48 Hours as a Hooker (2001)

48 Hours as a Hooker
By: Jo Jo (joanne.erotic@gmail.com)

Needs must. Suddenly I was landed with a solicitors bill for more than
£1000, regarding the sale of me and my ex's house, to pay up in three
days or pay more later. I had no money and no means to pay a loan

After a few drinks and a sl**pless night, I rang Nicole, and explained
my predicament.

Nicole "I can front you the money if you want, but it's my half of the
rent, so I need it back by Tuesday, it really has to be back with me
then, you understand ? But, not a problem to give you the money today,
pleasure "

Me "Will I make that money that fast? For sure?"

Nicole "With my contacts you will, but honey are you sure you want to do
this? "

Jo "I can't pick and choose can I?"

Nicole "You can't but the operator will allocate you to a caller if
you're suitable. The more suitable you are the more you get allocated.
You want I should ask you some questions now? I could decide for you ,
but you know, my tastes are a little...er "

Jo "Catholic? Go on then"

Nicole " Okay , straight sex? Yeah, okay - threesome ?

Jo "mm......yeah"

Nicole "M/M/F and F/F/M ?"

Jo " ..........Yeah"

Nicole " Foursomes? "

Jo "Depends, two couples yeah. Three guys no"

Nicole "How about you and one girl?"

Jo "um, okay. She might want her money back!"

Nicole "Woohoo. Water sports? (Ickyeeeee!)"

Jo "No"

Nicole "Not the other then....... S/M? Say no, It's not safe. Anal?"

Jo "Say yes"

Nicole " Good girl. Oral , all sorts?"

Jo "Oh yeah"

Nicole " Orgy ?

Jo " er...don't know"

Nicole "Dinner?"

Jo "Giggle. Yeah"

Nicole "Toys and dressing up?"

Jo "Yeah"

Nicole "Pseudo- medical versions of above?"

Jo "Er, can I say negotiable?"

Nicole "Negotiable is always good. That's broadly it. Keep ready,
showered and such, and stay by your mobile"

Jo "How much will get?"

Nicole "£80 - per hour, that is - just to e****t, plus expenses.
Straight stuff £150, more exotic £100 more, stay the night £500. Carte
Blanche £750 per 24 hours. Is that okay?"

Jo "God, I suppose. Speak to you later, thanks Nicole"

Nicole "That's okay, baby, happy to be able to help. Hopefully you will
have a little fun too yes? "

Jo "Hmmm. I'll hear from you soon then"

Nicole "I shall call to see how you're getting on , but the girl who
will give you the work is called Solitaire, yes I know, very corny,
her dad was a James Bond fan. She's from Antigua and she speaks about
10 languages, which is useful. She does have trouble with Indians

Jo "What can I expect?"

Nicole "Well, the unexpected really. A smattering of rich horny
teenagers whose fathers give them whoring money, rather then have some
young girl get her hands on the f****y fortune. Rich Greeks, Arabs,
Brits, Yanks, um.... the odd armed f***es. Businessmen. Beware of
conventions by the way. Solitare won't book for them, but if they
mislead her, who knows. Avoid, Leave. "

Jo "Gulp. Okay I shall put some clean knickers on and stand by the


7.15 My mobile rang , I jumped out of my skin. It was my mom "What are
you doing tonight dear, something nice?" "Yes thanks mom, I'm selling
my body in desperation" "That's nice dear"

7.35 the real call came through: I'm so s**tty when it was a female
voice I thought it was a girl ringing me, of course it was, it was
wotsit - Solitaire. What a silly cow. Anyway, the good news is she
had a customer for me, she used the word customer, I was half
expecting client or (ha) John! She said I was to meet him at a (very
very swish) restaurant, The River Cafe. I vaguely wondered If I'd have
to pay, but then I remembered I was on expenses, so what the hay.

The River Cafe

I put my hair up, shaved puss, had a shower, put my best black dress
on, with a black g string, no bra with this dress, and high heels, I
decided against stockings & sussies and put a big coat on and called a

I got a bit nervous on the taxi ride, the driver asking if I was going
to meet my boyfriend, etc. I just said I was meeting friends. I wished
I was.

I was aching a bit from skiing lessons I'd had in the week, and I was
wondering what positions I'd be hoisted into for my money, and for
that matter I was hoping not to have a dry slope.

I arrived at the restaurant and asked for the name I'd been given, Mr D
Winter as I took it down, it turned out to be Mr De Winter, yes I
know, as in Rebecca. Twat. His table was reserved but twat was not sat
at it, I was led to it. I didn't get the impression they knew him or
he was a regular customer or anything.

I sat there for five minutes or so when a man approached me, and he
was damned good looking and I thought ooh, but he was a wine waiter or
something and by the way he walked I guess I would have been
disappointed. I decided against ordering a pint of lager. It would not
have been becoming, a double G&T was mortgaged instead. I had just
got my drink when a man approached me from behind, he made me jump.

"Hello", he said "I'm Mr De Winter" and he sat down, he was smiling,
and a nice looking bloke, actually. Very clean cut, as it were,
expensive suit, and he smelt nice.

"Hi I'm Jo...Ann..A" I stumbled.

"So your name is Joanne and you're using the name Joanna? That'll throw
them off the scent"

I giggled

"Okay, I'm Joanne, who are you ? "

"Tony, IT, Crawley, divorcee, money, horny.....lonely. Hi... eee"

I giggled nervously.

"What did you have in mind for this evening?" I asked cautiously

"Er, dinner, and maybe a few drinks, and before it's too late stop
off for a couple of bottles of champagne and some sex toys and then
back to my hotel."

I choked on my G&T.

"OH... right.." I said.

"What's the matter, you look shocked?"

"Um................., look there's something you should perhaps know,
Tony. You might like this , you might not"

"You're a man? You know, I may be able to live with that. I have

"No .... this is serious. Really? Look, this is my first
time.......... not with a man!"

"It's your first time with a woman! Excellent, I must be a woman then,
and never noticed!"

"Nooooooooo...............this is my first, um, assignment. I don't do
this for a living! I'm just really really strapped for cash. Really
bad, so I just signed up for this weekend"

"Really ? God, you're not the only one hard up now! Blimey, phew.
You are beautiful, by the way."

"Thank you , look I'm a bit nervous as you can imagine, but I'll be
okay when I've had a drink!"

~ Guzzly guzzle ~

He ordered up a Kronenbourg for himself and got me another G&T, after
he'd identified it by smell. It must have been at least a triple, my
head swam.

We ate a (crap and terribly expensive ) meal and had five drinks. He
asked me about my boyfriends and my sexual history, as it were. I
didn't enquire as to his. He asked me about what was under the dress,
and whether I was a real blonde, and did collar and cuffs match. Cheeky
bugger. I told him, since he'd be finding out anyway when he went down
there, that I was shaved. So there was no collar, or no cuffs.
Whicheverway round it is. (Probably depends which way round I am !)
He liked the idea of this, and crossed his legs, I assume he was
aroused. I was getting a bit also! He asked me if he'd be allowed to go
down on me (that's not how he put it!). I Shushed him, and said yes he
was welcome to, within the price. I don't know why I was shocked. I'm a
woman of the world, I had just never had a "Can I do this , can I do
that?" conversation during dinner before. I'd had lots of "I'm going
to do this and that to you " conversations and text messages. Dave used
to do that, tell me to go and masturbate in the toilet and ring him
when I was coming.

He then asked me how much it was, or how much I was, I suppose more to
the point. I told him £80 an hour for e****t only, £150 for
straight sex, £250 for anything else, £500 to stay the night, £750
for 24 hours, all in.

"So, " he dropped his voice "if want your bottom, is that £250 or the
£150 plus £250 extra?" I gulped, "£250 total" I replied "once only"
"what about you me and another girl?" I wasn't sure if he was finding
out prices, or what I would do "£250 for an hour. You supply the girl!"
I said - I wasn't going to make that easy for him. "So, if I pay the
£750 does that cover anything?" "Yes, for 24 hours. But what I won't
do, I won't do. I retain the right to say no, to anything else, and I
will mean no." "Okay. What won't you do ?" "Toilet stuff, several men"
"Not into that" "Okay, no v******e" "Not into that. If I want a blow
job, do you need me to wear a condom ?" "Er, no, I couldn't suck
rubber, I'd gag. I'll include it in the carte blanche". "Okay, can I
have the £750 then" "Okay"

We were both blushing now.

It was going to be a long night, but at least I'd be getting the lions
share of my target in one booking. Now, if I could just keep him
amused myself he might forget about outside help.

A little later, Tony asked me about my g string and I told him it was
black, very skimpy with sequins down the front. The next thing he
asked me to take it off, and hand it to him under the table. I
looked at him amazed. I went to go to the ladies, but he stopped me and
told me I had to do it there and then under the table. There was a
big slit up my leg in this dress, and I managed to get hold of one
side of the g string and hoik it down my leg and by lifting my bum
slightly, the other side managed to follow suit. He saw I had it
snagged on my heel, and he reached and took them off for me. He
discreetly examined the crotch. "You've got a wet pussy!" He told me,
proudly. I blushed, again. "I'm always a bit like that" I told him, he
seemed impressed.

"Show me" he said. I stared at him wide eyed "Here?" He motioned me to
move my chair closer, which I did. I had to be careful not to give the
other diners an eyeful, I can tell you. "Sorry I didn't order the
clam!" He told me to open the dress at the crotch , which I did,
gingerly, and he was able to look down at my bare pussy as he looked
into my eyes, (or so it would have seemed to the casual observer). I
half expected him to drop his spoon and get under the table ! "God", he
said at last "shall we get out of here before I have to ask you to
get under the table an blow me?" "Er. Okay. " I said, remembering
Shampoo and some episode of Se and the City. "We have to get to the sex
shop yet, as well" he quipped. "mm" I said, non commitally.

They got us a cab which duly dropped us at a posh food & wine store,
where Tony bought two chilled bottles of Bolly, and this was right
round the corner from a sex shop, I felt this had been researched.
With our Bolly we marched toward the shop. "Have you ever been in one
of these?" he asked me. I said I had but only abroad. There, they were
full of tourists. Here, I think they're kind of nasty, I associate
them with the underworld, rightly or wrongly. I got my toys (vibrator ,
dildo etc) mail order as I didn't want to go in one. I guess I felt
braver with this Tony, unless they knew him in there, that would be

We entered, the shop was actually quite nice, no one in there except
staff, and it was full of humorous things, furry handcuffs, chocolate
willies, and the like. A very beautiful girl was serving. Punky,
gorgeous. Tony took my hand and led me straight to the vibrators. I
pointed out the one the same as mine. He said it was a bit tame. I
asked him what we were shopping for. He said, matter of factly, a
big vibrator for me, lots of condoms, some ky jelly and some
handcuffs. Maybe some undies. I refused the undies, saying I don't look
good in red plastic.

We settled on a big pink vibrator with the rabbit ears clit thing, this
is the nearest I could find a pic of, and we got the furry cuffs and
the ky. The vibrator was a size, or two, bigger than I would have
chosen, but it's the one he wanted, and at least we had the ky ;-)!
Mind you , I knew what that was for! At least he hadn't bought
anything that was obviously, you know, for lezzy stuff - strap ons
double-ended dildoes and the like.

It was actually a laugh in there, we'd had a few drinks as I said. So,
we approached the counter. Punky was smiling "You two having a party?"
she asked.

I started watching a porno movie, playing on a screen in the corner.
A woman wearing only a cowboy hat and boots, and a gun belt with a
vibrator in the holster, was standing by a campfire. She was being
er..... licked front and back....., by two similarly undressed women,
whilst someone sang "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash in a sort of alt
country style. It looked very 70's, but it was quite horny,
considering, because it was like a dream sequence.

Meanwhile, Tony was talking to Punky, and I was not party to the

He came over and said it was time to go, after he asked me if I wanted
to buy the video or DVD I was watching. I said no. We left the
shop, with our purchases, saying bye to punky, and hailed a black

Within about ten minutes we were at his (very swish) hotel, and he
collected his keycard from the desk. I did my best to look casual.
I'd seen hookers chucked out of hotels before, though I hoped I wasn't
looking like one.

We got in the lift. He told me I was gorgeous again. I came up with
the quip "£750 will get you everywhere!"

We took our coats off, and before cracking the champagne, and handing
me a glass, he went to the room's safe and got out £750, in cash,
and there was a lot left in the envelope.

Tony took his jacket off , and loosened his tie, and sat in the chair
with his champagne.

I stood between him and the bed, smiling. My stomach was throwing
somersaults at the tension, in reality.

"How about I come and sit on your face in that chair, and you eat my

"fuck" he grabbed his dick (through his trousers) "you're a naughty
girl" he groaned. I took this as a yes, and he put his glass down as I
walked towards him and took my shoes off. I had kept my dress on, by
the way, so far. I clambered up onto the chair, my feet flat on the
arms, and pulled the dress apart, and parted my knees so my pussy was
in his face. He gasped. My little clit was as hard as a diamond, and
I was thinking he'd have more to drink there than in his glass.

OOh I am a dirty bitch.

He grabbed my bottom and pulled me in, his tongue going straight for my
clit. I was dripping. I squatted there, holding onto the back of the
chair, over his shoulders, for support. I think he made my top 5 oral
sexperts, I shall publish that some time! I'd got one hand hanging
onto the chair for support, and the other I was using to play with my
tits inside my dress, squatting onto his tongue, comforting my nips
which were now painfully hard. I wished I'd had an extra hand to lend
a hand down there, I wanted to open myself up and place what my ex
used to call the fillet onto his tongue. He was doing a good job
anyway, and I was getting really hot. I wanted to take the dress off
but that would have spoiled the effect for later. He was paying a
lot of attention to my bottom at the same time, grabbing my cheeks
and parting them. This was having it's effect, along with what I was
doing to myself, and pretty soon I was creaming all over his face. With
a lot of grunting and grabbing of his hair I came, somewhat
theatrically, rubbing my cunt into his face and squeezing my tits.

"Fucking hell, go and bend over the bed" he ordered, I climbed off, but
I didn't do as he said. I stood in front of him and told him to get
his kit off, he struggled out of his shirt, and I helped undress him
for speed. I told him to take his pants off and sit back in the chair
with his legs over the arms. It's not what he had in mind, but he did
as he was told. I got my first look at the goods. Tony had a very
nice body and a very nice cock, I have to say, quite long, uncut ...
not particularly thick though. If it's a choice of either /or I'd
rather have girth, though the reverse does have it's advantages, it
all depends where he wants to stick it! Anyway it was all absolutely
straining at the leash, his cock and balls were absolutely dying to
come, and absolutely no mileage to be had whatsoever, and no earthly
point in trying to have a shag at this point in time.

I slowly dropped the dress, getting by breasts out first and then
lowering it ever so gently, showing him my shaved pussy, and turning
and bending over to show him my bottom, before slipping it off and
laying in the bed. Then, I knelt down between his thighs, and
explained, kindly :

"You're too horny to be able to fuck me, you're not going to last more
than a minute , are you ?. Let me relieve you. How about I suck your
cock and you just come all that stuff in my mouth, and I swallow it
all for you? Or I can wank you off and make you come all over my tits,
what do you think?"

I licked my lips at him and cradled his balls in my hand. He was
scarlet in the face and he was squirming.

"Oh god. I don't know what to choose. Can I have a bit of everything ?
Um.... do you ...do you like watching guys have a wank? "

"I love it" I grinned

"Are you a good wanker?" he grinned

"Of myself, I'm exceptional. I'll show you too. Of guys I don't think
I'm that good, I'd opt for a blow job, if I were you , I'm fabulous
at that"

"Do you swallow?"

"Oh yes. There's something I like to do, though, I like to keep the
come in my mouth, and then tonguey kiss you. It's a bit of a shock if
you're not expecting it. That's very rude isn't it? Are you up for

"Ah..... I'm not keen, to be honest. Can I just come all over your

"Yeah, come on then!!" I answered and began playing with them in front
of him. Holding the nipples and stroking them. I left it to him to wank
himself off, I was having fun with myself. One hand dropped between my
legs to pound my clitoris, and involuntary groan came from me. Tony
had got hold of the base of his cock and was gently wanking from
there, avoiding the head. I leaned forward and quickly licked the head
for him, he groaned too, I turned my head and went right down to suck
his balls for him. They were tight up against his body and hard to get
hold of ! He groaned again.

"Not too much" he pleaded. I carried on with my own masturbation, I
could feel I wasn't a million miles of having another orgasm myself.
Was I really getting paid for this ? He was getting redder in the face
and almost slumping in his chair, and then suddenly

"OH ... SHIT" his body rocked as the sperm fired from his fist, the
first thick white glob just kind of fell over his hand but the second
jet fired and as he aimed it ,it landed on my breasts, and I rubbed it
in going

"MMM Yes fucking spunk all over me" and the like. Great fun, his eyes
were like saucers. He cuddled up to by breasts then, all sticky with
his come, I held his hand which still had the wallpaper paste-like
first bit stuck to it, and I brought it up to my mouth and licked it
up, looking him in the eyes as I did so, then I took his half hard cock
in to my mouth and sucked up all the dribbles, it was his first shot
and he didn't taste all manky.

I guess I had about a tablespoon of his baby batter in my gob, when I
went in to kiss him. He'd probably forgotten what I'd said earlier
about my passion for recycling. I kissed him f***efully and he
shoved his tongue into my mouth, all I had to do was open.

"Unh!" was all that escaped him as he tasted his jism. He was a good
boy, actually he didn't get all crazy about it, he just had a good swig
of Champagne.

By about 11 pm we were getting tired, and he was still recovering, we
watched the adult movie channel for a while, and he handed me the
vibrator we had bought. It was a 10 inch, yes a 10 inch, but not hugely
thick. We put the batteries in, and it was a bit difficult to get it
inside me at first. I got him to go down on me again, (any excuse) and
that got me wet enough to accommodate it by squatting down onto it.
In the end I was on all fours pushing the vibrator in and out, while
the rabbit ears bit did it's thing for my clitoris. It was a bit
intense, it made me feel a bit sick until I got the speed right, but
pretty soon I was on my way to come number three. We were both
watching this porno, as I said, and it wasn't much for girls, as usual
lots of lesbianism in it, and always the threat of the big anal sex

"jo" he said in a little croak of a voice, "can I fuck you now"

"Sure", "Carry on , baby. Give it to me"

I stayed bent over, but removed the vibrator, pop! He got condommed up
and took me round the waist, and slid into me, up to his balls. I was
more than ready for him. He felt good nice steady rhythm , no urgency.
I gripped him with my muscles and smiled back over my shoulder at him.

Ah. He'd got this cannon of a vibrator , poised right by my arse.
"Oh god he's not going to stick that in there, please god no!" I
thought , I needn't have worried, for the time being. He put the tip
up against my hole and turned it on gently, it was subtle and quite
pleasant. He carried on shagging me for about twenty minutes or so,
then he seemed to be losing his concentration, he was no longer in the
zone as it were.

"jo" he choked out in a little croak of a voice "I want to...I want your
arse" I froze for a moment.

"O......Kay" I said at last. "Plenty of lube, condom, be gentle, don't
go too far in. do it"

I felt him get much harder, and a little bigger in my pussy. He was
really into it.

He slipped out and I stayed in position, masturbating throughout, until
he came back with the ky, his cool fingers up my arse he liberally
daubed me inside and out with the cold gel. I shivered. The next
thing was the hard rubbery point of his cock against my arse. Relax,
girl, you've done this before. The sting came as he pushed into me,
then his cock moving, deep inside my bowels. It's a really weird
feeling, girls. Guys. I kept fingering my pussy , which was soaking
with my come, and Tony was whimpering behind me.

"God this is so rude" he whispered, to himself I think. I giggled.

Finally with much effort and grunting he heaved his load deep in my
ass. I came at almost the same time. I'm sure he thought I was faking
it until I shoved my fingers in his mouth!

So...... I figured I'd got away quite lightly, I'd had my bum shagged,
sure, but all men want to do that, (well they do with me) but what the
hell I'd come even when he was doing that. We had breakfast from room
service, and ate well, and somewhere amongst the scrambled eggs, it
suddenly hit me that he'd booked me for 24 hours, and there were nearly
nine to go. What could we do in nine hours? A walk in the park? The
Zoo? A little shopping? Rampant lesbianism?


Chapter 2 Later into the night, Tony's enthusiasm began to wilt a bit,
so, well, he had Viagra.

He had six of them with him. He had one and I had one.

Girls - it works for girls. It's like speed for pussies. Wild, and
probably terribly addictive.

I saw the clock as we started the shag, it was 1.10, and when we
finished it was 2.48.

We started off doggy style, then him on top, then me on top of him,
then me on top turned round with my bum to him, then doggy again (up
my bum), then me back on top, Then a really juicy 6 9, (Assume condom
changes & on & off , where appropriate, by the way ! ) then standing up
from behind with my tits squashed against the (full length) window,
curtains open/lights on (windows might have been smoked glass ,
dunno!!) , then same standing position, up my bum, then back in my
pussy, me sitting in the chair, legs over the arms, him kneeling,
then me sitting on the desk , Tony standing, watching ourselves in the
mirror, he was holding my legs up and I was playing with my nipples
looking up at him, just going "FUCK me, FUCK me" and , I don't know, I
lost track, I think we did it in the shower, yeah we did.

He came, once only, after this marathon. I'd come 3 times I think. I
had to work very hard to get him to come, I had to very vigorously
wank him into my mouth, with lots of tongue, and with a lot of
manhandling of his balls and fingering of his crotch and his bum. He
was going "Oh jeesus yes, oh GOD yes", a lot, as you would, if I did
that to you.

We got our breath back and quenched our thirsts with Champagne, and with
thudding heads, around 4 we fell asl**p, in the big bed, separately to
start with, then in his sl**p he held me really nicely, and I snuggled
my bum up to him.

We woke after 10, and ordered breakfast from room service. I was
thinking to myself that this hasn't been too bad, considering,
handsomely paid, royally fucked, and nothing too wild has happened.
Nothing perverted unless you count the rogering my bottom had
received. Which you may do. Men always seem to want to have a go up
there, though, they do with me, anyway.

Then of course it hit me, he'd paid for 24 hours, and there were over
nine left.

So, during breakfast Tony said casually,

"Jo, later on can I take you shopping?"

"Er, yeah I guess, what for?"

"Maybe a dress and some sexy undies?"

"I have lots, why?"

"Well, this afternoon, I want to take you some posh store, like Harrods
or something, and get you some things, I'll pay, but I want to watch
you try them on, and I want to fuck you in the changing rooms, or in a
lift , or on the stairs, or wherever we can"

"Or in the window?"

"Ha ha, Yeah or in the window, are you up for it?"

"Yeah, I guess, but if we get arrested or something, you have to pay
the fucking fines , okay? "

"Fine.... er fine about fines. I've just got a bit of a hard on , just
thinking about that actually - look!" he proudly opened his dressing
gown. He was half hard and growing at the thought.

"Ooh," I giggled " do you want me to come and look after that for you?"
I wiped my mouth in preparation for swapping my eggy soldier for
another little soldier.

"Oohh no" he groaned "I'm a bit sore at the moment"

"Was I rough ? I didn't hurt you did I ?"

"No, no, you're like.......honey and velvet, babe. My problem, not

Compliment, anyway!

"I'm going to have to take a..... back seat till later" he cleared his
throat and paused. His cock went back down a bit, he still had his robe
open. "I want to...... I want to watch you with a .........another
girl" he said at last.

"Oh...." I went as red at this page. "What girl?
What do you want me to do ?"

"Well, what I'd really like is two girls, one for you to ....... make
love with, and the other to give me a nice blow job while I watch"

"That's (giggle) quite an order. Um. Why don't you get hold of two
lesbians and I'll give you the blow job while you watch them"

"I don't know any! The one girl I can think of is the girl from the shop
last night"

"Oh.........you're going to call her?
They won't be open now, surely?"

"I have her mobile number........ did you like her?"

"I thought she was pretty, very pretty. That's not the same thing as
fancying her though".

"Look - the girl who booked you to me said you did girl/girl"

"Yeah, I said I would.................... I didn't know if it would come
up , of course. .....................I've already been paid, I
understand that. ................Have I got to do whatever you ask?"

"No, no. You're a gorgeous girl, and I don't want to scare you or
anything. We've both had fun so far haven't we?"

"Yes. Honestly. I have."

"how abooout, if we let her call the shots?" asked Tone

"Hmm...... Is she gay? I didn't think she looked gay."

"I don't know. If I had to guess, I felt she was more interested in you
than me, but scouts honour, I don't know"

"Were you a scout?"

"Not....as such. Were you girl guide"


"Have you still got the uniform ?"

"NO. Buy me one in Harrods. Are you going to ring this girl?"

"Yes, I'll ring her now"

I went and took a shower, I didn't want to witness the conversation, I'd
get nervous. By the time I'd thoroughly cleansed everywhere, in
expectation of imminent invasion, he'd finished the call. I put the
nice fluffy towel dressing gown back on and went back into the room.


"Yes, she's coming over. On a mountain bike. She'll be 30, 40

"What did you discuss?"

"I asked would she like to come party with us"

"And she...... did....Can I have ...... can we have a drink, or
something ....some Bucks fizz or whatever?"

"Right, you need a stiff drink. Understood. I'll ring room service"
and he did, 2 bottles of champers, and freshly squeezed orange juice
arrived shortly afterwards. He'd got dressed in the mean time, jeans
and a t shirt. He looked nice in them.

At the stroke of 35 minutes after the call the room phone rang , it was
she, Carol-the-sex-shop. Tony went down and brought her up.

There was something going on with me, mostly in my fanny, part fear and
part excitement.

Excitement was slightly winning.

They entered the room, she was tiny. She must have had "apartments" on
or have been standing on a box, at the shop. Now she was in skin-tight
cycling shorts, flat shoes and a skimpy top, and an open hoodie. Her
blonde hair was sc****d back to go under her helmet. As she came in,
she seemed overly animated, and giggly, and talking rubbish about
traffic and taxi drivers.

"This is Jo, you've met of course" said Tony, coolly Carol came over and
kissed me on the cheek, she was sweaty and hot.

"Can I jump in your shower?" she asked us, Tony said she could, and she
did, and we looked at each other as she sang tunelessly in the en

She emerged a few minutes later in Tony's towelling robe.

"Well........................... er....this is nice... " she said,
uncertainly ".........Can I have one of those Bucks FizzeZes?"

"Sure" I said, feeling I needed to look after her. My own hands were
shaking as I mixed the drink, though.

"Are you nervous?", I asked her

"Yes, of course I'm nervous! Two complete strangers ask me to a hotel
room to party with them? For all I know you might fill me full of [censored]
and throw me out of the window!!"

"No, no, we're quite safe, honestly. Listen, come in the bathroom a sec.
Just be a minute, okay?" I said to Carol, and to Tony

I closed the door

"Look he wants to watch us , um ...get it on. Is that what you...... had
in mind?"

Carol giggled "I'm up for anything, I thought he wanted to take in turns
with us, or us both to blow him, or he or you, or I would be
sandwiched between the other two. I really don't know. What do you want
to do?"

I stood in silence "I dunno, he's shagged me rigid last night, he's a
bit sore".

"He wants to watch us together, and have a gentle wank, then?" she

"Uh...... yeah. Are you gay.... or.... bi? Or.... straight or what?"

Carol rolled her eyes and giggled again "Labels, labels" she said
vaguely. "Do you need a shower?"

"No I had one just now", I said "why?"

"Well, I just wanted to see you naked, actually. Can I take your
robe off?"

I was aghast. Just like that?

I didn't take it off, but at her insistence, I undid the belt and
opened the robe. I looked away, as she looked at me. After a few
moments, I looked down at myself. For a moment I saw myself through
her eyes. I felt exposed. She had one hand inside her own robe, toying
with a nipple, I think. She was u*********sly licking her lips. She
looked up at me.

"Christ, what a body" she whispered, "I love it" My hand went down the
front of my body, to my pussy, to cover myself, but I touched myself,
more, really. My pussy was wet, and very hot. I was a mass of goose
bumps, and the butterflies in my tummy had turned to mothra, and his

Carol opened her own robe and showed me her body, she was breathtaking
in her way, big, big boobs, on a tiny little Kylie-Minogue frame, but
muscly thighs and bum, from the cycling , I guess, or gym, and a
bushy little thatch of very curly ginger pubes. Her nipples were
really erect, I noticed.

Just then the bathroom door opened. Tony peered in.

"Come on ! " he laughed "what you doing?" he gasped at our little show
and tell. I felt I should close my robe, but as it was he'd been there,
seen it all , sucked it and fucked it, and come all over it so there
seemed little point. Carol gathered her robe together, took my hand
and led us out. Tony stepped aside.

Back in the bedroom Carol asked Tony what he actually wanted. He told
her !

"I want to watch you two, get naked, kiss, and caress each other, and go
as far as....as you........will, or Jo will. I (cough) want you to
enjoy it, though, not ..fake it. So... I don't want to ...f***e
you...in any way...."

"Okay", said Carol "I don't get the impression Jo's too comfortable with
me" I just closed my eyes and nodded slightly. "soo...how about you and
me to start with, and Jo can cuddle up to us, on the bed and watch us
and join in?"

We shovelled down a glass of champagne (down in one) each, and Tony
sat in the chair while Carol stripped her robe off. I bit the bullet
and took mine off, and sat naked on the bed behind her. Carol was very
confident. Within a few minutes she was on her knees, pulling Tony's
jeans off, and his Calvin's, and taking his cock deep in her mouth. He
closed his eyes and groaned. She waved me in to join them. That was
okay, I leant on his thigh and watched her working on him, it was cool,
actually, she was dead good at it, deep throat and everything. I was
relieved she seemed to be familiar with men's bits! With a pop it
came out of her mouth, and she was a little out of breath. She looked
at me and indicated I should have a turn. I gently licked him, up and
down the shaft and his balls - I knew he was sore. He was moaning
gently: "mmmMMMmmm".

"Let's all go over to the bed" said Carol and took both of us by the
hand. She got Tony to lie down, and threw a leg over, and sat down on
his face, "Just get me ready" she said, I don't know if he could hear
her through her grasping thighs but he seemed to get the idea "then we
can fuck, did you want to fuck me?" she looked down at him. He grasped
her hips and ploughed in with his tongue, she squirmed excitedly and
her face reddened a little. "Come and give me a munch for a second", "
she said to me. I was perched on the corner of the bed. Uncertainly, I
moved towards Carol and knelt close to her. Her arm came round my
shoulders and her face brushed mine, cheek to cheek, just a nuzzle.
"Mmm you smell nice", she said and kissed me gently on the cheek. She
gasped suddenly, and looked down at Tony, who seemed to have moved up
the bed a little. "Are you making ready the bomb bay, captain?" she
said, I thought a bit bizarrely! "He's licking my arse" she
giggled, to me. She began to masturbate gently.

"You horny?" she whispered to me. I smiled and nodded. I figured what
the hell and lay on my side across Tony, with his thighs under my
right armpit (make sense?) keeping one hand to play with his cock and
the other to play with my pussy. I was dead horny by now, and my
pussy was getting extremely wet. Carol was playing with her breasts
also. I looked away as I took Tony's cock into my mouth and sucked him
gently. "I want some cock now" said Carol softly, she moved forward off
his face, her pussy hoved into view as I opened one eye. There was goo
all over her little bushy bush, it looked like a hedge covered in dew
in the morning. I slipped Tony's cock out of my mouth and moved out of
the way, to get her a condom. I opened it and handed it to her, she
deftly rolled it over his stiffie and with a big exhalation of breath
she sat down onto it, with as much difficulty as I had had with ole
Svennie. Either she was dead tight, or she just wasn't used to
willies. She was facing away from him, towards me, rocking
her hips on him, playing with those big tittles, and smiling, at me.

Tony was groaning. "Agh. Fuck, god you're tight." He was pulling her
little arse apart with his thumbs, perhaps trying to ease the squeeze.

I was toying with a nipple , idly, watching them fuck. I'd stopped my
masturbation. I decided to replace her on his face, and got astride
him, behind her. His tongue snaked out and slipped into my cunt hole. I
squatted further down to give him more of a chance of hitting my clit.
I played with my own nipples, and hugged my breasts. Carol raised a
leg, and turned round on him, to face me.

"I want to watch you" she said, licking her lips at me.

He grunted in discomfort as she did her swivel.

We were now sitting facing each other. If he hadn't been so tall, we'd
have been virtually touching. She was gently riding his cock, not
going too mad, and looking down at my pussy and it's attending tongue.
"mmmMM". she cooed "How's she taste?" "Lith vith nun" said Tony in
reply, in Elvish, presumably. Of course I was sitting squarely on his
mouth, and this enquiry is like the dentist asking you if you're Blues
or Villa while he's giving you a scale and polish.

I raised up a half inch for him. "What was that?" asked Carol again

"Like a CUNT" he repeated. I slapped his chest for him. Carol reached
out and ran a finger over his wet chin, quickly popping it in her
mouth! Some of it may have been saliva, but some of it was certainly my
pussy juices. "Mmmm" she slurped "she tastes pretty good to me!" and
grinned at me. I blushed and mostly for my own benefit split my pussy
open with my fingers and sat down onto his face again, he slurped his
way up the slit to my clit, sending shivers down my spine. I rubbed
my fingers together, slippery with my own come and for reasons I cannot
explain sucked them myself. Carol grinned from ear to ear, she ran her
own fingers around the base of his cock and came up with her fingers
shiny with her juice. She offered the fingers to me to suck. I
recoiled, and she smiled, and wiped them all over her breasts. The
next bit is a bit of a blur. My eyes were half closed and I was on the
verge of coming when her arm gently hooked round my neck and her lips
were on mine. I gasped, which was to let her tongue into my mouth. I
tried to move out of her range but she held me. "It's okay, it's okay"
she broke off to whisper. I didn't think it was so okay, but I knew she
was at least going to want to kiss me, and if this appeased Tony - to
get laid and watch us snog - then fair enough, that's not so bad, I
thought. Soooooo........ I kissed her back - full tilt as well - with
tongues. She was scooping my tits into her hands now, and my breath was
coming in rushes. Her little bum was bouncing up and down on his cock,
she was hugging me, and kissing my hair now, her breath was ragged in
my ear, she gabbed my head to kiss me again, as she came, whispering
"Ohh fuck yes" repeatedly. Her tongue filled my mouth as her body
trembled, and Tony's tongue got me there too, right on queue, and we
two girls cuddled each other in the throes of our orgasms.

Tony hadn't come though, but he didn't seem to be too disappointed when
Carol removed her vice-like little pussy from the end of his knob,
probably as he could now see what was going on, once I'd climbed off
his face. I'd come a lot, his face was covered, he went for the
champagne again and poured himself a glassful, and swigged it down.
This was the last of it, and he called room service for reinf***ements.
My head was spinning already, and Carol was very flushed. She went
to shower, Tony pulled the condom off his still-hard cock and binned
it. When Carol came out of the shower, still nude, I went in. Carol
came back in with me, and insisted on washing my back for me, which was
quite nice actually. Tony thought something was about to happen, and
stood in the doorway watching, but it didn't.

Carol left me to my more private "toilet" and when I went back into the
bedroom, Tony was having his cock sucked yet again, by Carol, what a
greedy boy. When I came back in, Carol stopped and stood up, in her
hand was the pink furry handcuffs purchased from her shop.

"Lie on the bed" she said. I looked at Tony, he was sitting in the
chair, holding his cock. It must have been red raw by now , but he
still insisted on worrying it. He nodded that I should do as Carol
asked. He was the boss. If it was mine, I'd have been dangling that
dick in the ice bucket.

I gulped, lay on the bed, and , predictably Carol came and handcuffed me
to the bedstead, my arms above my head. I was lying straight out and
very prone, but legs together. She lay next to me for a moment and
whispered in my ear: "Just relax, fantasise, and enjoy yourself".
Easier said than done.

She lay on the side of me further from him, so she did not hide his view
of me / us. She lay on one elbow and just looked me straight in the
eyes. I was trying to tell myself, "she is gorgeous, you shouldn't mind
kissing her". It wasn't really cutting through my nervousness.


Rant You boys who watch too much adult channel - you probably think that
the moment two straight women are left together we jump on each other.
That every time we get pissed with our mates we start snogging. We do
appreciate the beauty of other women, but this is not the same as
having the desire to strap on a dildo and roger them. It is not the
same thing at all. Do you fancy your mate you play football with? NO.
When you see him naked in the shower do you want to suck his cock? No,
I don't think so.

But....If you do please get in touch, because I'd like to watch.
Thank you.



Back to business:

She leant in and asked "Can I have a kiss?" I thought, "I'm tied up,
what the hell can I do about it?" but, you know, I'm a customer
focussed kinda girl, I didn't want Tony to be short changed, as it
were. I closed my eyes and moved my head slightly towards her, I felt
her breath on me, heavy and aroused, as her lips met mine. She kissed
gently, all lips , no tongue, all around my mouth on my lips, she
caressed my hair and nibbled my ear. Then my neck, the cow, I didn't
stand a chance, it could be a cat nuzzling it, and it would drive me
wild. She realised this, I think, from my shivers, and started to lick
and nibble my neck. My thighs were involuntarily rubbing together.
She brought her mouth back up, and continued to stroke my neck with
her fingers as she kissed me on the lips again. Her tongue came back
to lick my lips, I flinched but she held my head. I know I'd let her
kiss me just now , but there was a man connected to us, then, and
this was kind of different.

She withdrew her tongue and her hand came up to cup my breast, she
pulled the nipple gently. I held my breath. He tongue came back again,
and licked my lips and round my mouth. She gathered my bobs up and
pressed them together so the nipples were closer. She broke off from
the kiss, and went for my nipple, taking each into her mouth and
lovingly sucking it. She took each gently between her teeth and pulled.
I gasped again. She moved down to kiss and stroke my belly, she was
coming from above, not below, she went nowhere near my pussy. She came
back up to my breasts and massaged them both in her tiny little hands,
taking the nipples between her thumbs and fingers. She bl**dy knew what
she was doing. She'd been practising on her own or someone else's.
Then she gathered her own breasts up in her hands and smothered mine
with hers, getting sort of half on top of me. There was a large groan
from the chair. Tony was enjoying the show.

Carol came in and kissed me again, she was getting more urgent, I
thought, and she was not faking it for Tony, she meant it. She was
virtually on top of me now, she moved down to suck my tits again, I
gasped. She looked up at me, and moved down below them , moving her
body down mine, she kissed my belly, and licked my navel again, I
could hear her breathing getting heavier. When she arrived at my pussy
she passed it by, kissing my closed thighs down closer to my knees,
then she was kissing my knees, which I realised were ticklish. I was on
tenterhooks. Her little hands grasped my knees and began to pull them
apart. I held them shut.

"Open them" she hissed.

I looked at Tony, appealingly.

He was sitting red faced, still very gently squeezing the head of his

He just mouthed "Go on"

I held my breath for what seemed like an eternity, and gave in to what
was inevitably going to happen to me. I not only opened them, but I
then had them hoisted almost over my head! I'm supple, but I wasn't
staying in that position. I ended up with my legs just well apart and
my knees raised, and Carol holding my thighs apart, kissing my belly,
and down to my thighs, passing my pussy by again.

My head was raised, watching her, trying to second guess what she was
going to do. She moved back up my belly to suck my nipples again, they
were like bullets now. They didn't seem to care who was nibbling them,
but in my head I did!

Then Carol said, breaking off from her torturing of my nips, "Look, Jo,
sometimes we all say no when we mean yes, and yes when we mean no, cos
we're women! We need a code word. I'm going to say Alberquerque,
because I was listening to Prefab Sprout on the way over. If you
really genuinely want me to stop altogether and leave you alone - or
Tony - just say Alberquerque"

I felt a weight on the bed and sure enough Tony had either joined us
or had come for a closer look. He was kneeling by my head. I would
have liked a kiss but he wanted his cock sucked. Yes. Again. As I had
no free hands he was kind enough to move back and forwards,
repeatedly for me, dangling his balls in my mouth where I sucked each
one and licked them, then running his shaft back along my tongue (nice,
actually) and then popping the head into my mouth where I sucked on
it. He was leaking pre come and not tasting too fresh but I welcomed
the distraction from what was going on down below. She popped back up
for a moment and sucked the head whilst I simultaneously tongued his
balls. Then she was gone, back down my body. She was hovering between
my thighs now, I looked up at Tony.

"Go on................... eat her pussy" he whispered, I froze. My hips
bucked. The nearest thing I can equate it to is awaiting the touch of
the cold steel when you're having a smear. Girls, you'll know what I
mean. It's an "It's inevitable , let's get it over with" kind of
feeling, alongside the feeling that you're not allowed to resist or
stop them.


Ok, get your cocks out boys, it gets rude now. You might want to get
your vibrators out, girls, as well.


The first thing I felt was the gentlest little kiss, right on my pubic
bone, where my pubes would have been. I could sense her smelling me
down there, and her face just a few inches from my pussy. I heard her
take a deep breath and then he tongue just touched the hood of my clit,
I shivered. A kiss was planted right on my pussy lips and her lower lip
was against the very bottom of my pussy, right by the opening. Her
tongue flicked into my peehole, and I shivered, she held my hips still.
Her tongue must have stretched to it's limit as she licked inside
my pussy, my hips bucked wildly and involuntarily, but as before she
held me down. She started to lick up and down the lips, still not
going for my clit. I could feel how wet I was getting, I didn't want to
but I was. She'd slipped a finger inside me. It almost slipped right
back out again, I was so juicy.

"Kiss me", I pleaded to Tony, he lay down beside me and gave me
beautiful kisses whilst she ate my pussy, his tongue filled my mouth,
and I sucked on it as he played with my nipples. His hand strayed down
to my clit to masturbate me, and suddenly he stopped, and sat up
slightly. "JESUS, Jo, this is the wettest fanny I've ever seen! There's
a pool about half an inch deep on the duvet " and there was.

"Where's that vibrator" mumbled Carol from down below, she spotted it
in a chair. She scuttled over to it and was back and buzzing before I
could get my breath. Once again the big head of this thing was being
pressed against the opening of my pussy, but this time I wasn't in
control. She'd got it on about half speed, it's internal "wriggle"
was on, and it was squirming it's way inside like an eel. She fed
about seven inches of it inside me , and worked it gently in and out
of me, she was better with it than I am, but then again she did sell
the things! It was rattling my insides far more than when I was using
it on myself, and the little rabbit ears thing was trained on my clit
and was vibrating like hell. There was a little phrase going through
my head "there is no way this is going to make me come.......... there
is no way this is going to make me come.......... there is no way this
is going to make me come". This was a girl trying to fuck me with a
huge vibrator, and "there is no way this is going to make me come".
Tony was still snogging me, brilliant snog I have to say.

Carol asked me if I could turn over, did I have enough slack in the
'cuffs? She wanted me on my knees with my bum in the air. Get the
picture? My arms together on the pillow in front of me, still cuffed,
my head on my arms, and my bum in the air. Tony moved in front of me
and knelt upright, his cock between my tits, he held them together and
began to gently fuck my cleavage as he watched Carol go to work on my
bum. Her tongue was snaking it's way down my lower back, and down
between my cheeks, I was shivering at it.

"God, you've got a gorgeous arse" cooed Carol, gently parting my bum for
me. The vibrator had slipped out of me, and was on the bed. "Have you
been fucking her bottom, Tony? I bet you have!" Tony grunted he had.

"There is no way this is going to make me come"

She picked the vibrator up again and worked it into my pussy once more,
she upped it's speed a little, and it was really rattling my insides.
She'd god the little rabbits ears back on my clittie - hood, and she
was working my clit with her fingers underneath me, and then her tongue
slivered into my bum crease, again, and down to my ass where she stuck
he tongue right in, most guys had only licked the hole, she was
sticking the point of her tongue right in there, and really stiffening
her tongue so it f***ed it's way in. Every nerve ending in my body was
on fire. I felt on the point of fainting. This was a three way
attack, not even counting the guy fucking my tits.

"There is no way this is going to make me come" I said to myself. What
I was actually saying out loud was "Oh fuck, oh fuck" as I was gently
biting Tony's belly and lower chest, suddenly I felt him buck and the
little lick of fire between my tits as he shot his load in there, not
that he had much left to give. It was pure clear semen, I slipped his
cock into my mouth and he came a tiny second lot onto my tongue. He
was moaning like he was about to expire.

"There is no way this is going to make me come"


Like a clap of thunder in my pelvis. My whole body rocked, I was just
screaming "Oh fucking hell, oh fucking hell". Carol was now virtually
underneath me, sticking a finger up my arse, still using the
vibrator on me, inside, and replacing the lickle rabbit ears with her
own tongue on my clit, Tony had got my breasts in his hands, working
on my hard nipples , massaging the come into my tits. My legs
trembled and an orgasm arrived like a tube train, (but without the gust
of wind) crashing over me, probably the biggest one I've ever ever
had, except one in Prague, maybe. I virtually collapsed into their
arms. Carol arrived for kisses. I didn't stop her, I just kissed her.

After some cuddly moments Carol was up again

"Come on, one of you is going to have to fuck me, I'm gagging, after
that", she said airily, and lay down expectantly.

"I can't do it again" groaned Tony, "I'm finished".

I was still getting my breath back. Carol went and rummaged in her
backpack, emerging with a big black rubber strapadicktome. A strap
on dido. You know the sort of thing. She looked at me expectantly.

"Come on stand up" she said.

I got unsteadily to my feet. She slipped the leather straps round my
waist. They were cold , I shivered. Then there seemed to be a lot of
buckles and things to adjust. Happily she knew what she was doing with
it, of course. When she'd finished she stepped back to admire her
handiwork. She grinned at me. I looked at myself in the mirror. I
looked a state actually, hair all over the place, red face, lipstick
everywhere, I looked like I'd just been ..well, I had. Sideways.

I held my new weapon and posed in the mirror with it. I had quite a
feeling of power! I stood and wanked it at myself in the mirror,
grinning. It was and black, purely functional I guessed, no balls or
moving parts, just a big dido for a girl to fuck another girl with.
And this is of course, what Carol wanted. She was back on the bed,
legs in the air, expectant.

"God, that would look nice with stockings and suspenders" remarked
Tony, of my outfit.

"I don't have any with me" I said, still holding the cock of this thing

"Well, time we went out shopping then" he said

Carol looked sooooooo disappointed, but cheered up as Tony said he'd
buy us something each.

We went to Harrods, in the end, I was wearing some of Tony's jeans
rolled up and a t shirt of his. I looked a right state. We had brunch
at a brasserie, consisting of much wine and a croissant. Then, we
went straight to the lingerie department, and the La Senza franchise.
Oddly there was next to no one about. Too dear, I guess. I picked up
some gorgeous undies and asked Tony if I could have them, this was all
matching stuff, bra, suspender belt, thong, and some silk stockings.
I took then into the changing room, and Carol followed me in . They
were big and kind of communal, with cubicles off. We stayed in the
communal area. Carol stripped off quickly - the lot. I was a bit more
reluctant, I'd got nothing on underneath the jeans and t shirt. Then I
was naked too, and I put the thong on first, then the suspenders -
under the sides of the thong for some reason (it's an option, chaps),
then the stockings, then the bra, then my shoes. I admired myself in
the mirror. Apart from the fact I looked pissed and like I'd just been
fucked several times, I looked great. Carol was trying her stuff on
behind me , er.well..than I of course caught a glimpse of her in the
mirror. She was standing there, starkers, wearing the strap on. Yeah.
Really, in la Senza, Harrods. 0

"Hold the pole" she said. It was an order. I sighed and held the pole.
She came up behind me and pulled the thong down my legs and off, and
went down and tongued my pussy through my bum cheeks.

"I've changed my mind" she suddenly said, and unbuckled that baby.

And...yes she did no more than buckle it onto me. And got down on the
floor, and yes, she got herself all wet and juicy, and no I would not
go down on her, though she asked, no pleaded! I jumped out of my skin
as the door opened, but it was Tony sneaking in. He'd had to call the
franchise off his mobile to lure her away. Carol was n her back, legs
up, I was kneeling between her legs.

"Come on, don't hang about- fuck her!" he urged. Carol seized the end of
the thing and fed in into her bl**dy tight little fanny, Jeesus it was
a squeeze, but soon my arse was going 19 to the dozen, I'd never been
in this position before!! It was pretty wild. Tony took my bra off
and was getting us to squeeze our tits together. Now, there's now way
I'm converting, but it was kind of fun, and I shall keep an open mind
in the future.

Winding up , we went back to the hotel and got out bits & pieces, I
got to keep the La Senza, and not the strap on, and I got dosh off

The next "case" was a 20 year old virgin, whose fellow-rich- k** mates
had clubbed together to get him laid, as he was a virgin. Yeah! He
was nice, too, shy but nice. I shagged him and I blew him, and he was
well happy. I did his mates for free.

Third "case" was an American businessman married to a gentile Japanese
woman who would not blow him, so that's all he wanted, a blow job, he
was old, fat, but clean, and quick, and paid generously and oddly
enough the missus was keen to watch. I thought they had Geisha
training? Anyway, that was my weekend, as a Ho !

100% (7/0)
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10 months ago
best story on here by far, I might just go and read it again when I've recovered!!
12 months ago
Loved it, loved it, loved it, Capt N Taniel