Squirt and Fuck

Based on what i have read here women having squirting orgasms is not very

common. My wife had her first one about a year ago while using her magic wand

vibrator ( maybe it is magic lol ) We had come home from a club down the road

from our home where she can flirt and dance. One of the black bouncers is always

undressing her with his eyes and she has no problem flirting back. At 5 foot 6

and 140 pounds, she likes to present a good portion of cleavage from her 36 d cups

After returning home one night, she strips down to her pink lace thong and bra,

and pulls out her vibrator. She kneels on the bed, vibrates her nipples and

shaved pussy through her panties to stiffen them up . She tells me to remove

them and kneel behind her and play with her nipples while she applies pressure

to her swollen clit. She closes her eyes and tells me she is imagining her black

bouncers hands are tweaking her nipples, with his pink tongue ready to lick her

shaved pussy after it orgasms. She continues talking and tells me she is going

suck his big black pipe and stuff it into her horny white cunt and fuck him till

she comes again. At this point she arches her back lets out a scream and pushes

out about 2 ounces of pussy juice. She was not quite sure what happened but it

felt good . I ate out her first ever squirt and because i love to eat pussy,

i brought her to a clit orgasm shortly after. My cock began pumping her soaking

wet hole until I deposited a large load of my own juice deep inside.
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