MY BBW AUNT part 3

Day three

I woke up in my aunt's bed with her and my grandmother, both had their arms around me and their boobs pressed into my shoulder. I was awake pretty early, at around 5:30. They were both still fast asl**p. I kissed my grandmother on her lips and suckled her titties for a few minutes without waking her. I got between her legs and fucked her pussy for a few minutes. She woke up five minutes in and started thrusting her hips into me, forcing an orgasm from within her body. 

She moaned and closed her eyes. I pulled out and laid next to my aunt. I spooned her and played with her boobs as I kissed her neck. She let out a moan and reached between her legs to squeeze my balls. She had an orgasm and pulled me out of her. She turned to face me and kissed me on the lips. "What an amazing way to wake up!" she exclaimed.

She put my dick back into her cunt and climbed on top of me. She fucked me as I sucked and licked her tits. She was determined not to get off until I cummed into her pussy. As she rode me, she said that we would meet everybody at the amusement park and that they would not be coming to her house. She cummed onto me. She bounced on my cock faster and faster until I finally shut my eyes and shot my cum deep into her pussy. 

Grandma was sitting behind us fingering herself as she watched. My aunt got up to fix breakfast while grandma and I went to the living room. I sat down and she sat to my right. Everybody was still naked. She took my dick into her hand and stroked it. I reached over to her pussy and stuck a few fingers inside. She was soaking wet and cummed onto my hand instantly. She shook as her juices overflowed from her pussy and out onto the couch. She kneeled between my legs and started sucking my dick. My fingers ran through her hair. She bit down onto my shaft. I moaned loudly as I started to reach my climax. One more bite on my dick sent my cum shooting into her throat. She gagged as my sick started to stop shooting. She swallowed the rest  of my cum and sat next to me. I played with her tits until my aunt announced the finishing of her cooking.

My grandma stood up and I slapped her ass hard. I stood up and kissed her lips. We walked into the kitchen to see a table with food on it and my naked aunt sitting, fingering herself. We ate and went back to the bedroom to fuck for an hour before we had to leave. My aunt went into her closet and was digging around for something. She pulled out a strap-on and placed it around her waist. My grandmother got on the bed and spread her legs for her daughter to fuck her. My aunt fucked her mother as I sat on the bed jacking off to what I was watching. Two fatties, fucking, their fat bouncing everywhere. 

My grandma shot everywhere. My aunt pulled out and took the strap-on off. She handed it to me and told me to put it on. I Had an idea of what she wanted me to do. I put it on, climbed between my grandmother's legs, and stuck the fake dick into her pussy. I fingered her ass as I fucked her pussy with the dildo. Her ass was stretched and ready. I stuck my Real dock into her ass and fucked both my my grandmother's holes. She screamed in agony as I fucked her quickly and hard. My aunt fingered herself as she watched. My grandmother was squeezing her tits and had an orgasm in about three minutes. 

I pulled out twice and moved over to my aunt. I fucked her pussy with the fake dick and fingered her ass. Once she was stretched, I started fucking the hell out of her ass. She screamed with pleasure as I fucked her holes. My grandmother reached under me and squeezed my balls. She stuck a finger up my ass, causing me to erupt into my aunt's ass. My aunt had an orgasm at the same time. It was now 8:30. We hurriedly got dressed. My grandmother put on a white t-shirt and some capris   My aunt put on some jean shorts and a t-shirt as well. I put on a shirt and some khaki shorts. We all headed out the door. 

I drove the car to Disney world and parked next to where my four cousins were. My two oldest cousins were married. The oldest had two k**s and the second only had one. My third cousin had his girlfriend with him, and my fourth cousin, a year younger than me, had her boyfriend. We set up a stroller for the three k**s and started walking inside. 

We walked around for three uneventful hours and stopped for lunch at a sandwich place. We finished and went walking around again. My aunt was getting tired. It was hard to walk around carrying approximately 300 pounds of weight. She sat down to rest a minute. I went with her. I bought her a water so she could cool off. She look the lid off and drink it quickly. She drank it so fast that it spilled a little onto her white t-shirt. She must have put on a thin bra, because I could see her nipples. I whispered it into her ear and turned red from embarrassment. I put my hand on her thigh and told her to just go into the restroom to dry off. 

She went into one of those f****y restrooms with only one toilet. I sat for about five minutes and finally got up to see what was taking her so long. I opened the restroom door a tiny bit and saw her sitting on the toilet fingering her pussy. I told everybody to go ahead and that we would catch up. They went on ahead and I crept into the restroom with her. 

"Oh, good, Ryan! I could use a little help!" I locked the door. I slipped my pants off and stuck my dick into her pussy. She screamed with pleasure. I put my hand over her mouth. 

"Sshhh! We're in Disney world!"

"Oh, right. I'll just moan then." I went back to fucking her brains out on the toilet. She finally cummed. I kept fucking her. She cummed again and I cummed into her also. She pulled her pants up and walked out. I walked to the mirror, fixed my hair, then walked back out. We ran ahead to catch up with everybody. 

The next hours went on, uneventfully, and we finally left the park. The three of us stopped at a bar on the way to get a drink. We sat at a booth, me by myself, and the two ladies across from me. Instead of one drink, like I thought we would get, my aunt and grandmother both drank three each. They were both pretty d***k and were getting a bit loud. We finally left, the two of them sl**ping in the back of the car, leaving me, who only drank one beer, to drive. We got to my aunt's house about a half an hour later and went inside. The two of them got in bed, passed out, d***k. I pulled my aunt's shoes off, her shorts and her shirt. I unhooked her bra and slipped off her panties. I did the same to my grandmother. 

I fucked my grandmother in the cunt, having her orgasm twice before me. I climbed between my aunt's legs and fucked her. She orgasmed three times before I shot my load into her pussy. I laid between the and sucked my grandmother's tits. I let go and turned to my aunt. I sucked her tits and fucked her pussy. I finally fell asl**p with my mouth on her nipple and my dick stuck inside her. 
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4 months ago
ahaha so funny
2 years ago
Thanks again Ryan. I seem to recall in the dream you had, the mother was in it also? ;-) Looking forward to the rest!
2 years ago
Ryan you have it good. Great story.