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How we got into fisting and how you can learn to f

We got into fisting a little differently than most couples, I’d bet, but it's both of ours favorite part of sex now (with maybe the exception of 69). We started fisting by accident, actually. We always had a really great and active sex life, but I never actually liked being fingered. I think it reminded me of those awkward boys I dated earlier in life who would paw at my pussy and never got me to cum. On our third date, my now husband went down on me and have me the most mind-blowing cunnilingus I'd ever had in my life, BEFORE I did anything to him, so I knew he was a keeper and I also didn't see any reason to do fingering (and I'd never heard of fisting!!!).

Then, after being married for about four years, we had our first c***d and my vagina tore pretty badly during the birth. It hurt like hell, but after the doctor sewed me back up I was as tight as ever and so when we were getting ready for the birth of our second c***d, I started reading about stretching exercises for my vagina. We did those for the last two months before our second c***d was born, and to help me relax, I used a vibrator on my clitoris while my husband massaged my vagina. We did not try putting the whole fist in at that time (basically he put three fingers in my vagina and pulled it down to stretch the muscles), and after our second c***d was born, without any tearing this time, we stopped and didn't think anything more about it (but it had really made me hot; I was horny as hell throughout both pregnancies). About nine months after the baby was born, however, I was feeling really horny and so I asked my husband one night, kind of shyly, if he'd be willing to finger me again like when I was pregnant, and of course he happily agreed. After trying it a few times, we decided to see if we could actually get his fist inside me. It took several months of practice, as I would always get nervous right at the end and tighten up my muscles so his whole hand didn't slip in (although he always pointed out that I was freezing at the widest point and that I'd be better off letting it go over the top, so to speak). I always played with my vibrator when he was doing it, and I always had incredible orgasms, so it was a lot of fun and sexy as hell. Then one night, right before I was about to cum, I started coughing and my body naturally relaxed and his whole fist just popped inside me and I nearly exploded out of my skin with the orgasm that followed. After that, I started working really hard on relaxing and started taking the whole fist pretty quickly, although I would still freak out when it was time to pull it out (now it almost makes me cum a second time). Now we can go from start to having the whole fist in me in under five minutes if I want, although we usually take longer and make a night of it. I also love to see him masturbate while he's fisting me, so he does that, and then after I cum, he keeps the hand in me and then finishes off on my belly (or, if I'm really loosened up, he'll rotate around and cum on my face, although that's less comfortable for him because of the angle and can sometimes hurt me, too).

A few things to note:

We do NOT fist like most of the couples in the movies that we post. He is much more gentle and would never try to punch fist me or some of the things in the videos. That's fine with me, as I love the feeling of being full more than being stretched (although I'm starting to like the stretching, too).

He always uses gloves when fisting, because they smooth out his hands and nails and are more slippery, and we use a thick gel lubricant that doesn't run off to keep things very slippery. We use A LOT of lube (like a couple bottles a week, which makes us feel silly at the pharmacy) and so we put down a towel under me to keep the bed/floor clean. It's our code when we're out in public with friends; he or I will ask "do we have any clean towels" or something like that. I like it because I can see his pants get tighter when he knows what's coming when we get home!

We started watching fisting movies to see if we could learn any ideas. What we learned is that we're not interested in that kind of fisting ourselves, but that they are fun to watch together and so we've built a big collection.

We probably fist 2-3 times per week. More than two days in a row and I get pretty sore, although two days in a row is my favorite.

I still feel VERY tight in my vagina and my husband swears there is no difference at all when he makes love with his cock (which is very nice but not abnormally large). In my husband’s own words, “If I pull my fist out and slip in my penis, she is still as tight as the day we met right even after fisting. As long as you take time to warm it up, use lots of lube, and make her comfortable, the vagina relaxes on its own and doesn't get stretched out.”
Posted by jlambertiank 2 years ago
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3 days ago
lucky couple .keep discover your pleasur ..i like give my woman 100 different orgazm . she is real pillow queen .
15 days ago
Thanks for sharing your experience. You sound like a great couple ...and enjoy your sex life which is great these days...
24 days ago
Thank you for the story. I liked to read. Think, my girlfriend should read it too. Thanks for sharing!
1 month ago
Nicely detailed.....I have shared your fisting experience and totally agree that slow and gentle is the way to go.....Mind blowing orgasms soon follow. I especially enjoyed massaging her G spot and licking her clit to produce screaming orgasms....
2 months ago
Very good reading I enjoyed your blog

My wife fists my ass. And I beg her to double fist my ass as well it really gets me excited and forces me to cum
But she is reluctant to let me try to fist her pussy and although she demands she gets two or more cum loads a week in her pussy she is willing to fist myass and let me get off. But some how I want to convince her to let me show her how pleasurable fisting can be and I really think she would love it

Currently she loves having my hard cock really deep inside and demands we use tons of lube every where which is great because I fantasize that I am fucking her pussy full of cum from two men Or more dumping there load in hungry hole just before I get to fuck her and she loves to cum really hard using the Majic wand and sqwirtz about 3 times a week. Trust me I know all about LOTS OF TOWELS LOL. I really need to convince her to relax and let me massage her crotch and let her feel my fist inside her. I bet she would have incredible orgasms doing this.

Would love suggestions to convince her to try it.

By the way some of the best lube we have found for great price and large quantities is tiger lube Find it at tiger lube dot com. Order the large trio and also get the silicon lube it's great for ass fisting also mr S leather. Has great dildos and gear. We got a good clean out wash nozzel there. Even tho it is mainly geared for gay men. They have top quality sex products. Hope the extras help any one who reads this.
4 months ago
I was just 21 when I discovered the joy of fisting with my 18 yo GF who got stitched up after the birth of our newborn baby. Unfortunately, one of the stitches snapped without being noticed as we didn't have sex in the following months to discover she was unusually wide. Fingering her, my hand just slid inside her vagina effortlessly to create a massive orgasm which she usually got from cunnilingus as I am not well endowed. Because she said it was all my fault if her pussy got all loosened up, I had to pay the price of her revenge by accepting being toyed and loosened up enough to be fisted too. At the same time, she would only accept fisting and oral on her on a (very)regular basis which was fine with me as long as she enjoyed it. When we split after 6 years of that routine, I realized I could only come with a big toy in me but wasn't attracted by men in any way which was very disturbing.
My next girl was a 17yo stunner on the wild and nymphomaniac side who didn't my limp willy as long as my mouth and hands never stopped making her come with the help of toys. She never had to say she was unfaithful as I could taste he lovers' seed from her used pussy which didn't disturb me. When the little slut got pregnant, we realized only too late for an abortion in France so we went to the UK for the operation to realize her vagina was loose enough for fisting which she enjoyed much more than she would admit to her numerous lovers, pretending she preferred anal. She finally dumped me after 3 years to regret it soon after but, I couldn't let her come back as I was having an affair with her own mother after she came to see me to apologize for her daughter's bad behaviour. At the same time, I was working hard to stretch my ass with bigger toys whenever my time consuming new job as a limo driver would allow. That ended with the French economic crisis of the early 90's and I decided to cross the English Channel.
Working as a poorly paid barman, I was kept happy by meeting numerous great people amongst whom was a shy green eyed brunette who really turned me on but, knowing my willy wasn't of any use to a woman any more, I favoured good friendship until she took me back to her place because she pretended she had a few too many Gin & Tonic. One thing leading to another, we started to kiss and cuddle until I managed (with her help) to slip my hand in her black lace knickers matching the suspenders, she was so wet I couldn't resist licking her up. Since it was her very first cunnilingus, she was rather reluctant especially that I refused her permission for a clean up. Fortunately, she soon loved the sensations she got from oral and ended in such a massive wet orgasm that she was ashamed about herself until I reassured her about her amazing climax, unlike the vast majority of her former lovers who just dumped their load and slept it over.
The next day, happy to see that I kept quiet about her way to wet herself when climaxing without ignoring her, she came to ask me to escort her to her place, later on, for seconds.
This time Miranda was so wet and relaxed that I managed to slide my whole hand in her vagina. Amazed by the sensations, she climaxed almost at once but insisted me to remain inside her vagina while she made some coffee, official reason why she invited me. From that day on, whenever she mentions having coffee means she badly want a good fisting. Miranda became so addicted to fisting she asked me to marry her as soon as she experienced anal fisting too. That was 22 years ago... We are still married and play on a daily basis ever since...
4 months ago
Lovely story about what happens when a couple isn't afraid to expand and explore their limits.
6 months ago
nice story ;)
7 months ago
Thanks for the tips and advice
7 months ago
nice story ;)i am agree if you do on the right way is healthy!! very healthy
8 months ago
Thanks for sharing!
9 months ago
What a great and hot story!
1 year ago
Great post. My girl and I got into this recently ourselves. One night after going to bed our goodnight kiss turned into much more and while fooling around with the new wand we just got I started fingering her a bit and next thing you know I had half my hand inside her. To feel my fingers so deep I could grap her gspot was amazing and she came so hard I felt like I could explode just watching her cum. After her 5 or 6 orgasm and nearly my whole fist inside she climbed on top of me and was so wet from the lube and her own juices that it was just incredible.

I to agree that it felt just as normal to be inside of her as before I had my hand in there and I have fairly large hands.
1 year ago
Very nice story - I like how it is "real" and tender (or maybe I just relate to it because of that). Will PM my own experiences.
1 year ago
thank you that was informative for most vids lead one to believe that rough fisting won't hurt anyone vaginal or anal.
1 year ago
This post reminded me of an old girlfriend that loved fisting. I am now married and my wife will not open her mind to the idea if it. Good to hear that you guys are enjoying one of my favorite past times!!!
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
this was informative and sexxxi at the same time. yummy
1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading your story, and your idea's. I think the gental part is pretty good for most people, and look forward to finding a woman that would be open to trying. My ex gf's vagina would open up pretty nicely taking 4 fingers, but she was very reluctant to trying the whole fisting adventure. She thought is was dirty or something. Oh well hoping the next will be more open. Thanks again I enjoyed your profile, and content. Friend me if you would like I would enjoy it.
1 year ago
I like your loving description of the enjoyment of being filled and by someone that you love.....it's a sweet and arousing story.....
1 year ago
thanks, in my favorites. will have to try on the wife.
1 year ago
It is harder than it looks isn't it. Nice to hear that other couples are taking their time - Andy
1 year ago
Yeah i am trying this with my wife she is pretty tight and she is worryed she will get stretched out.
2 years ago
Thanks for posting those tips, my wife and I are currently trying to fist ( 4 fingers so far ). Hopefully she will be able to take me soon.
2 years ago
With my wife we trying too Thank you for story...
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing guys
2 years ago
I should let my wife read this.