It was junior year of high school when I had Ms. Dawn as my teacher. I had her the last class of the day; and every class, I had at least a semi hard dick for her. She was 45, about 5'6, short and curly blond hair, huge boobs, and a curvy, voluptuous BBW body. During class, I often fantasized about me fucking her pussy and then her licking the cum from my dick. 

One day, I had to stay after class to make up a test that I had missed the day before. I was the only one still in the room with her as she sat at her desk, grading papers. I had about three more questions left, and I looked up at her. Her beautiful blue eyes, looking down at the papers she was grading made butterflies in my stomach flutter everywhere. I looked down at her cleavage. I immediately got a raging hard-on. I hurried to finish my test, and then told her I had finished.

"Can you bring me the test, Ryan? I can grade it pretty quickly and give you your results." I remembered I had my hard-on right after I stood up. I walked over and handed it to her. I think she noticed it then, since she looked up at my face, and back to get papers. She stopped a split second at my cock. "Go ahead and take a seat on the desk and I'll be finished grading it in a minute." I turned around and hopped up onto the desk. The tent in my pants showed more easy now. She had her face turned toward my test, but her eyes were glued on my cock. In three minutes, she was finished grading. " Nice work!" she told me. I gathered my things, and started heading out the door; but before I left, she smacked me on my ass and said "see you tomorrow!"

The next day, I was asked to stay after for a few minutes to talk about the test. After the bell had rung, and the last student had left the room, she shut the door, and locked it. 

"So, what did you want to talk about, Ms. Dawn?" I asked as she walked away from the door and back to me. 

"Oh, I think we both know I didn't ask you to stay so we can talk about the test." she started to unbutton her blouse. My heart was racing at about 150 bpm. "I saw the way you looked at me while you took your test. The way you stared at my boobs, and you even had a hard-on! I know what you think about me." She took off her shirt. Her bra was all that covered her tits. My cock had gone as hard as steel. She slipped off her high-heels and then her jean shorts. My teacher stood before me, with only a bra and panties on. She put her arms out. "You may explore me if you want!" I reached out and felt her belly. The folds above her hips and then her ass. 

I unhooked her bra, revealing her gigantic tits. Her bra read 44dd. I tossed it aside and started sucking one of them. She moaned as I caressed the other and flicked them with my tongue. She had bright red, oval-shaped areolas. I sat her up onto one of the desks. 

I pulled her panties off and stared at her pussy. She was soaking wet! I took my middle and index finger and stuck them inside her pussy. I was finger fucking her for about three minutes. I felt all the way inside. Then I sat on a chair and put my face to her pussyhole. I licked her clit and caressed her ass with me fingers. I licked for a few minutes until I took my tongue away, and stuck my fingers back into her pussy to feel for her g-spot. As soon as I pressed it, she shook with orgasm and squirted her juices all over me. 

She got off the desk and kneeled down in front of me. She unbuttoned my shorts and slipped them off of me. She pulled my boxers off, revealing my cock. As soon as it was released, it whacked her in the face.

"Wow! Would you look at the size of that!" she took my eight inches into her hand and started stroking it and playing with my balls. "I bet you would have never guessed your fat, old, teacher could do this...!" She took my dick into her mouth and swallowed all right inches until her lips were against me. My teacher was sucking my cock. I was fucking her mouth until I finally had to cum. 

"Ms. Dawn, I'm gonna cum!" she sucked harder and faster. She took my cock out of my mouth and started sucking my balls, but she kept pumping my dick with her hand. when I started releasing my cum, she put it back into her mouth and swallowed every drop. I pulled her up off of the ground, sat her on the chair so she could lean on the desk, and rubbed her pussy with my dick. Finally, I stuck my dick into her pussy. She screamed with delight as my cock stretched her pussy. I was pounding her ass. Fucking her as hard and fast as I could. I fucked her in doggie for three minutes, then pushed three desks together and laid her onto her back. I climbed on top of her and stuck my dick into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me as I humped her and she humped me. I kissed her lips and caressed her tits. Finally, she screamed and shook with orgasm. I shot my cum deep into her pussy. 

This was the beginning of a very amazing school year. 
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2 years ago
Schooldays were best!
2 years ago
realy good story
2 years ago
great story
I actually fucked a teacher in High School
this brought me back
thank you