Night time swim

This happened when I was in college. It was late in the Spring semester,between midterms and finals. It was a Saturday, I had worked at the Libray that morning,and spent the afternoon studing with my girlfriend.
We ate dinner at the student center then walked back to my dorm together. I lived in an off campus hall,much nicer than the on campus dorms.Of course,we had it in the back of our minds to go up to my room and have sex. It was an open secret: people would take their boyfriend/girlfriend up to their room thru the parking garage and fuck.
On the way,we started talking about going for a swim. My dorm had a large pool that hardly anyone ever used.My girls friend said it was ok with her,but she would have to leave her cloths on.
She was a fairly nice looking girl. Shorter than me, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She did have a very nice figure,large breasts that stood proudly out under her blouse,flat hard abs,alarge nicely curved ass that moved softly under her skirt when she walked.
She was wearing a white shortsleeved blouse that plainly showed her bra,a knee length light blue straight skirt that was tight enough to show the outline of her panties,sox and a pair of Keds.
Once we got to the pool we were very business like. She waited for me to get undressed,but dove in first. She was a good swimmer and the sight of her making a perfect dive into the water,even with her shoes and sox on,made me gasp.Of course I followed her in.
I surfaced right in front of her. Her blouse was perfectly molded to her,and both it and her bra were completly see thru.She kissed me on the lips and we swam to the shallow end. Her skirt floated up around her waist,showing her wet panties. White cotton briefs,they were completly transparent, sticking to the crack of her ass. We did a couple of surface dives,her first,me following. I think she did them just to let me have a good look between her legs. She knew her ass and pussy were showing thru her panties,and she wanted to show off.
From the shallow end we swam back to the deep end and climbed out. She went up the ladder first,bra showing thru her blouse,skirt up around her waist,and I got another good look between her legs. She did trim herself,but there was some hair sticking out around her panties.
Of course I had to reach out and touch her crouch. She turned her head and smiled at me.
"You look nice too,Honey" she said.
I was wearing a pair of those jocks shorts and I had a hudge hard-on.She took my rod in her hand a squeezed it.
We climbed out on the diving board.I stood behind her. I put my arms around her from behind and hugged her,as I did so we fell back into the water.We swam back to the shallow end. Of course I had a lot of time to look at her from behind. Her panties had worked their way further up the crack of her ass.And she made sure I got several good looks between her legs.
When we got back to the shallow end of the pool,she led me over to the side and leaned up against the side.With one hand she flopped my cock out of my underwear,I pulled the gusset of her panties aside,and slid my rod up her. I could feel her tighten her pussy around me as I nuzzled her neck.We moved slightly together,just enought for me to stay hard inside her. When I did finally come,she giggled and wondered if I was ever going to stop.After I got soft we swam back to the deep end and climbed out. We laid on the lounge to let her dry out. I suggested she spend the night,but she had Church the next day. So she walked home,half wet and well loaded.

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