said, disappointingly.

Guys- if we offer ,let us, we want to, it's all wanton and abandoned.

"Stop!" I warned

He stopped

I turned round and bent over

"Lick my bum" I ordered "not just the buttocks, I want tongue - right -
up - my - arse!"

With a delicious moment of anticipation, he did just that.

"GOD you've got the most gorgeous arse I've ever seen!" he enthused

I reached back and parted the buttocks for him

"Thank you darling, you are going to get to fuck it as well, you lucky

Bravely probng his pussy-wet tongue up my tight little arse. I groaned
and gasped, as did he because I soon realised that down at floor level
the little tinker was pullng his cock.

"I want you to call me a slut and a whore and a bitch. If you like,
throw in some things that aren't true, as well" I joked "now do
something useful with that cock, get a condom on it, and fUck me. in my
cunt to start with, from behind , like this"

There was panicky rummaging in his pockets, and a murmured "Yes, ma'am"

I heard the rip of the pack and the snap as he pulled the rubber on,
then he stood up, we were a beautiful height for one another in my

He slid into me with nil resitance and a grunt

"Pull my rs apart", I goaded him "I want you in me right up to your
balls, only your pubes are to remain outside, and put your back into
it, I won't break"

"Oh my god, my god" he was going

Then he was in me

8/10 for length, and 9/10 for girth. MmmmmmMMMMmm yummy

I had chosen well, not having seen the goods still, only the blge.

"Oh god that's beautiful" he moaned, as his cock moved in and out of me.

"You're so smooth" he groaned

"Very VERY wet cunt" I acknowledged "now pull slowly out, until only the
knob is in me, then SLAM it back in, you do that quite hard and quite
quick, and I will come for England"

His hands came under me to gather up my big tits and squeeze them, I
instructed him to concentrate on the nipples, and the pulling of them.

His blls were slpping against the split of my cunt, almost sychronised
were our groans, and I was quietly (ok noisily) confident that I
would come first.

"Oh god yes, OH-Oh GOD YES, FUCK ME! " I cried

"You fUckIng slUT" ( he remembered )

"Yes I AM"


"Yes ! yes! Tell me what you're doing to me"

"I'm bendng you over and fucking you hard up the cunt with my big hard

"Yes yes you are. I'd noticed that. Where are you going to fuck me now?"

"Er on the couch"

"No! What hole??!"

"Oh I'm going to fuck you up the arse!"

"Okay you dirty boy, you want to fuck me up the arse , do you? Well you
need to get me ready, and open up my tight little hole.. so get your
thumb right up my arse to start with, stick it right up while you fuck
my hot little cunt"

He rammed his thumb in there, making me gasp, l had him ream my hot
little arse for a couple of minutes before....

"Yes yes... pull out, now and get your cock up there"

He pulled out, he did it. Popped straight through my ringpiece and into
the dark void beyond

Dirty bugger, he'd done that before. I told him..........

"You drty bgger, you've done that before!"

He vigorously fcked my arse, oh lordy he felt extra extra big up there,
pounding away, quite taking my breath away

"I haven't actually" he panted "I've never been up anyone's arse!"

"Oh god that's a big tUrn on , you will be sorry to hear"

and my fingers made a slippery journey to my big hard clitty, to wank
myslef off, as he fucked my arse.

"Do you like it?" I moaned

"It feels kinda wierd" he said "but it looks so fucking rude going in
and out of there, fckng HELL you've got a gorgeous arse, Jo"

"Describe it to me, and what your cock looks like in there"

"ummm..." (He obviously wasn't used to talking drty) "You've got a
fabulous... curvy arse, and my cock is right up there"

"Your BIG HARD.."

"My big hard cock is up there, oh christ it looks fantastic"

"If I come round again, we'll have to video ourselves" I said " You can
show it to all your mates"

"Oh yeah....." he grunted "have you ever videoed yourself?"

"Yes loads of times..... (oh) my ex and I used to make our own prn,
usually just the two of us,obviously .. but once we went to watch the
cricket at Edgbaston .... (gasp) , Dave and his mate Paul and I (ooh)
I, and we got really really (Oh) d***k, drinking all day, and we all
came back to ours, and started drinking again, and we started (MMMMmmm)
watching some bought porn, and Dave (unh!) decides to show him our
prn.. and then Paul got well... so horny.. he was quite open about it
though, and said he'd loOOOve to fuck me..... so Dave suggested they
share me.. he never even asked me!!!"

"Jesus" said the doctor

"Yeah, so I had to suck both their cocks, and then they ended up BOTH up
me...... Dave in my cunt and Paul up my arse, and we filmed it all "

"You FUCKING drty bitch" he diagnosed "was it good? Was it like
fantasies you'd had?"

"I told you (pant). I TOLD you I was a drty bitch, and it WAS
fantastic, so erotic, I've read other people find threesomes
disappointing, or too embarrassing, I didn't I loved it!. OH fuck
I'm .. oh thinking about that ......... making me come.... I'm

and I very very noisily came with this guy's bg cock still pounding away
up my bum. He gently put a hand over my mouth to shut me up to some
extent, for the benefit of his neighbours. My orgasm was staggering,
quite literally, I could hardly stand up as the massive waves rolled
into me.

"Oh Oh, I think I'm going to come as well" he groaned

"Stop, and save it" I ordered and he backed out of me

I whipped the condom off and got him to sit on his sofa

I took my g string right off now, and the stockings, which were dribbled
with wet cunt juice.

His cock was an absolute gem, big, rock hard and absolutely wanting to
come. It was waving in the air at me.

I got down on my knees between his knees, and cradled his balls which
were pulled right up tight to his body.

"oh babe" I whispered, "I'm going to suck all the come out, for you , is
that okay?"

"Oh god" he moaned. He knew what I was there for, right enough. I wasn't

Holding the shaft of his eight inch beauty, I gasped the base to try to
avoid any overspill.

Looking him straight in the eye I peeled back the foreskin and licked
around the head.

He moaned graciously

"Do you like deep throat?" I asked

"Never had it" he choked

"It IS your day for firsts, isnt' it?" I giggled

I took the trembling shaft, and it was trembling, into my mouth and
deeper into my throat. His hand came onto my head, I thought for a
minute he was going to push, but he was just stroking my hair, bless

His groans grew greater.

I withdrew, gasping for air

"Titwank?" I offered "and when you come I will drink it all?"

"Oh yeaH" he enthused and I gathered the diamond cutter into my soft and
ample cleavage to press my big tits together, I used my spit to
lubricate, and pulled the tits up and down on his big shaft

His toes suddenly pointed in ten different directions !

I slowed right down until his cck jerked almost painfully between my
brsts and gve up it's cargo.

The first two jets were the biggest and coated my nipples, because I
aimed them that way, then I took him in my mth and swallowed all he had
to give me. He moaned and shook and eventually his body stopped
bucking, and I took his cock out of my mouth and gave it a loving kiss.

I rubbed my hands over my spunky boobs and licked the come off. I saved
a little bit for the Doc

"Taste" I said, offering my finger to him. Now if he took the finger and
willingly sucked it, he was in for a garden of delights and no holds
barred, and if he didn't he was a wimp and I was going to go home.

He sucked.

"Have you tasted It before?" I asked , grinning broadly

"Well.. yeah" he said " an ex of mine liked me to go dwn on her, when
I'd come in there, you know"

"Oh how naughty" I teased "It can be smelly but it's gorgeous. And you
will have had a little taste off your hand, when you've had a wank as
well, at some stage "

"Er yeah" he was embarrassed now, WHY NOW ? ;-)

"Are you supple?" I asked


"Can you suck your own cock?"


"Have you tried? You're quite young, you're probably flexible, you've
got a long cock, I would have thought you could"


"I want you to try, in a bit. we'll go in your room. I'll help you get

"Good god" he spluttered

"I want you to swallow, though" I warned

"Er... okay.. I guess.... YOU did it"

"Good lad" I said "do you want to watch me have a wank?"

"Er.. yeah.. that'd be cool" he laughed

I lay one end of the sofa, with all bits pointing toward him and opened
my legs as far as they would go, which is quite far, as it goes.

I opened my pussy up to show him all the pink insides, he said the view
was breathtaking !

I wanked myself off , quite effectively but theatrically for his

Right index finger working on my cltty, the left hand round under my
thgh with a finger or two poking up my cunt, I had run out of hands, I
wanted to be able to work on my tts as well.

"Can you still see if you come and sck my tits?" I asked

"I think so", he said and scooted forward to do so

"Ah.... they're a bit sticky" he advised

"Yeah well... it's only your stuff, so get on and do as you're told
darling" I said "Have some of mine to take the taste away"

And I offered him my wet fingers to suck, and he did

"Mmm.." he moaned

"My cunt tastes lovely" I told him "do you like it?"

I wet my fngers once again, and sucked them myself, rather showily

He was getting quite hard again now, as he was playing with it as he
watched me.

I wet them again in my pussy and fed him them.

"Do you think you could fuck me again, now?" I asked

"God, umm yes I think so" he responded, uncertainly

"How would you lke to COME in my cunt? No condm? " I offered

"What? Really? Is it safe?" He asked , it was a good question, he was
querying whether I was safe, so it was implied he was

"Well you can't get me pregnant" I laughed

"Well.. no," he seemed unsure but his cock was singing a different tune,

I gasped him from underneath , my hand wrapped around his bg cock, and
pulled him by it, towards my open cunt

He seemed to be pulling away slightly, to be reluctant, almost.

"Come here!" I said, f***efully, and more softly " come.. here.... I
don't care how long you last, I want to feel your hot sperm in me"

I slowly moved my hand closer and pulled him into me. The brimmingly wet
cunt provided little resistance as he slipped in.

"Oh god that's beautiful" he groaned "I can't REMEMBER the last time I
had it without a condom!"

"Fuck me" I looked up at him, right in his eyes "fuck me hard, quickly,
in and out. Really push"

"unh unh" he moaned "ooh ooh ooh"

"Mmm that's good! " I encouraged, "move that cute little arse, put your
back into it!"

"Can't hold on" he groaned

"I don't want you to hold on, I want you to come in me. Fill my tght
pink little cunt with your hot juice"

"Oh god yes, it's coming now"

"On your back! on your back!" I shouted

He lay back and flicked his legs out so I could get astride him, and I
rode him very slowly slowly to the finish line

Very slowly, and holding him still I moved up and down on him. I could
feel him in me, almost into my cervix. I moved up slightly for maximum

And he came for me, came and came and came

"I can feel it, I can feel it. Oh god scalding hot in my pussy!" I
moaned, the neighbours were all well aware of what has happening up my
cnt by now.

"How about I st on your face now ?" I teased

"Oh" he muttered

"Not keen?"

" I don't know... if you want to do it , do it"

"Good boy.. I won't actually, I'll do the reverse and sck your cck for

I moved off him and took the dying member into my mouth. Finding not
enough sperm for my liking, I very theatrically pulled a couple of
fingerfuls out from the hat, as it were, and applied by hand. Then I
took him down my throat, down to the root, to the matted cummy hair at
the base, and feasted on the goo.

"Jesus.. JESUS" he was going "You dirty bitch"

I giggled as much as you can with a cock down your throat

I finally let him go, and let him get his breath back

"That was fucking fanstastic!" he enthused

"That was fantastic fucking" I agreed "what are we going to do now?"

"Eh?" he asked nervously, It is always so OVER for men, when us girls
are just getting warmed up!

"I haven't come" I said "how are we going to make me come? Have the
girls got any sex toys I can borrow, or would you like to go down on

"Um" he said, dynamically

"Find me a vibe then" I said , "and clean it thoroughly. You're the

He trotted off to find something, I went and found the shower and
showered, cleaning myself very thoroughly.

He came and found me in the shower, and found me with my fingers up my
cunt, washing.

He handed me a rather large dildo which he washed thoroughly with soap
under the shower head and hoiked a leg up onto the bath side. The dildo
slipped in with ease.

I wanked with it for a minute or three.

"Will you bring that into my room, please - I really want to watch
this!" he grinned

I pulled it out and followed him, wrapping a towel round me to dry off,
not to cover me, just to dry.

He rather took the lead, for the first time, and laid me out on the bed
, taking the towel off and sprdng my legs for me, bless him.

"Is there any chance of shaving your pussy for me?" has asked

" not today, with my own razor and bits and pieces, certainly.
Next time you see me will be all baby smooth for you , but not now, no,

"Oh ..okay. If you don't ask you don't get" he said "Will I see you
again, then?"

"Very true, and yes " I said "talking of which....... where is your man
taters, at the moment?"

"He works in McDonalds part time, he's there, why?"

I was finger - masturbting by now, not with the dld, playing with one
brst, strkng my clit with the other

"Do you think he'd like to cme and fuck me?" I asked , grinning

"GOD! Do you want me to text him?"

"Yeah, cool" I said

"Evelyn .. and Marie..?" I asked "have they got boyfriends?"

"Well most weekends a different one" he said

He was working on his phone with his thumbs, his tongue sticking out.

"There we go" he said "GOT A HOT CHICK HERE, WANTS A 3ER, NO REALLY, UP

I just lay there again working the big dildo in and out, as the message
landed in the McDonalds and the recipient dropped his 100% beef pattie
in shock

"Do you think Evelyn or Marie would like to have sex with me?" I grinned

"ErRRR.. Not that I know of" he laughed "have you been with girls?"

"I might have" I said , mysteriously.

The official answer is no, if you're interested.

But.....if you're interested in the truth, then the answer is yes. I
went to an all girl Catholic boarding school, so you do the math. Of
course I have. Some of them were gorgeous as well. Darby
Something-Doublebarreled was the most beautiful, and the horniest.

Then his mobile went off

It wan't on loudspeak but I clearly heard "WHAT?"

"Yes, honestly, mate, she's gorgeous and horny" "chatter" "She was , is
a patient.. no not a mental patient.. she's rampant, honestly, come and
give me a hand? What? Put her on?... Ok"

He handed me the mobile

"Hi" I said, sounding even more "posh" than one generally does "yes I'm
real, and nkd, and on the bed here, your mate's had it, and I need
more. Come home!"

"Good god!" Said Taters "hand me back over"

Doc took the call back

"Come on" he said "come back now!"

With that he took a picture of my pussy with the mobile, with the dildo
deep in, and sent the picture to Taters.

I could almost hear the door slam, below those golden arches , as he

I carried on masturbating until Taters came galloping up the stairs, and
into the room.

"Oh my god" he said as he arrived and fixed his eyes between my open

He was a nice looking chap, tall but stocky. He looked like a rugby

Within thirty seconds he was down to his pants (shorts). I told him to
stop then, and come and stand by the bed. I wanted a good old feel
before he got it all out, and I copped one. I held and massaged the
huge balls, and the shft was getting ever harder and bgger. I had a
hand cradling the balls now and the other squeezing his cock.

"I'm going to close my eyes" I told him "I want you to take those off
and get astrde me, with your cock in my fce. Tell me when you're

I heard him grunt as he managed to extricate himself from his now far
too tight pants, and then felt the bed shift as he positioned himself.

"Ready" he said , rather gutturaly

I opened my eyes to see a magnificent column of flesh in my face. His
hand was wrapped round it, but it was still.

"Oh show me" I moaned "show me what you do with it, you naughty boy"

He reluctantly began to pump it up for me, while I cradled his balls,
which took both hands.

The organ grew and grew , and I began to wonder why he was so famous
just for his testicles.

I could smell him. Not unpleasant but strong, musky.

I was going to ask him to put it in me, but I was geting the feeling he
was close to the edge.

His eyes were closed and his head back.

"Hang on , hang on" I said "are you going to come?"

"Not long" he said

"Stop a second" I ordered "Listen - I want you both to come in my face,
together or as near as you can, but I'm worried it's all going to go in
my hair - have you got..?"

"I've got a cap" said our Doc "a surgical one, like a shower cap"

"Oh very glamorous" I laughed "go on then, needs must"

He rooted the item out of a drawer and I snapped it on

"Gorgeous, eh? " I laughed

We all laughed

"Come on then, darlings" I said. I beckoned Doc towards me, he came
back in and knelt on the edge of the bed, wanking, and 3/4 hrd. No

Taters was already there, in my face, of course

I had forsaken my wank to massage those big balls of his, but I asked
him to take over that role himself, so I could continue mine.

With my spare hand I reached out to Doc

"Did you want some help there, darling?" I asked and craned my neck to
take him into my mouth, where he grew considerably..

"MMMmm smup" I went as he popped back out again, straightened and

He was then in my face to the side, pumping away for all he was worth

Taters started to tremble, I stopped him, took him to the brink in my
muoth, and stopped him again. And again. And between my big juicy
tties, and stopped him again, with the Vulcan death grip, you know. Six
times in all

Then I let him go.

It was all as if in slow motion

The head reddened, the slot opened, the first little burst trickled out.
I thought surely not, not after all that.

THEN... like a roman candle , he went off, a huge spurt landing on my
forehead. I opened my muoth so wide I felt my jaw click. With some of
the pressure released, he could now be more accurate, and he managed to
get the next salvo squarely into my mouth. So thick, so white,so hot,
so HUGE, so very very concentrated and powerful was his ejaculation, I
could scarcely believe it. The Doc grunted and stooped over me, his
went off as well, crossing my cheek with clearer watery semen. His
balls must have hurt as he was moaning a lot. Taters let me have a last
little drbble, which I scked off the end. His orgasm had been so
powerful he could barely stay upright. As the last trickles of hot
sauce hit my face, and I chewed on the sticky contents of my mouth, my
probing fingers sent me over the edge into a panting, spasming, frenzy
which quite caused me to double up.

"Oh god, fantastic, boys" I grinned, now holding a cpck in each hand,
and trying to rub them against one another, but the owners objected and
I relented "that was EXACTLY what I wanted"

Now, it was time for a sharp exit, I was seriously running out of time.
I exchanged numbers and email details with them. My secret ones,

I showered, dressed and left for my car.

In the days that followed I was in touch with them, and I scheduled a
meet two weeks later. In the interim very saucy pics and video were
exchanged. I asked Doc if he could possibly find me a girl to play
with. There must be a bi curious nurse about somewhere.

There is a part two, but it's a disappointment, to me, and to you .

They could not find me a girl, and though I returned for three way, What
I wanted was to sit on Taters enormity , with the Doc up my arse. It
was not to be, they were not sufficiently comfortable with each other.
bl**dy paranoid about their balls touching or something.

They took it in turns to fuck me, I sucked them both off. They would not
do what I wanted, and I got pissed off and left. I never saw them after

Shame they missed out, on an ongoing thing. I'm sure YOU wouldn't have!

Jo xxxxxxxx

100% (6/0)
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I'll be happy to take either of your holes!!!
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Randy little thing, aren't you? Ever wank a Yank?