MY BBW AUNT part four

Day four

I was woken up by my grandmother, sucking my dick. Her eyes were shut softly and she was really loving the taste. I ran my fingers through her hair when she sped up. I look over to my aunt, who was asl**p, facing me and had one boob on my chest. I played with her nipple with my left hand and held my grandmother's head with my right. She was going all the way down on my cock, and my bell touched the back of her throat. She used her teeth in an effort to yank the cum from within me. Finally, I erupted into her mouth, swallowing every drop of my cum. She made sure to lick the cum from the side of my shaft and off of my balls. 

I looked at my aunt's alarm clock and it was 6:30. My grandmother kept massaging my balls for about five minutes. My dick still hadn't gotten soft. I got up and went behind my grandmother and she stayed where she was. I kneeled and stuck a few fingers into her pussy. She moaned as I fingered her pussy for a few good minutes. I turned her on to her back and licked her clit. She was going to cum any minute. I put my index finger into her hole and felt her g-spot. I pressed it hard and she cummed instantly. She screamed as the huge orgasm overtook her body. 

I licked my fingers, tasting her sweet juice. I got up and fucked her cunt. I really slammed into her, making waves of fat go everywhere. She caressed her tits as I held her hips and thrusted inside of her. She cummed again, screaming loudly. I cummed into her pussy a minute later, pushing my dick as far into her as I could. I pulled out, laid next to her, and we made out. Our tongues wrestled furiously as she taste her juices from my mouth. 

My aunt was spread out in a star, still fast asl**p. I crawled over to her and started licking her clit. I stuck my tongue into her hole and tasted her already flowing juices. I played with her clit as I tongue fucked her. She moaned and caressed her tits when she woke up. She was moaning loudly and I knew she would cum soon. I stuck my index finger into her hole and felt the upper part of her vagina for her g-spot. When I found it, I rubbed it and she cummed instantly, screaming loudly. 

I got up and kissed her lovely lips as I stuck my dick into her cunt. I fucked her hard, pushing as far into her as I could. She had her legs wrapped around me and held her tits. Soon, she was overcome by orgasm and shot her juice everywhere. I kept fucking her and she cummed again. Finally, I pushed as far deep as I possibly could and released my cum into her. I collapsed onto her and kissed her again. I went to her pussy and opened her pussy. I licked her pussy, tasting my cum and hers mixed. 

I made sure no cum escaped her pussy, then I got up to suck her tits. My grandmother laid behind me and squeezed my ass. I turned around and sucked hers also. 

My aunt lived basically in the middle of nowhere, so we could have a cookout later, naked, by the pool. We got up, ate breakfast, and went back to bed to fuck. I jacked off as I watched my aunt fuck my grandmother with the strap-on. I took off my glasses to clean them because they had cum on them. I looked up at them and saw a huge blob of skin flapping around. My grandmother screamed as she cummed everywhere. 

My aunt stopped pumping and they both looked up at me without my glasses. They both smiled and batted their eyelashes at me. They crawled over to me and hugged me. Obviously, they thought I looked better without my glasses. I got up to put in my contacts. I came back to see my grandmother on top of my aunt, fucking her hard in the cunt, this time not seeing a blob, seeing them clearly. I wanked my erect dick as I watched their tits and ass. 

I climbed onto the bed behind my grandmother and stuck my dick into her pussy. She moaned as I pounded her ass into my aunt, whom was being pounded by her own mother. My aunt cummed. I kept fucking my grandmother. She had her face in my aunt's tits as she sucked away at them. My grandmother moaned when I squeezed her ass. Finally my grandmother was overtaken by orgasm and cummed. 

I pulled out of her and she rolled to the side. I got between my aunt's legs and fucked her pussy. My grandmother sucked one of her tits as I sucked the other. I was pulling my dick out almost all the way and slamming it back into her, causing a wave of fat. She cummed, squirting her juices everywhere. My cock was swishing around inside and I finally added my fresh cum to the mixture. 

I pulled out and laid between them. I made out with my grandmother and caressed her tits as my aunt sucked my dick and played with my balls. I cummed into my aunt's mouth and squeezed my grandmother's tits before my aunt got off the bed. I continued to make out with my grandmother and my aunt came back with sunscreen. It was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so she made sure to put it on. I told them to lay face down on the bed and I would put it on them. 

I squirted a blob of the SPF 75 onto their backs. I rubbed in my grandmother's first. I first got her back, then her shoulders, then her legs, then her ass. I took the longest with her ass, making sure to get it in good so I could fuck her later. I did the same to my aunt, making sure to get it in good. After it dried, they rolled onto their backs and I squirted it onto them again. I rubbed it into their bellies, their tits, face, ears, arms, and then their pussies. I made sure to get their pussies really well. Once it dried, they got up and put it on me. They got my back, shoulders, legs, and ass. They fought for who could do my ass. They each took one cheek. I turned over after it dried, and they got my belly, chest, face, and arms. Then they got my dick and balls. They had quite some fun with that. We went outside. 

I fired up the grill as my aunt and grandmother sat in the pool. They looked really sexy when they were wet from head to toe. I threw a few burgers onto the grill, jumped into the pool and swam over to them. I kissed my aunt on the lips and squeezed her ass. Then to my grandmother, whom I kissed and squeezed as well. I fingered their pussies at the same time, underwater. I stuck my dick into my aunt, still underwater, and fucked her on the steps into the pool rather slowly because everything is slower underwater. 

My grandmother got out of the pool and checked the burgers. She flipped them. Every movement she made made her ass and tits jiggle. Her fat was spectacular! I bounced around when she jogged back over to the pool. My aunt screamed as she had her first orgasm underwater. She was squeezing my ass, pulling me in deep. When she stopped, I pulled out and she got out of the pool.  My grandmother came into the pool. I could see my aunt's cum rising to the top of water. 

My grandmother played with her tits as my aunt flipped the burgers. I fingered my grandmother and then stuck my dick into her pussy. I fucked her slowly, but slowly was enough to make her cum in a minute. It rose up and to the top of the pool. I realized I had not given them a facial or even squirted cum anywhere on them but their ass or inside them. I fucked my grandmother until my aunt came back to the pool. She sat next to my grandmother when she took the burgers off the grill. I pulled out and stood on the top step. The kneeled on the bottom step. I jacked my dick quickly and they had their mouths open and ready. I shot my cum like a sprinkler onto their faces and tits.

We all got out and ate our burgers. Then we went inside and sat on the couch to watch TV. They both wanted to watch the NASCAR race. I was not a huge fan of NASCAR, in fact, I hated it, but I watched it with them. I flipped the channel to NASCAR and put on some cloths so I could go grab some beers from the liquor store. I went and picked up three six packs of bud light and returned to see my aunt and grandmother playing with each other's tits and pussy. I was right on time. I took one of the packs into the room they were in and tossed them each one. The beers were still ice-cold. They popped the top of the bottle and took a large sip. 

My aunt asked for another and I handed her one, even though she hadn't finished her first one. She placed the ice-cold bottle on her pussy and shivered. My grandmother asked for another and did the same. I just drank mine as I watched them masturbate with the bottles. My dick grew hard. My aunt placed her cold bottle on the side of my dick, sending a shiver down my spine. She put it back inside her pussy and stroked my dick for me. 

Four beers later, they ended up quite d***k, but I wasn't there yet. I was a bit tipsy though. NASCAR was about two hours in and my aunt was fingering her pussy with an empty bottle. I was hard the entire time. Finally, she leaned over and kissed me. "Fuck me, Ryan. Now." I stroked my dick quickly and stuck it inside her. I fucked her quickly and hard. I slammed into her, sending those waves of fat around her body. It was quite a sight. She cummed within a minute and I pulled out.

She told me to sit back down and I did. She climbed on top of me, placing her tits into my face. I bit down on one of her nipples. She put my dick inside of her and rode me into the couch. She cummed again and got off. My grandmother wanted to make me cum, so she climbed on top of me and rode me also. I bit down on her nipple as I squeezed her ass and pulled her down onto my dick. She cummed quickly and finally I gave in and cummed into her lovely cunt. She sat down again and I kneeled between her. I fingered my cum deeper into her pussy. I licked her a little until she cummed and then sat back down. My dick was semi-hard. I fell asl**p in their arms as NASCAR was still not over, but was so boring. 
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5 months ago
wow quite a story,you never go soft man...
5 months ago
wow exciting