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Having my pussy licked

It happen one night, my friend and I was watching a movie one night. He was touching my thigh and running his hand up my pussy. But I had jeans on, so then he unbutton my jeans and slided my jeans and panies off. Then he started to lick my clit and stopped..I was OMG..Then he did it again..then stopped and looked at me. I was like oh come on, then he started to lick more and more with his tongue. I started making noises..I felt so danm good. He then began to suck my clit in his mouth oh my god..This drive me crazy then he about made me squirt.. I was so wet then.. After he did that he stuck his hard cock in my wet pussy. He began to go in and out of my wet pussy. He makes me cum like this all the time..I felt so good.

After he was going in and out..he was pounding me hard and hard. This was going to make him cum. He was telling me this as he was going in and out of my wet pussy as he was and telling me how wet I was. Then he told me he was going cum and has he did he began to yell out ohohoh.. He came alot because after he pull out his cum was running out of my very wet pussy..

Sorry this is short but it's to the point.
Posted by jmc38 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Sometimes straight to the point is what we need :)
1 year ago
love eating a squirting horny pussy
2 years ago
very good!
2 years ago
Mmmm, love eating pussy myself
2 years ago
Wow,,he should of eaten you till you came uncontrollable