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[Story] Shower and Massage

As we take a shower together, you grab my hand as I climb in the tub. You are already in the shower as the water is running all over your body; you guide me to the tub as I get in the shower with you. You kiss me deeply, as I kiss you back. We hugged each other as the hot water runs down over us. My back is toward to the shower, you are in front of me. You look at me with puppy dog eyes. I know that look but you start to wash my hair, it feels so great. You are trying not to get shampoo in my eyes. You use your fingertips massaging my scalp as you do I start to rub your shoulders as you finish... Continue»
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What I want to do to YOU!!

First, I heard a knock on my door and I open it as you stand there. Not really knowing what's going to happen but the look on your face you look excited to see me. I take your hand as you enter my door, I guide you to my couch first. I get on top of you as you sitting there on my couch. I put my finger to your lips and tell you this is about YOU! But of course you start sucking my finger anyways. I moan in delight as I pull my finger from you mouth. I come up to you as I do I give you a soft kiss then much deeper as our tongues inter twine. I start to suck your tongue as I do, then I feel your... Continue»
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Neighbor and Friend

This guy who is my neighbor, we was drinking a bit when this happen but it was amazing! Here is the story.

We started to kiss but his kissing was so out of his world and amazing, because he kiss so passionately and slowly which I do the same thing. Then, he starts to kiss me neck and sends chills down my spine. I don't know what its with my neck, kissed or licked but it drives me crazy.

So, he goes down or me, bearly touching and licking my clit so slowly I'm about to squirt. Then he goes a bit faster, I'm like OMG-feels so damn great! He like it when I start to squirt because it makes... Continue»
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I went out with my s****r and her friend to the bar for some drinks. We go to the bar there was really one on there. But we just order drinks anyways.

Then I get a text from my neighbor who thought I was home but I was not. He wanted a beer but I told him I was at the bar. He text back if I come up to the bar would you buy me a drink. I told him I would. I was stock that he went up to the bar because most of the time he never says what he says on doing.

When he get there he bought me a drink, it was very good it's was so sweet. I bought him a beer. So we just sitting there chatting abo... Continue»
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This is so crazy to me but here it is..This is my first time doing this also.

My guy friend and I went to the movie theater to watch a movie on sunday night. It was a late showing, as we go into the theater before the movie starts. There was no one in the theater room so we go on top to the last row of chairs and sit down. We just small talk and watch the previews. He was talking about me giving him a bj in the theater, which i thought it was crazy idea maybe because I did not do that before. Then the movie begans to start, he tells me to go down on him and I told him really? I look aroun... Continue»
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Having my pussy licked

It happen one night, my friend and I was watching a movie one night. He was touching my thigh and running his hand up my pussy. But I had jeans on, so then he unbutton my jeans and slided my jeans and panies off. Then he started to lick my clit and stopped..I was OMG..Then he did it again..then stopped and looked at me. I was like oh come on, then he started to lick more and more with his tongue. I started making noises..I felt so danm good. He then began to suck my clit in his mouth oh my god..This drive me crazy then he about made me squirt.. I was so wet then.. After he did that he stuck ... Continue»
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My friend first bj

This is the first time as I gave my friend a bj. And this is how it when..We were sitting on the couch, as I touch his cock w my hand and slided my hand on his balls too. Then I put my wet mouth on the tip on his cock, just teasing the tip of his cock..Then I slide my tongue on the his shaft of his cock. Then put all of his cock in my mouth as I did that..He was yelling oh yyyyeeessss!! I was stock of this because no man never yelled like that before.

Then I had his cock in my wet mouth as I did that I ran my had up and down on his shaft of his wet of my mouth. He was in heaven whe... Continue»
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