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My friend first bj

This is the first time as I gave my friend a bj. And this is how it when..We were sitting on the couch, as I touch his cock w my hand and slided my hand on his balls too. Then I put my wet mouth on the tip on his cock, just teasing the tip of his cock..Then I slide my tongue on the his shaft of his cock. Then put all of his cock in my mouth as I did that..He was yelling oh yyyyeeessss!! I was stock of this because no man never yelled like that before.

Then I had his cock in my wet mouth as I did that I ran my had up and down on his shaft of his wet of my mouth. He was in heaven when I did that. He was moving his body with my hand and mouth. I began to stop rubbing his cock w my had just my mouth on his cock going all the way down. Then stopped to lick his big balls and oh yeah he loves this too. I like to lick them too and play w his balls with my tongue and mouth.

After I did this a little bit..when back on the cock with my wet mouth as I did this he began to yell oh babe..and with my hand on his shaft of his cock too as I used my mouth too. And he was about to his did in my mouth it was one squirt but then more and more..I had to swallow the first one because I could not take more than that because I was about to gag on it if I had all of his come in my mouth all at once..But I did take it all!!

This is my first time giving my friend a bj and it was so worth it.

Posted by jmc38 2 years ago
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11 months ago
a quick learner you are
1 year ago
Mmmmm excellent story! Had me stroking!
1 year ago
like it
tell us more stories
1 year ago
1 year ago
lucky him!
2 years ago
Omg,,,yes,I sure wish it was me,,,dam lady you must be so hot,,,
2 years ago
2 years ago
mmmmmmm... sexy story! I'd love to be your friend...
keep posting hun
2 years ago
me next