Watch Me

I remember the 1st time I saw him, I was walking in the mall with my two best friends Shantell and Jamieka. I was wearing pink blouse and a pair of Capri pants; my girls were as hoochie as ever both wearing mini skirts so shorts their mother would whoop them with a switch if she saw them. Jamieka was wearing a gold halter that gave anyone a full view of her DD’s and Shantell wore a backless halter that accented her booty. I could feel his eyes watching me as I walked. I knew he was watching so I turned my walk into a stroll as I continued my conversation with glee. My friends and I sat down to get a bite to eat, that was when he approached me and introduced himself as Eric and asked if I had a man. He had a radiant smile and the body of a Greek God, he was about 6 foot even, caramel complexion complemented by the most amazing hazel eyes. I quickly replied that I did indeed have a man and that my name was Dalila. He then told me you have a beautiful name and body, and he offered that my name meant “gentle”. He appeared a bit disappointed but not defeated, he slid me a card with his name, phone number and email address on it. He politely said goodbye and turned to walk away, but not before saying “I hope to hear from you again.”

It had to be about 2-3 weeks later, and I was at home alone my boyfriend of 2 years Jon, and at the time. He was away on a trip to Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach. I was bored out of my mind, so I called my girl, Shantell to see what she was up to but she didn’t pick up. Jamieka was away for the weekend with her boyfriend, and I really didn’t have any other friends to speak of .I then turned on my laptop and decide to explore the World Wide Web. After about 30 minutes of this I discovered that the World Wide Web wasn’t very entertaining at all but I could order a pair of Prada shoes I had my eyes on for about month for only $200, this was a bargain because in the mall they were damn near $500. I went to my purse to grab my credit card, when I notice the card from Eric. I flipped the card between my fingers contemplating my next move. I finished my purchase, and then decided what the hell; it wouldn’t hurt to email him would it?

I typed, I chuckled as I typed it in thinking to my self was it really possible. I have heard many guys make the claim but couldn’t hold up to the hype. I typed

“What’s up how are you doing, I met you at the mall, my name is Dalila, hit me back when you can. I’m curious to know if you really do have a thick dick” I hit the send button and my attempt at flirtation made its journey through cyberspace.

I then sat and waited for a response, I waited for about 20 minutes and nothing came, just as I was about to shut down and grab something to eat and a movie out of the massive DVD collection, I heard the infamous word “ You got mail”.

“Hello gentle one, I remember you. Yes as advertised, my dick is thick and long. I can show you whenever you’re ready.”

I sent him an instant message, and responded “I am ready

Thickdickeric: Ok check your email

Dalila: 4 what

Thickdickeric: cause you said you were ready

Dalila: HU

I checked my email he had sent me a picture of the most luscious dick I have ever seen. It was thick, the head was smooth, and the shaft was rugged and had vein pulsating through it. The size was nice too about 8 inches. Dalila felt herself getting moist just staring at the image. What was she doing this was so unlike her, She was no virgin but felt she was very modest about sex and sexuality compared to her friends, who were certified freaks in my book. Now this complete stranger had brought this strange flirtatious behavior. “I’m just bored.” she stated to herself “I will just play the game, for fun”

Thickdickeric: R U there

Dalila: Yes, Is that yours or does it belong to someone else.

Thickdickeric: It could belong 2 U if u want

Dalila: I have a boyfriend

Thickdickeric: Then where is he

Dalila: He’s out

Thickdickeric: I think u just saying that cause u scared to play with me

Dalila: Scared please, I could swallow u with ease

Thickdickeric: Show Me

Dalila: Watch Me, u got a web cam

Thickdickeric: yea let me turn it on

I grabbed a banana from the kitchen and turned on my web cam, and proceeded to seduce him with my skill. I was not sure how I would pull this off cause Jon my boyfriend was hardly as large as Eric or that banana I gagged every time I attempted to give him head. I slowly peeled the banana, licking it slowly

Dalila: u like that

Thickdickeric: yea, do it again

I licked the banana again, then put a little of it in my mouth, then I slid in a little more and started to choke, Then I removed the banana completely peeled it.

Thickdickeric: Slowly, take your time

I slid the banana back into my mouth; this time even more went in. Then I did it I swallowed the entire thing and didn’t gag one bit.

Thickdickeric: Damn, that was sexy as hell

Dalila: U R next

Thickdickeric: is that so,

Dalila: yes

Thickdickeric: r u wet

Dalila: what

Thickdickeric: Taste it

Dalila: no

Thickdickeric: taste it

Dalila: No, that nasty

Thickdickeric: It tastes good trust me.

This was too much for me I had never touched myself down there. My mother always told me that a proper young lady does not do those types of things.

Thickdickeric: Ahh I thought we were having fun

Dalila: we were til u came up with your nasty request.

Thickdickeric: touch it very gently, just like your name gentle.

I thought again what the hell; I had already performed fallatio on a piece of fruit.

Dalila: ok

Thickdickeric: rub it softly then put your fingers inside.

Thickdickeric: r u doing it, I can’t see.

Dalila: Yes

Thickdickeric: Now taste

Thickdickeric: yea that’s it, how does it taste

Dalila: Sweet

Thickdickeric: Can I have a taste

Dalila: Sure

We chatted for about another hour and a half with him watching me enjoy the sweet taste of my own pussy, and fantasizing. It was close to midnight and she decided to sign off

Dalila: Goodnight

Thickdickeric: Good night 2 u , Dream about me .

That I did, I went to bed dreaming about the beautiful dick sliding in and out of my candied walls making me scream in ecstasy. I woke the next morning with a smile on her face and a ringing cell phone. It was Jon and he was calling to say that he missed me. I got up and took a shower. I used the different heads on the shower to send my body into a climactic frenzy. I got out toweled my glistening body off. The phone rang again, this time it was Shantell calling me back . She said she had went to see her ,mother in Miami yesterday and was just getting back. I decided not to tell her about my encounter with Eric. We planned to go shopping later that day and then go to a local night club that night. I met her at Saks around 12 after getting a light salad from Sly’s . We were looking for a sexy dress to wear tonight . I found this little lacy , black strapless dress with a slit up the front that stopped just before my sweetness.

“ That dress is fly, you got to try it on” Shantell protested while dragging me into the dressing room.

She helped me to undress and seductively eyed my full C cup. She approached me from behind first grabbing my breast and fondling my nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her hands slid down my waist as she began to make small kisses along my back. She then lick both my butt cheeks, which sent electricity through my pussy. For some strange reason I did not pull away from her. I am not a lesbian and had never thought about being with a woman before. She came around in front of me and kissed my lips. I let our tongues touch. Our lips parted and she kissed my neck, then took my breast in her mouth one at a time. First kissing them then sucking them, them biting them. I was on fire. She lowered herself to suck my pussy lips through the fabric of my silk panties. I grabbed her head and pushed her deeper into my pussy, She slid my panties to the side buried her tongue inside my folds. My juices began flowing down my leg. I let out a soft groan, and then put her finger inside me while she feasted on my clit. I lost control; my legs almost buckle under me when I came. Shantell got up and kissed my lips, I could taste my pussy on her lips, and the same delicious juice I part took of the night before. She said “Well I guess you’re going to buy the dress.”

I redressed and we left the dressing room. I went to find some sexy thongs to wear with it, but Shantell suggested that I go without them. After we left Saks, I walked her back to her car, and she deeply kissed me and grabbed my ass. I returned home to take a shower before it was time to get ready. I turned on my laptop and logged on to my instant messaging program. Within minutes I got an alert that Thickdickeric was now online. He sent me a message.

Thickdickeric: Did you dream about me

Dalila: Yes

Thickdickeric: what did u dream

Dalila:: About you fucking my brains out

Thickdickeric: can I

Dalila:: Certainly

Thickdickeric: What r u doing 2nite

Dalila:: going to the Chocolate club with my friend Shantell.

Thickdickeric: The one with the big tits

Dalila:: No the other one

Thickdickeric: I c, so how was your day

Dalila:: Sexy

Thickdickeric: explain

Dalila:: My girl Shantell just feasted on my Pussy

Thickdickeric: Word, U get down like that

Dalila:: No, never, that was the 1st time

Thickdickeric: 1st time huh, well I’m glad you enjoyed.

Thickdickeric: Can I watch next time

Dalila: There won’t be a next time

Thickdickeric: Right!

Thickdickeric: Well C Ya 2nite, bye

Then he signed off before I could reply. I laid down on the couch, just thinking about the things I had done in the last day and a half , all of which I have never done before. I masturbated for a complete stranger, I had a lesbian encounter with my best friend. I could not figure why. I fell asl**p pondering that very question why. This time when I woke it was damn near 9:30 at night . My cell was chirping indicating a missed call. Before I could dial the number back the phone vibrated in my hand. I answered it was Shantell and Jamieka on 3 way. Jamieka had come home early from her trip because she and Ali had yet another one of there ridiculous fights. Jamieka quickly stated, “ Don’t ask.” ,and “ What time you gon be ready to go to the club ?” in her most southern tone. I let her know to pick me up in an hour.

I began my preparation ritual of applying make-up, curling my hair, picking the right pumps to wear with my ultra sexy dress. The girls arrive about an hour and half after I hung up with them. They were dressed as hoochie as ever, leaving nothing for the imagination. Then again who was I to talk, with a slit that stopped at ,my pussy and no panties on. We arrived at the Chocolate club , which was this quarter’s hottest hip- hop club. Jamieka and I headed straight to the bar as Shantell was carted off by some dreaded up Lil Wayne wannabe. Jamieka order Hennessy straight up no chase, and I order a slow screw up against the wall , which consists of Vodka, Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, and Galliano. After downing 2 of these we joined Shantell and Lil Wayne on the dance floor. I usually don’t dance or drink but this weekend I discovered was all about trying something new. I got into my own groove, a guy came up behind me and started grinding on me. I could feel his dick through my dress. He was already hard . I was so zoned that I grinding him so hard, if you didn’t know better you would’ve thought we were fucking. Cuz was grabbing on my tits and playing with my kitty kat under my dress. First he inserted one, then two. His fingers were penetrating my throbbing pussy. He curve his long fingers as if gesturing for someone to come here. He kept going as drawing me deeper into his fingers. Then it happened. I felt as of I was going to pee, then it was pleasure all over again. He whispered into my ear “ let it go” and I did I came all over his fingers, and the floor. It was like a shower. “ That’s it” . Before I knew it I felt his finger playing with my asshole. I tried to pull away, but he pulled me back. He started kissing my neck as he pulled me deeper into the dark shadows of the club. How could he have known that was my hot spot. I melted. He slid his index finger in my ass, this was a totally new experience for me. At first I felt awkward then like before the pleasure subdued me. His friend now joined us. Grinding at my front, he passed a golden packet to his friend at my back, which I soon figured out was a condom. The guy, # 2 we’ll call him, at my front lifted my leg and parted my pussy lips with his girth in one single motion. While the guy #1 held my back. I started riding his dick. Then they lifted both my legs and guy #1 slid his dick in my ass. They were inside me at the same time. This was surreal. Frightening but full of excitement I didn’t care who else was in the room, who was watching, what anyone had to say at that moment. As one pulled out the other pushed in, our rhythm was magical. #2’s knees began to stiffen and I knew he was about to cum. He grunted then fucked me faster, until both I and # 1 were also exploding. Like I said it was magical. They let me down and slid out of me .I walked away as if the mountain of pleasure I had just experienced didn’t happen. I didn’t say a word to either one. I made my way to my friends at the other end of the room. By then Jamieka had gotten pissy d***k and was on her cell screaming at Ali. I grabbed her and found Shantell and we proceeded to leave. I dropped Shantell off at her spot then drove Jamieka home. She asked me to stay with her because she did not want to be alone. I said sure hoping what happened with Shantell would not happen again, not that I was complaining. I put her to bed then grabbed an old night gown from her room , took a shower then went to her guess room to sl**p. Again dreams of me and Eric took over my dreams, along with the thoughts of Shantell eating my pussy intertwined with # 1 and #2 fucking in both holes at the same time.

Oooo, OOo, ahh, ahh is what I heard when I woke up. Startled I jumped up from the bed. I remembered that I was still at Jamieka walked over to the door of her bedroom to check to see if she was ok. The door was slightly open. What I saw was Jamieka, with her legs pinned to the back of head and Ali was driving his long dick into her like he was digging for black gold. I was entrance at the way he was fucking her. He then turned her over and was fucking her doggy style all while aggressively grabbing her neck and choking her . She was panting as if she was on her last breath. This shit turned me on. He pushed her face into the pillow and started driving harder into her pussy. He looked back. Damn he saw me, but he didn’t stop. It was as if it gave him more prowess, knowing I was there watching, lusting. I was now playing with me clit, the more I rubbed the harder he fucked her. She got up on top and rode him for all there was. You could hear her juices sloshing around between them. He began to groan loudly as she rode him, he was nearing his climax. Right before he came she got up and put his 10 inch cock between her DD’s and fuck his dick ,until cum was spilling all over them. Then she did something amazing she licked every drop of his cum of her own tits. I slowly went back to the guess room and pretended to get some sl**p. Make up sex, damn.

The next morning, I told the couple good bye and went home to rest. Jon would be home later and I missed him dearly. When I got home I found that I left my computer on. I received another IM from Eric,

That said you looked very sexy in that dress last night. How did it feel to have two dicks inside you at the same time. I was flabbergasted. He was really there, watching me. I wrote back that I had an amazing time. He responded that I like watching you. Do you like watching people fuck. Before responding , I thought about the night before, I liked watching Jamieka and Ali fucking, I liked being fucked while others watched. I sent my response “Yes”

Can I watch you fuck again sometime.

Again my answer was “ Yes”

I thought to myself how about tonight.

Jon arrived home about 5PM that evening carrying a dozen white roses, my favorites. He kissed me passionately and without pause. We ended up in our bedroom as I had planned. I left the laptop on with the web cam running. I quickly pulled Jon’s close off , nibbling on his ear and neck while doing so. My aggressiveness threw him off guard but did not deter him one bit. He grabbed me and pushed me on the bed and began licking and sucking my nipples, I thought about how Shantell had devoured me the other day at Saks. I was lost in lust, Jon kissed licked his way down to my pussy, softly parting my pussy lips with his tongue. First he licked both sides of my pussy then nibbled on my clit, before darting his tongue in and out of my pussy. Then back up all over again. He did this about three times. This drove me insane. He kissed my pussy deeper, then licked his way to my asshole. Jon Licked around the hole until I gave him access to my ass. I laid him down on the bed, now it was his turn for me to torture him with my tongue. I kissed his neck, and ears, took both his nipples, down his stomach stopping just before his cock. ,then went back up again. Then I licked the head of his penis. Slowly taking it in as I had done with the banana for Eric. I got Jon’s entire dick in my mouth for the 1st time . I started rubbing my clit while I was sucking his engorged penis. Thoughts of what Eric had taught me gently . I then kissed the skin in the crevice between his thigh and his shaft. This applied even more pleasure and torture. He pushed me away because he could not take much more and would cum too soon. I climbed up and guided his shaft into my candied walls. I was soaking wet. I rode him and kissed him. I started to tighten my muscle around his dick. He struggled to hold back. He grabbed at my neck as I was riding him, choking me. This gave me the greatest excitement .I started to reminisce about Jamieka and Ali fucking last night , which drove me wild. I was bucking and I came once again. To stop himself from coming to he pushed me off of him , and pushed my face into the pillow. He plunged deeply between my thigh, then pull out, then again he plunged in. This night was crazy. He took his finger and began playing with my asshole. I didn’t stop him at all. Jon pulled his dick out of my pussy and penetrated my ass. I pulled back, then slowly eased myself onto his dick. I fell in love with this new feeling, of anal sex. I kinda missed the double penetration I got from #1 and #2, so I put my fingers inside my pussy while Jon was in my asshole. This experience was also magical. I felt Jon’s dick harden in my ass and I knew he was about to cum. I dropped down to my knees and open my mouth so Jon could shoot his load. He did and I swallowed every drop. “Wow” was all he could muster. He looked at me before collapsing and asked “what got into you”. I replied, shyly saying “Nothing I just missed you”.3

Jon then got up to run the shower. I ran over to the lap top and sent an IM to Thickdickeric that said did you enjoy me then signed off before he could respond.
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