The Blow Job Lesson

The Blow Job Lesson
By: Jo Jo (

The Blow Job Lesson

NB - this is a British story, in English , so Fanny means vagina , not
bottom. Ok? Just for reference it's used as I guess a non erotic
reference to

the vagina. E.g. "Gad, Petunia, Sir Roger's not going to get his leg
over tonight, I've got a right sore fanny after that last canter".

When I was about 18/19, I was living at my mom's near Solihull and had
just about to start work. I was going out with my young and pretty
boyfriend Mark, and I had little experience of sex really, well
little expertise should I say. My male model boyfriend was
phenomenally Randy with me, but because he was inexperienced and ,
well inept really, I was not as keen as he was, though I would happily
lie there for him for the couple of minutes he'd take to fill a condom.

Sorry Mark, but true.

Between uni (dropping out of) and work I'd do what I could to get some
money, working at the local Toby Inn, and babysitting for a neighbour.
This was a nice area, and a nice attractive rich professional couple
in their 40's, with a seven year old son, they were John and Sonia,
known to most as "John and Sonn". Sometimes they'd come back from
their night out rather d***k, and sometimes they'd ply me with wine. I
say ply, I'd guzzle down as much as they'd give me!

I should mention before I forget that they had bought one of the Peter
Mailer-Yates paintings of me, an original of Terpsichore. They paid
hundreds for it, framed, and it was displayed in their bedroom, framed.
It was of me, nude, no face, but breasts and pussy, well pubes anyway.
You can't tell it's me, but they knew.

One night I stayed there rather late with them, and they asked about
Mark and when did I see him, I must admit they did rather pry about out
sex life. As you can probably tell I'm not that coy about it, so I was
quite open and told them that there was a lot of quantity and not much
quality, and I told them that Mark wanted me to give him blow jobs,
but said I was crap at it, and I hurt him. I said I'd asked him what
he wanted, of course he was too shy to tell me in detail , and probably
didn't even know anyway. As far as I knew he'd never been with anyone
else, though he may have done on a school trip.

"What am I like, love?" asked Sonn , of John "qualified to teach, do you

"Oh god yes, you're the world's greatest!" he enthused

"How do YOU know?" she giggled

He laughed.

Sonn went and got a banana from the fruit bowl. It wasn't very big.
She beckoned me over to watch her peel this banana, and fellate it,
sort of. It wasn't very satisfactory, and it broke. She ate it.

"ouch" said John

We got into a discussion about Mark's cock, the size and so on and I
started feeling really horny, I have to say.

Sonn admitted they heard us sometimes, in my room (next to theirs)

"I thought there always seemed to be more noise from him than you" she

"My parents are in sometimes and he's busy coming all over my boobs,
and groaning and all that. I have to try to shut him up".

She had another glass of wine and suggested I bring Mark round, and she
would demonstrate, on Mark, how to do it right!

"You WON'T" bawled John, chucking a cushion.

Well, what about If I just SHOW her, using"

He choked on his bottle of beer

"This is getting ridiculous" he said, growing redder and redder, and
shifting about.

"Come on darling" she giggled, crawling towards him.

She reached his knees and started to try to open his trousers. He moved
her hand away, he was bl**d red by now. I was amazed.

"Go on then, you get him out" she knelt and just waited

Slowly he began to undo his belt and trousers. His hands were visibly
shaking. He looked about to cry. After a few moments he pulled his
things down, and fully exposed his cock and balls. He looked ready to

"God it's very big" I breathed , and it was "and very hard" and it was,
"you are..... very well built" I said

"open your mouth" whispered Sonn

It was two inches bigger than my Mark's and much fatter. Christ he was

"I don't think I've seen it this big for a while" smiled Sonn "I think
he likes you" she winked at me

She boldly moved forward, grabbed him in her hand and got me to licked
the end of his cock. I gasped! HE gasped.

Then, She showed me how to get my teeth out of the way, how to suck
gently, how to use my tongue, she did a lot of this using my thumb.
Then she concentrated on him. There we were, two fully dressed women
one sucking his cock, and rolling his balls around in her mouth, and
the other watching closely and learning.

Poor John was trying his best to hold on.

SMUP ! She popped him out and waved his cock at me

"Do you want to have a little go?" she asked gently

"Okay" I was shaking as I held his shaft, taking it from her.

"Do you spit?" she asked me

"mmMm" I said non commitally. I couldn't believe he'd come in my mouth,
I thought he'd save himself for his wife.

I began to suck him , as she'd showed me, he gasped and writhed, with
pleasure I hasten to add, as I stroked his balls.

"Give Jo some warning" Said Sonn "if you can't speak , tap her on the
shoulder. I really don't think you should be coming in the poor girl's

Suddenly there was a quick tap on my shoulder and an


It was too late though, all I could do was hang on tight and swallow
hard. Three large globs of come escaped him, and he shook and
trembled like he was in the electric chair.

"Oh my god" said Sonn, and she collapsed in giggles, strange woman.
She'd just watched her middle aged husband ejaculate down the throat of
a teenage girl, and she found it funny, mind you it was all of her

"Is that better, dear?" she laughed

"Sass sorry" he spluttered

"It's okay" I said, not sure what to say really. I wanted sex, I knew
that, alright.

His penis lay half hard on his belly. He'd got a nice body for his age.

"Well I never did.... !" said Sonn "Now ....what do you say you put it
away and we have another drink. Some Listerine, Jo?"

"Um, no" I giggled "it's okay, a glass of wine would be nice"

She went to the kitchen and poured, John rearranged himself.

"That was fantastic, I'm sure Mark will appreciated the" he
said smiling

"I shall have to work up to it, or he will notice a sudden change" I

"Say you read a book" said Sonn, coming back in with the drinks. We'd
now had three whole bottles of Chardonnay between the three of us,
since they came in, and they were far from sober when they'd come back
from their evening out.

At this age, as you do, I thought I knew it all, thought I was worldly.
I was of course naïve in the extreme. These people were genuinely

"Jo............... " said Sonn, guardedly


"You know we have that beautiful painting of you in our bedroom"

"I remember you buying it, yes, it was hundreds of pounds, wasn't it?"

"Well worth it.. Well now you're here, and we've broken the ice as it
were..... John would dearly...... desparately like to see you naked. I
know it's a bit of a thing to ask, but I wonder if you would... um.
be so kind. I mean I'd kind of like to see you as well.... Don't worry,
I 'm not coming on to you "

"What? Here? Now? "

"Yes" joined John "please. Pretty please. We promise we won't touch"

I was wearing a halter top, some big pants, and a wraparound skirt,
that's all. Three items, not including my sandals.

"I'll take my top off" I said, guardedly, and I wriggled out of my
halter, leaving my big boobs exposed and prone. My nipples were like
the proverbial Scammell starter buttons. Then they broke their
promise, absolutely immediately.

"Just have a little feel, is that okay?"

asked Jon, but he just helped himself in reality, holding them and
massaging the nipples. I was helpless, quite honestly. Helpless to
resist. Then a nipple was devoured by a mouth, his thankfully, but Sonn
was having a feel of the other one, just the same. I "swooned" I think
is the word, the combination of too much wine, and all the bl**d
rushing from my head elsewhere to fire up my tits and my pussy.

"God, have you ever seen anything so perfect in your life?" asked Jon.
Hmm. Asked his wife, presumably. I wouldn't have liked that said,
myself, but that's just me I guess.

"God I've got such a wet little fanny" I said to Sonn, as if for

"I'll bet you have, love" she said "now let me take the rest of your
things off , and come and sit over here, and Jon will see to that
pussy for you"

I was almost fainting as she led me over to a large leather recliner.
She deftly undressed me as we went, including the big pants, and in
seconds I was naked in the chair, and as soon as Jon arrived he
hoisted my legs in the air, like a Y, unbelievable! He kissed me there
to start with, kissed my pussy, very gently. It felt very very naughty,
having his wife watching us as well.

"Spread it all out for me?" he asked

"No! " I said "you do it, if you want"

" I want to see you open I your pussy up, it's just more erotic that
way... go on, and have a little play with it by all means"

So it was that Jon and Sonn became the third , and fourth people to
watch me masturbate. The first was Mark, the second was Steve the
bouncer, and the number now stands at twenty or more. (okay, Mark,
Steve, Derek, Lyn, Sven & Nicole, George, 2 account managers,
"the son of Jack", Dave, Nick, "Keannu" and his mate, the man who
rented me and the girl from the sex shop..... I can't be bothered to
recall any more, but a fair few)

I slowly obliged , splitting the wet sticky lips from one another and
spreading them out. I started to work on my clit as well, but I wanted
to come when he licked me, so I held back,

"Fabulous pussy" he breathed, slipping a finger inside me.

"Oh!" I gasped, shaking all over.

"Why don't you shave all this off?" asked Jon, running his fingers
through my pubes.

"oh Mark would"

"Mark would LOVE it, surprise him" he said

"Ok well I'll think about it " I said

"I did mean now" said Jon, dominantly "go with Sonn, she'll sort you

My knees were knocking as she took my hand and led me , nude, out of
the lounge and up the stairs to their sumptuous bathroom. Well, she
would not be dissuaded and she spread my legs and expertly shaved me
until I was as smooth as a smooth thing, she creamed and moisturised
me, and I just lay there legs akimbo while she did her work. She led me
back down the stairs again. I kept a hand in front of my shaved fanny
as I entered the room ,and re took my position in the chair. Jon was
stripped to his boxers, and there was the most almighty bulge in there.

He hoisted my legs back into the air, and I still kept the palm of my
hand over my pussy.

"Take your hand away" he breathed. I closed my eyes and did so.

"Oh my god, heaven" he groaned and immediately slipped his tongue into

"I Won't be able to come" I said, my voice shaking "I'm too nervous"

"You'll come" said Sonn, confidently "he's one of the best in the world
down there"

"How do YOU know?" he laughed

I was so unbelievably sensitive, after being shaved moments before.
Jonn sucked , licked, probed, massaged, tongued, fingered and lapped me
until I had to be held down on the chair. Sonn had got a hand over my
mouth at one point to shut me up. I'd got hold of my own nipples,
pulling them quite roughly. I orgasmed twice with him, the second time
was cataclysmic. Or cataclitmic. I'd left a pool on the black
leather. I looked down at them (Jon and Sonn) and saw she'd pulled
his cock out of his shorts and was giving him a vigorous blow job as he
did his magic with me.

She didn't finish him off, though and I was soon to find out why.

Once we'd all got our breath back, Jon took me by the hand and led me
though the lounge to a conservatory, where there was a bubbling hot
tub. The tub was surrounded by candles, and all the blinds had been
lowered, though I could see gaps of night sky, and wondered if anyone
could see in from the houses opposite. Sonn had followed us. I was
quaking. She had gathered some little pots of something, massage oils I
thought they might be.

Jon was brief

"Come on, in you go. Face the other side, and bend over. I felt I had
to oblige, and stepped into the hot churning water. It wasn't the only
thing which was churning. I saw him drop his boxers out of the corner
of my eye, and he stepped in, behind me.

"Are you going to fuck me?" I asked, over my shoulder.

"If that's okay" he said, politely " Now I've had a vasectomy - you want me to use a condom? "

"um......I don't know... is it safe?"

"Well I'm free of diseases, and you can't get pregnant.
So................what do you think?"

"Okay" I said "if Sonia doesn't mind.

"She's going to watch, and she's going to love every minute of it" Said
Jon. I was getting the impression that they were far more used to
this swinging than they had first made out.

"I've never actually had sex without a condom" I said

"Oh my, almost like a virgin, then" giggled Sonn "you are in for a
treat! It makes a real mess in you, but it feels nice!"

Jon proceeded to scoop hot soapy water all over my bottom. He was gently
pulling my arse apart, and rubbing his cock against my pussy. Christ I
was gagging. When he went in, he pushed in deep. He was big , wide and
strong, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

"Oh god, that's fantastic" I moaned. "Oaf"

He agreed.

"Fucking gorgeous pussy, Jo" he said, as he built up a rhythm , pulling
nearly out, slowly, and then slamming it back in. That has always and
will always make me come. I don't think I even care who it is.

He grabbed me tightly around the waist and pulled me onto him regularly.

"God, I love your big..............fucking ............ cock" I blurted

I began to masturbate under the water. I didn't think he'd noticed.
It was sheer self indulgence on my part, I was getting there fast,
purely from his efforts.

"Are you having a wank?" he asked

"MMmm" I giggled, " no's just sheer self indulgence!"

"I want to watch you do that, all the way, afterwards" he said

"No problem" I grinned

"Talk dirty to him" whispered Sonn, in my ear

"Mmm.... do you like my pussy?" I started

"Oh yeah..... beautiful"

"My tight little CNUT............"

"Oh yeah" he moaned

"Teenage pussy"

"shut up"

"What? Teenage PSUSY. 18 year old .................fanny........your big
MAN's cock in a ..... tight young hole....."


"mmmmMM I want to feel all your hot sperm up there...... fire it into
me....... Fucking PUMP it into me....."

"shhhhhHH hang on , hang ON" he was struggling!

"This guy I went out with... not Mark..."


"He......... made me do something really naughty"

"Did he now?" he croaked

"Yes.... he got his big cock and stuck it up my arse"

"DID he ?" he choked

"Mmm.. it wasn't as big as yours.... I bet you'd like to stick YOURS up

"Oh he would ....he would" laughed Sonn

Then -

"Jo, I'm going to come" he said suddenly

"Oh god" was all I could say. The knob seemed to have grown bigger and
bigger. "Nobody has ever come in my pussy" I teased

He slowed to make the moment last longer, I guess, and he held me firmly
round the waist. He slowed almost to a stop. Imagine the Chariots of
Fire music.

"Oh God" we said, together.

I felt his cock grow a little more , then buck deep inside me, and the
hot sperm hit the sensitive skin deep inside my cunt.

"Oh lord, it's hot" I moaned "oh god it's beautiful" I breathed, still
gamely playing with my own tits.

"Incredible" groaned John and bent forward to kiss my back. He gently
withdrew from me. Sonn watched us closely as he took himself in hand
and squeezed the last drops out onto my arse. I reached back and
rubbed it into my wet skin, looking at him as I did,

"Did you come, Jo?" asked Sonn

"No.". I gasped, "not quite. It was FAB though"

"Jump out" said Sonn, "come on" and she took my hand and led me out of
the pool onto a wicker sofa, she firstly spread a towel out for me and
secondly spread my legs.

"I don't think John will go down on you, because you're all cummy, and I
wouldn't mind but I don't think you'd want me down there, so why don't
you relax there and finish yourself off, and we'll idly watch?"

"Oh" I said " erm.. okay. I do need to ...come" so I went to work on my
fanny and my tits. want the details? Okay then.

I began pumping my clit as I'd been under the water. I was caressing my
own breasts with the other hand, managing to give the spare one a
squeeze with my forearm. The nips were like iron.,

Sonn was watching me from a distance, looking at my face as much she was
my pussy, and my probing fingers. She was very fixated on my tits as
well. Sonn had a lovely lovely body, I have to say, tall, toned,
athletic, very different to mine. Fabulous for her age, nice pert
little tits, about a b cup, and nice long legs. I'm not sure when in
the proceedings this had happened, but she was now naked too.

"About a minute and I'm going to come" I panted.

My finger expertly rubbed my slippery clit until I drover myself over
the edge, looking hard into John's eyes as I did, and it took my breath

"Oh GOD" I grunted, loudly and collapsed back onto the sofa.

John was pretty much hard again, ready for round three! Even Mark would
have struggled to be ready! God!

To my eternal surprise, Sonn came and sat next to me on the sofa, and
spread her legs as far as room would allow. I went to move away and
give her space but she slipped an arm round my waist.

"Don't panic" she grinned

John walked towards her, us, as it were on his knees, the hint of a semi
now gone, he was fully hard and on his way to give his lovely wife
one with me a foot away! With practiced ease he lined his big cock head
up with her neat little slot and pushed his way in. She was evidently
tight but very very wet. Her legs came up and her hips moved with him,
they fucked in unison, like two parts of the same machine. I was
jealous of how good they were together.

"His cock was all wet from your cunt" she told me, the 'talking dirty'
was then unstoppable

"I could have sucked all your come off it , couldn't I?" she was
getting into it, I was just getting redder and redder, my face
spreading down towards my cleavage.

"He wants to fuck you up the arse, you know?" I nodded dumbly. I was
way out of my depth suddenly. I was just a rather sluttish teenager who
no one thought was a slut because I talk "posh".

He was panting away

Sonn came very noisily, swearing and cursing, her face a livid red.

"Can I swap to your arse, Jo?"

"No!" I said , and I meant it.

After a few moments negotiation the upshot was as follows.

He withdrew from Sonn slightly short of the vinegar strokes. His cock
sprang up rigid and taut - skinned. It was the biggest it could ever
be. As I had agreed, I grabbed him.

"God, if I can get a grip" I said , it was like a greased eel.

Holding him behind the head I briskly wanked him, and as I did so he
stood up enough to be head height, head height for both me and Sonn.
Mouth height. You know where I'm going here.

"Yes!" he suddenly said and kind of crouched over Sonn. I have never
seen anyone able to open their mouths so wide! He pumped a few drops
onto her waiting tongue.

"Open your mouth" he said to me, as if in a panic, and in a panic, I
did. And ended up with a very very sticky cock in my mouth, fresh from
his wife, smelling and tasting very strongly of cunt, probably no
longer a trace of mine, I'd certainly never noticed me smelling so

He was , as my friend Leigh calls it "Like a cooked chicken" this means
his juices were running clear, no sperm left whatsoever, clear semen.
He masterfully inserted the knob into my mouth where I held my breath
as best I could and sucked him off , as best I could. His wife squeezed
his balls for him. He grunted and moaned and finally stopped shaking.

I removed his cock and tried to look like I wasn't gagging.

He was very impressed , he'd loved it. At the time I felt it was
unhygienic and rather gross, but I have had several, well several
dozen, perhaps several hundred wanks about it , over the years since.

In fiction it always ends "we never saw each other again and blah blah
" but in life that is rarely the case, and of course we lived next door
to one another.

And in life there is usually some sort of follow on

In this case it was when John & Sonn invited Mark and I round for a
meal, some weeks later. I did baby-sit for them, in between times but
nothing had happened other than verbal stuff!

This was a Friday when I would normally have been working at the pub. I
got a night off.

The meal was relaxed enough, Mark was a bit dumb in the company, but
they were polite and charming about it. Afterwards , we went into the
lounge, and drank rather a lot. Now Mark went to the toilet, the
downstairs one, and I knew in there was a painting, a nude of
Sonn. Very impressive, she modelled like me, in her teens, and it's a
fabulous painting. She is gorgeous. Mark looked a bit red when he came
back. I thought he might have had a little wank. We got onto art,
somehow. John joked that I was proudly on display in their bedroom,
whereas she was relegated to the downstairs loo. They reckoned people
would only see Sonn if they were directed In there, and where I was
anyone might wander in, whilst looking around. I don't know. Very odd.
Anyway Mark asked casually if it was Sonn. She said proudly it was, and
that she was young once. We got on to how long they'd been together, 22
years, but she said she'd had a lot of "boyfriends" when she was at
University. In fact as it unfolded it must have been one a week. She
was on about how exciting sex was with a young man, and she came out
with the statement that it was 100 times more exciting when you were
twenty years older. I noticed John didn't ask how she knew. HE knew.
Then, predictably she asked Mark if he'd been with an older woman. He
kind of came out with all this man of the world bollocks. I said he
hadn't, he'd only ever been with me, and there were rumours of another
girl on a school trip to Barmouth. I'm sure you can't be bothered to
read all the preamble, but an hour and a bit later, after three more
bottles of wine between the four of us, she invited him into the
adjoining room, which you should note was divided from where I was ,
only by a rather dated a frosted glass folding door. She closed it
after them, and we , John and I saw her drop to her knees almost
immediately, she was giving him a lovely blow job. John came and sat
with me and we kissed. When we looked again, he was bent over with his
trousers round his ankles, and Sonn was sticking her tongue up his
arse!!!! There was a lot of grunting coming from Mark, it was surely
his first time for that kind of thing.

John opened his trousers and guided my hand in there. His big cock was
almost too hard to be able to get it out though the fly so he undid the
belt and everything. Under his guidance I sucked his balls as he had a
little wank, but he soon drew my attention to the fact that Mark and
his lady wife were now fucking in the adjacent room. The lighting meant
we could see them a lot better than they could see us. She was on all
fours and he behind her, he lasted what? Four or five minutes. I'd
known him do worse, but then again he'd had a lot to drink. We saw Sonn
arrange herself in a chair and masturbate while she had him watch from
inches away. John said "Quick, get on me" I took my knickers off and
sat on his lap. Sat on him. I gasped as his big dick bit, he
unceremoniously pulled my big tits out of the balcony bar I was
wearing, he was really quite rough with them. He then grabbed my arse
and literally bounced me up and down on his condom less cock. Luckily,
for us, John didn't last very long either and by the time he'd come in
me, and I'd nipped to the loo to clean up, Mark and Sonn were done, and
John was dressed again. I only ever admitted to Mark that John and I
had snogged!

Although we saw them again, nothing ever happened as a foursome after
that. John and I had the odd afternoon, but it fizzled out. I never
gave in to Sonn's advances, and I never did ever let him fuck my
bottom. I bet he was gutted.

Jo xoxoox

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7 months ago
That was a fabulous story! Think I'll read some more.... ;-) xx
9 months ago
Give up whatever you 'do'?
And take up writing this sort of material full-time!
Great skills, well written.... and sexy as hell! ha ha
10 months ago
Love your tail tale! You can come babysit for me anytime... XOXO
10 months ago
Loved it and cant wait to read more from you. 10 out of 10. Marvelous!