Class was dismissed. Everybody got up, packed their things, and walked out of the room. Except for me. I stayed behind like I did everyday to fuck my teacher. 

Last year, a few months into my junior year, my teacher had caught me staring at her and saw my raging hard on. She took advantage and stripped in front of me after class and after everybody had gone and the door had been locked. 

On this day, I was a senior in my second semester. Everybody had left the classroom and the door had been locked. My teacher looked at me with a lustful gleam in her eyes. We locked lips and exchanged tongues as our hands felt each other's body. she slipped off her blouse and her jeans. I unbuttoned her bra and bit down into her nipples. Licking, pulling them. I put a finger into her pussy and played with her clit. She moaned. I slipped her large panties off and started licking her pussy as I did everyday. She already was dripping wet. I unbuckled my belt and slipped off my shorts. My hard on was raging, begging to come out. She slipped her hand down my boxers and squeezed my balls. I slipped my boxers off while my teacher kneeled in front of me. She stroked my dick. She put my tip into her mouth and began licking and sucking on my dick. My hips thrust into her mouth an she squeezed my ass, pulling me into her starving mouth. After lubing my cock with her saliva, she got up and laid on a desk. I got up on top of her and kissed her on the lips again. 

Then I stuck my cock into her pussy and began fucking my teacher. My teacher was moaning really loudly. I pounded her, making her fat and boobs bounce back and forth. Within no time, she screamed and released an orgasm. What happened next almost gave us a heart attack. We heard a knock at the door. 

We hurried and got our cloths on. I sat down and pretended to be studying as she went to get the door. At the door was the teacher down the hall, Ms. Baker. I had Ms. Baker for Biology my freshman year. She is also a BBW, longer blond hair than Ms. Dawn, a little more round, and shorter. She had a stack of papers in her hands. She was looking around the room as if she was looking for something. She saw me working on a paper. She handed the papers to Ms. Dawn and mentioned about the lecture tomorrow. I looked up and she looked over at me. I smiled and waved at her, and she smiled and waved at me. She looked down at my shorts and noticed the tent in my pants. She noticed Ms. Dawn had hardened nipples. She walked inside the room and her nose wrinkled at the sex-smell. She gave me and Ms. Dawn the look that she knew what was going on. I could see Ms. Baker's nipples hardening. She locked the door and walked over to me, pulled me out of my chair, and kissed my lips. As she kissed my lips, she reached for my dick and started stroking it for me. She pulled her shirt and bra off. Her boobs were huge. About 42G, nicely round areolas, and hardened nipples. I bit down onto one and started sucking and licking them. She pulled her jeans off and played with her pussy. Ms. Dawn started stripping down also. She walked over to us. I took my shorts off, revealing my dick. She was shocked at how large I was. She bent over and started sucking my dick. Ms. Dawn was stretching Ms. Baker's ass and fingering her pussyhole. Ms. Dawn and Ms. Baker felt each other while I put about eight desks together. 

Ms. Dawn laid on her back on the desks, and Ms. Baker got on her belly to lick Ms. Dawn's pussy. I climbed behind Ms. Baker and started fingering her pussy. She moaned. I started licking her clit. The vibrations from her moaning on Ms. Dawn's pussy must have caused an orgasm because Ms. Dawn screamed and shook. I stuck my cock into Ms. Baker at that point, stretching her pussy and causing her to let out a yelp. I pounded her ass, pushing her face further into Ms. Dawn's pussy. Ms. Dawn stood up and I turned Ms. Baker over onto her back. Ms. Dawn knelt in a chair and sucked Ms. Baker's tits. Ms. Baker's eyes were shut slightly, and her mouth open a little. Her titties were bouncing back and forth. It was such a sight to see. Ms. Baker's pussy was so wet. It was making a swishing sound every time I went in and out of her. Finally, she shook and lost her breath. She had a huge orgasm. The sight was so erotic that it made me have an orgasm myself. I released my cum deep into her pussy. 

She got up and the two of them laid me on the desk. They fought over my dick, licking all of my cum and their juices off of it. I had Ms. Baker sucking my dick and Ms. Dawn with her finger in my ass and my balls in her mouth. 

This was only the beginning of our fun. 
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