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Joanna stood on the street corner and casually shifted her posture from one leg to the other. So far it had been a quiet evening for her with few punters around. Not many girls were plying the streets either. She’d had one customer earlier. He had been an Asian guy in a Toyota who’d stopped asking for business and after she’d explained the she was a cross dresser and he had readily agreed to anal sex .He was young, quite handsome and had treated her with kindness and respect. They’d driven to a local builder’s yard that Joanna often used and after exchangeing the money and some small talk had got out of the car and he’d fucked her over the bonnet of the car. It had been all over in literally seconds, Joanna not even removing her thong, just easing it to one side.

When Joanna had driven to the red-light area earlier that evening the weather had been mild but now that the sun had set it had turned decidedly chilly and Joanna was regretting the clothes that she had chosen. Joanna was wearing just a black silky bra over her false boobs, short denim top, a cheap short white mini skirt and black high heels. She’d also decided against wearing hold-ups or stockings and her black lace thong was a particular brief one. Parked cars on either side lined the street and she moved further down to stand under the soft orange glow of the street lamp. Large Victorian villas made up the majority of the houses in the street, most of which had once been home to some of Bristol’s more wealthier merchants but they had now moved to the leafier suburbs and now some of the villas were quite run down.

Earlier that evening Joanna had acknowledged two prostitutes who had waved at her from the bottom of the street near to the Esso filing station. Both were white and in their early twenties, both with stunning figures. One of the girls was blonde and wearing a shiny red latex mini dress with black pvc high heeled boots and the other prostitute, with very short cropped hair, had a very short black leather mini skirt with matching black leather tank top and black high heeled ankle boots. Not long after Joanna had seen them, they had both approached a large silver Mercedes Benz and after a brief discussion had got in and the car had driven off in the direction of Easton.

Joanna had only got slightly aroused when she had had sex earlier with the Asian guy and certainly didn’t cum but nevertheless semen had started to weep from her cock. Joanna always had a little problem with this as even dressing and getting ready to go out on the streets usually got Joanna’s juices flowing. She stepped back through the gate pillars of one of the villas into the shadows and taking down her thong, wiped the spunk from her cock and thighs with a tissue. Just as Joanna was returning back out from the shadows, smoothing down her mini skirt an older guy nearly bumped into her. The guy was at least seventy and may have been even older wearing a dark three quarter length coat and dark baggy trousers. He asked her if she was looking for business to which Joanna replied that she was indeed and also explaining that she was a cross dresser, so only available for oral or anal sex. She also asked where his car was and on hearing that he didn’t have his car with him had to decline his business as she only had sex in client’s cars.

Looking over Joanna’s shoulder he suggested that they go back into the front garden of the villa that Joanna had just come out off. Joanna turned around and looked at the villa, which apart from a light showing dimly at the rear of the hall, seemed very quiet and, after a moments thought, agreed. The old guy gave Joanna the money and they steeped back into the shadows. The front garden was overgrown and strewn with rubbish but over in the corner was a clear area covered by gravel upon which sat the rubbish bins. The ground was quite soft and Joanna’s heels sunk into the dirt and , under her breath, wondered what sort of state they would be in afterwards. The old guy lent up against the house wall and after undoing a large leather belt let his trousers drop to his ankles exposing a white pair of Y fronts and the fact that he was very obviously aroused. Joanna pulled down his Y fronts and let his prick spring free from its constraints. He was well endowed, not only in girth but also in length, and Joanna flinched a bit at the thought of this prick being deep inside her. She seemed to make matters worse as, when she started to wank it, grew even more, particually in the length department. Although she hadn’t agreed oral sex, Joanna couldn’t resist going down on it and carefully crouching down she took it in her mouth. Considering the guy looked old and wasn’t in the best of physical condition his prick was surprisingly smooth and young looking although the smell and the taste of it were definitely of an old person. The smell and taste was of urine together with that musty aroma that always comes with old people. His prick was big and it was all Joanna could do to take much of it in her mouth but he was obviously enjoying it given the moans and actions of his body however the taste was a bit off putting so she withdrew herself from it.

From her handbag Joanna took out a Durex, un-wrapping it, smoothed it on to his knob end and down the length of his shaft, applying a good measure of KY. She then fingered a good dollop up her hole which was still moist and slightly enlarged from her previous encounter. Joanna had, when the Asian guy fucked her, used about a third of the tube so there was plenty left for this client. She stepped out of her thong, pulled the white cotton mini skirt up around her waist and turned away, leaning forward on her arms onto one of the grey food waste bins which surrounded them. Joanna could soon feel his warm prick and especially the teat on the end of the Durex, first tickling and then rubbing up against her bum and starting to probe towards Joanna’s hole. With some difficulty, due to the fact that her high heels had sunk into the soft ground, Joanna eased here legs further apart, bent a little bit more forward and braced herself for what was to come knowing that this was going to be a little painful. Joanna did remember that once she had had taken a fairly big dildo and that after the initial hurt it had been quite pleasurable. She felt the knob end, which was very round, starting to push in and with a little manipulation by both Joanna and the old guy; penetration was achieved albeit with a little pain. Soon Joanna could feel the full length entering her hole and was pleasantly surprised how easy she had taken him, given the size and certainly how thick the prick was! He was obviously pleased as well by the sound of the moans and groans coming from his mouth. The pounding continued, with a nice steady rhythm now in place. Joanna lent a little more forward and he responded by thrusting even further into Joanna’s moist hole. The old guy had been holding tightly onto Joanna’s waist but he now released one of his hands and reached around her to hold Joanna’s cock, which still not fully aroused, it had at least now started to firm up. He pulled Joanna’s foreskin back quite hard and as Joanna’s prick started to grow commenced to wank her in unison with his thrusting loins.

Suddenly both Joanna and the old guy froze in mid fuck. Someone was walking down the street and they watched as a silhouette of a man passed the entrance gate, walked on a little further, and then doubled back standing at the gate entrance and peering into the shadows. He came on in and stood transfixed at the sight before him. He was in his mid thirties, quite tall, wearing a leather coat and dark coloured jeans. He moved nearer to the couple, obviously aware of what was going on and probably thinking that he’d like a bit of the action. He undid the fly on his trousers and pulled out his cock which was already erect and moved closer to Joanna and the old man. Joanna beckoned him nearer and when he was practically touching her face, he dropped his pants and trousers, and she took the cock in her mouth. The old guy just nodded at the new guy and recommenced fucking Joanna’s ass who started giving the new guy a good time. The new guys prick was appreciably better than the older guys cock that she had been sucking not a couple of minutes earlier. It tasted and smelt so much better, smelling of fresh aftershave and tasting a little spunky and Joanna was again soon enjoying herself however the fuck she was taking up deep inside her was now beginning to need a little more lubrication and so she had to call a halt whilst she stretched herself back up from her bent over position, getting the remaining KY from her handbag and applying it to the older guys cock and fingering a good measure up her gaping hole. Joanna was soon back down again, leaning onto the food waste bin and both men took up the previous positions.

Joanna was thinking that this was very nice but a little concerned that although the younger guy was showing the first signs of spunking his load, the older guy seemed to be some sort of stud and showing absolutely no indications of cumming. Soon the three of them again froze as there were yet more footsteps coming down the street and this time it was more than one person and by the sound of the giggling and the tap of the footsteps, female. The noise of sex taking place in the front garden must have been quite audible as, whoever it was coming down the street, didn’t hesitate at the pillared entrance but came straight in. Joanna again froze, the old guy momentarily slowed slightly in his fucking and the younger man whom Joanna was sucking off quickly pulled his cock from Joanna’s lips and started fumbling for his pants and trousers. It was two girls, one was the blonde prostitute that Joanna had waved to earlier, wearing the red latex dress and the other girl she hadn’t seen before but was black, gorgeous and wearing a white satin corset top, a red mini skirt that wasn’t much wider than a belt, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination and strappy red high heels.

The prostitute with the shiny red latex dress was first to move and quickly came over to the younger guy, brushing his hands away from his attempts at pulling up his trousers, which again fell to the floor. She took his prick in her hands and started wanking him off and this, the excitement, Joanna’s sucking or just being taken in hand by a gorgeous prostitute his prick exploded and a hot shower of creamy spunk shot down the prostitute’s latex dress and also her PVC boots. Needless to say the old guy was still slowly shafting Joanna, but like the younger guy who had just spunked, the thrill of the evening had now got through to him, and with one last flurry of fucking Joanna could suddenly tell that his moment had cum. His legs started to buckle slightly and he also started to moan. Joanna felt his spunk coursing up his prick and filling the Durex deep inside Joanna’s hole. He collapsed away from her and sat, exhausted and breathing heavily, on the villas window sill, at last allowing Joanna to stand upright. The younger guy had, after spunking, quickly pulled up his trousers and without so much as a bye your leave had disappeared into the street followed very shortly by the old man who having regained his composure, had thanked Joanna for the fuck, nodded to the prostitutes and was soon gone shuffling down the street.

The black girl, who’d arrived with the other prostitute, seemed transfixed with Joanna, particularly her prick, which was now fully aroused, huge and throbbing, and as she couldn’t seem to find her thong or had yet to pull down her mini skirt, was plainly on full view. She came over to Joanna, with some difficulty, it has to be said, in her high heels as the ground was very soft, littered with rubbish and quite dark apart from the shadowy glow from the nearby street lamp. The black girl touched Joanna’s prick very gently and started to caress it, and whispering in Joanna’s ear, suggesting that if Joanna wanted to, she would like Joanna to fuck her. The black prostitute turned and lent onto the same food waste bin that Joanna had just been fucked over, exposing her cunt, which as Joanna had suspected was not covered, as she was not wearing any pants under her micro mini skirt. Joanna quickly rolled a Durex onto her swollen prick and holding her hips slowly entered her. Her cunt was warm, wet and very inviting and Joanna was soon enjoying the sweet pleasures of fucking her. The prostitute in the red latex dress had now finished wiping the spunk from her dress and had come over to the pair of them, egging on the black prostitute. It would appear that the black prostitute had also gone, with the other two prostitutes that Joanna had seen earlier, with the punter in the silver Mercedes but for reasons known only to him had only had sex with the two white prostitutes and not her. It was apparently now a matter of pride that she have sex again that night, even if she didn’t get paid for it!!! Joanna didn’t last long. Gorgeously wonderful as her cunt was, Joanna was never going to last long and after only a couple of minutes fucking, Joanna’s legs started to tremble and soon all that pent up spunk shot up to the end of the Durex. Like the old man earlier Joanna collapsed back onto the window sill exhausted and drained.

The black prostitute and her friend nodded at Joanna and were soon gone back onto the streets. The black prostitute didn’t even wipe her cunt with a handkerchief or tissue but just tugged her mini down another inch and walked away, the pert cheeks of her bum clearly showing.

Joanna sat on the window sill for some minutes before pulling off the Durex from her fast shrinking cock , wiping it with a tissue and then pulling down her skirt,before deciding that for that particular evening she had had more than enough scares and excitement.

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3 years ago
Amazing story, which mirrors elements of my earlier life...but you have perfectly captured the mood of life as a street whore!
3 years ago
Thank you Joanna very nice story of a shemale prostitude very interesting thanks