More Dirty Sex with Tania. Part Two Looking for Pr

Part Two. On the hunt for Sex in the Red-Light Area

Luckily most of the guests at the Premier Inn had now checked in so when we both went down through the reception area it was again deserted except for the receptionist who only acknowledged the door key being placed on the counter. There were a couple of people in the car park but most were only interested in heading for the Beefeater restaurant. One young couple did take a second glance, the guy’s eyes nearly pooping out his head. It’s not often that you see two trannies, dressed as whores walking across a car park in rural Gloucestershire!!!!

Soon we are heading down the A 417 towards Swindon. Tania was in the lead in her Ford Mondeo, as she knew where the red-light area was. Soon we were driving into Swindon and Tania indicated to pull over into a lay-by. She beckoned me into her car. “Its not far now, it’s around the back of the football stadium”. I was really nervous now, as I knew what was planned. We had often talked about me standing on a street corner and being propositioned by a punter.

We drove down a couple of narrow streets lined with working class terraced houses. It was now about 9.00 and getting quite dark. Suddenly we spotted a couple of girls working. One was a black girl, about twenty, wearing a pair of black PVC thigh length boots with a really short red dress on. Her companion was older with peroxide hair, probably in her early thirties, who had on a white skin tight mini dress with ridiculously high white-heeled shoes. Her dress was really cheap and you could see her black thong and black bra through the cheap material. She did however have that gorgeous look of a MILF and had stunning long tanned muscular legs. There were two more girls at the end of the street, both white and quite young, sixteen if that. Both were wearing very short denim mini skirts, one with a black see thro top and the other with a similar white one. The skirts were so short that on one of the girls you could see the tops of her hold-ups. We drove on down the terrace street. The girls didn’t seem to be taking much notice of us, if any. Mind you there were plenty of punters driving around and by the time we had gone around the block the black girl had gone leaving only the white girl. “She looks like a real prostitute should look like,” said Tania looking her up and down. Buy now I had pulled my thong to one side and was enjoying milking my, by now, quite large cock I lent over and started to wank Tania to as we continued cruising the narrow terraced streets. This time we went right and entered yet another street but this time, seemingly a bit quieter. “Well this seems a good spot,” suggested Tania. I quickly pushed my cock up under my crutch, pulled my thong in tight and prepared to get out. “I’ll go around the block and come around again to pick you up”. Out I got and Tania drove off. Suddenly I was on my own, in a strange town, stood on a street corner and dressed as a prostitute. I know this may sound strange but it was the absolute best feeling in the world!!!

Although the street was obviously only on the edge of the red-light area there were still plenty of punters about cruising around. A large dark coloured BMW pulled to a stop. “Looking for business,” he shouted across to me. I walked over and lent towards him. He was white, smartly dressed in a suit and tie. “Its £20 for a blow job, in the car, but you’ll have to wait till I tell my friend”. “ Okay I’ll pull over there,” he said pointing to a space about ten yards further down the road. Within a minute or so Tania’s red Mondeo pulled around the corner. Tania was smiling at me and nodded for me to get back in the car. I walked over and again lent in the window “Your not going top believe this but I’ve got a punter lined up. He wants a blowjob and I’ve agreed. What do you think? Should I go?” I thought at first that Tania would be mad at me. “Only a blowjob?” “Yes that’s all I promise” Okay then but I’m going to follow you. I went back to the punter and got in the car. “Where too” he asked. Well I obviously didn’t have a clue so I guessed “Down to the main road and then left”. After a mile or so I saw a small industrial estate. “Left into here”. The estate was deserted and dark, apart from some security lights at the far end, and we pulled up in front of an electrical workshop. I was relived to see Tania’s Mondeo pull in and park just inside the entrance. The guy undid his trousers and pulled them down together with his white boxer shorts. He wasn’t very big but soon I was down on him and what with my tongue exploring him and the wanking he was soon ready to spunk. He didn’t spunk a lot, it tasted okay if a little sour and I was able to swallow most of it. I came up and he offered me a handkerchief to pat my lips. “That was nice, I needed that” he exclaimed. Soon we were driving back to the red light area. His name was Peter and he was from Watford. He told me that he had never been with a trannie before and that if I was how good they were he would be back for more. We were soon back where we had started from closely followed by Tania. Peter gave me the £20, thanked me and commented on my legs, which was nice. I walked back down the street to Tania’s car and got in. The sexy bitch was still wanking herself off. “I don’t believe you Tania “I said. “When is that thing going to go down”?

We drove on down the Street once more. It was now about eleven and the cars were now cruising practically in convoy. There were loads of girls out now and both Tania and myself were ogling the girls and wanking ourselves off. Several were quite ordinary, with just jeans and skimpy tops, some were older and past their best but sprinkled amongst them was the occasional stunner. One particular girl, quite young, probably still in her teens, tottering on the highest platform heels of the night, was wearing a black mini skirt and stockings with suspenders, that was so short that you could easily see her little white panties. For a top she had on a short denim jacket with just a white half-cup bra on underneath. I could tell that both Tania and myself were turned on as the tightness and frequency of both our hands wanking each other increased!! She wasn’t tarting herself for long as the car in front pulled in and with little conversation, got into the car. One particular girl was absolutely stunning. She was white, in her early twenties, brunette and wearing a black leather basque top, her enormous D size breasts exploding out of what was clearly a B size basque. She had on a mimiscule black mini skirt, sheer black hold-ups and red patent heels to die for. “How do you fancy fucking that?” inquired Tania. “Yes please” I replied but before we could pull along side her the car in front of us stopped and we watched as she lent into the drivers window, her skirt riding up even further exposing the briefest of brief red thong and the tightest of asses. A deal was obviously done as she slipped into the passenger seat and the car pulled away.

“Fuck”. I really fancied her”. I cried. “If we do pick one up Joanna what do we want to do with her” asked Tania. “How do you fancy fucking me as I take her?” I asked. “Yes that sounds nice. We’ll have to find somewhere secluded though where we can get out of the car”. “How about the lay-by where we left my car?” I suggested. “It should be petty deserted by now”. We were now both searching for the sort of girl that we wanted. We passed several that were too old, too young or not dressed tartily enough for us.

We had gone around the block twice before I happened to glance down a small alley that ran between the rows of houses. Walking towards the street, from the alley, and just emerging from the shadows was the older blonde woman that we had saw when we had first come into the red-light area and commented on. She was still wearing the cheap white dress and heels that she had been wearing earlier. She smiled as she approached the car “I saw you two earlier looking at me”. As she lent towards me and looked down at our two erect cocks pointing skywards from under our mini skirts. “Christ you’re a pair of trannies. Well I never!” “Don’t worry about that. Are you up for straight sex?” I asked. “I don’t see why not. It’s thirty pounds in the car”. I looked at Tania and we both nodded our agreement. She quickly opened the rear door and slipped onto the rear seat. I turned around and gave her the £30, which she pushed down her bra and couldn’t help noticing how short her dress was as her little black thong left very little to the imagination. Very whorish I thought to myself!! “First right then second left”. she suggested. “If you don’t mind can we go to a lay-by on the A417?” “No problem at all boys, sorry girls” she said with a laugh. After only a couple of minutes we were pulling into the lay-by, which, as we suspected was deserted, apart from my car. “Which one of you is going to fuck me or do you both want to “she enquired. “I’m fucking you, what’s your name by the way? And Tania, my girlfriend is fucking me. That okay?” “No problem with me Darling” she replied “My names Jackie, pleased to meet you” she again laughingly replied.

I was first out of the car. I looked around, and apart from the occasional car or lorry thundering down the A420, we were alone. The lay-by was protected from the main road by bushes about six feet tall so it was ideal. I slipped out of my g-string and gave my cock a little wank. Jackie got out next and came straight over to me, gently pushing me back against the car and, brushing my hand away from my cock started to wank me off. Tania soon joined us, still with her cock aroused and fully exposed. Tania had a tube of KY in her hand and smeared some down the length of her cock. Jackie looked at Tania’s cock. “Christ that’s big. You taking all that?” looking at me. “I certainly am and I’m going to love every minute of taking that and fucking you darling”. Jackie pulled up her dress exposing her black thong which was pulled up tight between her clitty, making her cunt seem huge and with her fingers pulled them down, stepping out of them. She handed me a durex, which I passed on to Tania. She quickly opened the packet and skilfully rolled it onto my cock. Jackie turned and lent front wards over the bonnet of the car. Her ass and cock were well exposed. I entered her cunt, which was gaping

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2 years ago
Another amazing story! You have caught the whole seediness of life in an RLD to perfection!
3 years ago
A hot idea - I'd love to hear the end of the story :)