My first time

My first time was with my really cute best friend. He was a year older than me, he had a six pack, and he knew a lot about sex. We were both bi and he said that he had never had sex with a man, and he thought it was cute that I was 19 and still a virgin. We were at one of our friend's HUGE houses in Los Angeles. We had to share a room since there weren't enough for us each to have our own. We had a room that overlooked the entire skyline of LA, it even had a balcony. It was still early evening when we got back from the party downstairs. I was tired after partying all day since the night before. I walked in, put my stuff down, undressed, and fell asl**p. I woke up at about 7 to him crouching above me. My hands were tied to the top of headboard and my feet were tied to the bottom posts of the bed. I was only in my tight boxer briefs that gripped my bulge very tightly, letting you see the outline of my 7 inch dick. He said, "I saw you already asl**p, and I couldn't resist. I got the rope, KY intense, and a gag. Ready to have some fun?" I was hesitant because it was my first time, but I brought up the courage to do it. He undid his belt, and I opened my mouth as I propped my self up with the slack in the rope. He came near me, I was hesitant at first, but let him go on since he was my best friend. He shoved his dick into my mouth. He had an even bigger dick than I did. It was 11 inches long, uncut, he was big enough to be a porn star. I let it come into my mouth and moved his foreskin around with my tongue. I had never even given a blow job before, but I have seen pornos to make do. I moved my head back and forth feeling his veins with my tongue letting the tip jam against my soft pallet. Within a few minutes his hot cum filled my mouth after a deep, sexy moan. He took his dick from my mouth, turned me over, so that my hands and feet were crossed, ripped off my briefs, and lubed me up. He turned me back around and gave me a deep, passionate kiss, his tongue rolling over mine. I felt him lick the cum out of my mouth. He gagged me, and went in. At first the pain was too much. I had to scream, but the gag reduced it to a solemn moan. His dick went way past my prostate and G spot and was practically shoving his dick into my pelvis. It took a few minutes, but he eventually got into a rhythm, and the pain in my ass reduced. This time every time he thrusted his lean, muscular, hairy body onto mine, the pain was just a sudden sting behind floods of enjoyment. The sweat dripped off his chest and onto my back. My dick was yearning for some pleasure. It burned, it tingled, it had feelings it had never experienced before. Before long, I could feel him tighten up and need to cum, he pulled out, flipped me over and jammed his dick into my mouth. The taste of cum, ass, and penis was intoxicating. He cummed all over my face. He turned me over, untied me, and said your turn. I pushed him onto the bed, and started to kiss him. I was on top and I wanted more, so I sat on his huge dick, which was beginning to go flaccid. This time I was in control. I was practically jumping all while jacking myself off. After five minutes, of sweaty, amazing pleasure, we both cummed at the same time. His hot load in my ass and mine all over his stomach. As I licked the cum off his stomach, finally feeling the pain in my ass, I gave him one last kiss before I fell asl**p in his arms, watching the horizon and the sunset on that summer LA evening. That was my first time, and my best, most memorable time.
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2 years ago
nice story.
2 years ago
wow,that nice story
2 years ago
grt story...... luvd it
2 years ago
my first time sucking cock and tasteing his seamen , well i was 11 yea thats wrong but i didnt know it he probly didnt either he was 13 my first boy freind we were at the movies we always made out alot i love him holding me close we were kissing and i was in the uper balconey he was groping my tiny breast and i was rubbing his cock he unzipped his trouser and pulled out his hard cock i gasped i olly saw pitcures before that he put my hand on it and said hers how you do it grap my cock shafe and rub it up and down i did my heart was pounding really fast i was nervous he pushed me down on my kness infront of him and said suck on it i didnt agure i saw my sistr do it one night so i opened my mouth and let it in it streched my mouth and was a tight fit but i read in a book how to do it so i sucked and had him hace way in my mouthmy head was boobing up and down hegrabed my head and forced un in all the way i gagged and almost thru up funny hug i was choking and gaggibg but keep on sucking aas best i could soon he was moaning he began to cum in my mouth for a sec i thought he peed in my mouth but i tasted the salty flavor and the thivk ness it was all that bad i thought he keep vumming i swooled as fast as i could god i yjopught hr ewould never stop but he did i swooled it all frlt the thick ness running down my throat my face was all wet from my saliva and some of his cum well after that i did it more offrn glad no one found out omg talk about drama huggs
2 years ago
Nicely Done.
2 years ago