*ring ring*
"Hello?" I answer. 

"Hey, Ry! You wanna hang out at the bar later to celebrate another successful semester?" it was my best friend, Jesse. I had known Jesse for years. he was blonde, about 5'11, blue eyes, and was a lot like me. 

"Definitely! I can finally have some fun now that I don't have my face in three books at once!"

"I know what you mean, b*o. I'll see you at 8?"

"Okay, see you then." I hang up the phone and looked at the clock. It was about 4:35. I tossed the phone onto my desk and start surfing the Internet, finding a great porno. 

I started jacking to BBW and cummed within ten minutes. I turned the computer off and laid in my bed, slowly stoking my now soft dick. 

At around 7:30, I threw on a t-shirt and some khaki shorts. I walked out of my apartment and walked a few blocks down to the bar. I walked inside, grabbed a beer, and sat at a booth. Jesse showed up at around 8:05. We had three beers each. 

In the booth behind us, two girls were sitting and chatting with each other. They must have been our age. They were both a bit tipsy and talking pretty loudly. I sat with my back to them and Jesse sat facing them. He looked up at them every once in a while. I hadn't yet looked at them because I was trying to ignore them. Finally I turned around a bit to see what they looked like. The girl sitting facing us was pretty a thin brunette. The one sitting directly behind me was a chubby blonde. 

The brunette saw me look back and laughed, making the blonde look back. She had gorgeous blue eyes and a beautiful face. She smiled at me and waved. My face must have turned bl**d red as I turned around. Jesse couldn't help laughing at what just happened. The two got up and walked to our table to chat with us. The brunette sat by Jesse, the blonde by me. Jesse and I both immediately went introverted. 

The blonde was 5'4, had huge hips, perfectly rounded ass, and huge tits. She wore jeans, which hugged her legs and ass tightly, and a low cut top, displaying lots of cleavage. She was quite flirty, leaning against me. Whenever I would speak, she would lean on one hand and gaze up at me with her beautiful eyes. Her name was Sami (she said it was spelled with one M and one I). 

She was very provocative. I'm not usually attracted to this type of personality, but she had me with her charms and I couldn't escape. she started to get d***k, and the more d***k she got, the more she would flirt. She laid her hand on my thigh. I started to get semi hard. The brunette had left a little while ago and Jesse was dying trying to keep his laughter in. He knew I was attracted to big women, but not to personalities like Sami's.

I was contemplating whether to take her home and have a night with her, or tell her I'm not interested. I decided to go for it. I pretended to look at my phone, when really I was sending a text message to Jesse. It read, "hey, if I get her to say yes, would you like to have a threesome with her and me?" Jesse was the type of guy that wouldn't usually take advantage of a d***ken woman, but he was a bit tipsy as well. 

About ten seconds later, Jesse's ringer went off and he checked his phone. I could tell he liked the idea by his expression. He started typing back. Ten seconds later, "LOL. Go for it. It would be quite an experience." I leaned on my hand and looked over at Sami. She looked back at me and giggled. 

"What?" she asked. 

"You have such beautiful eyes." I replied. 

"Oh, stop! No I don't..."

"Yes you do. You're beautiful. How about coming back to my place with Jesse and me? We could have some fun." My cock grew larger. 

"Okay! I'd love to see that bulge of yours not constrained in your shorts!" She pointed at my tent. Jesse finally let out his held in laughter.

He stood up and walked over to her, sitting down in the same seat as we were in and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back, grabbing his ass with her left hand and his newly formed tent with her right. She let go and turned to me. She pressed her lips against mine and put her hand on my dick. Our tongues wrestled as I squeezed her ass and caressed one of her breasts. 

"Let's go, boys." I made them hand their keys over and we walked to my apartment. Her boobs jiggled every time she stepped. Jesse and I both had hard ons from anticipation. She kept talking to us and getting us more horny. 

When we finally got to my apartment. I opened the door, letting her in first. We both stared at her round ass. We both high-fived as we walked in. She sat down on the couch and eagerly awaited our cocks. She was caressing her tits as we walked inside. Jesse sat next to her and gave her a hand. I sat on her other side and rubbed her pussy through her pants. She moaned loudly and Jesse started removing her shirt. He removed his shorts and I did the same. soon she too took her short shorts off. 

We both stood in front of her with our cocks staring her in the face. She sat on the couch with her bra and panties on. I unhooked her bra. Her tits were 42G according to her bra's tag. Her areolas had about a three inch diameter and were dark pink. Her nipples were already hard.  Jesse took the left one and I took the right. We both sucked them and licked them. I bounced it in my hands and squeezed her fat. 

I removed her panties and started licking her pussy. She moaned more and Jesse took the other tit. I told her to stand a second and I laid on the couch. Jesse squeezed et ass with one hand as I positioned myself. I invited her to do 69 with me and Jesse would get a hand job. She climbed on top and started sucking my dick. 

She really knew how to suck a dick. She put her lips on my bell and then started moving all the way down and back up. She put her hand on Jesse's cock and started massaging it. I licked her clit and her pussy hole. She massaged my balls with her other hand. I put my hands on top of her ass and spread it wide so Jesse could finger it and get it ready for anal. Her moaning vibrated down my cock and I soon started moaning, sending vibrations into her. 

She soon started screaming as she squirted onto my face. She let go of Jesse, whom was still fingering her ass. He jerked his cock and shot his cum onto her face and tits. She licked it from around her mouth and he licked all that she couldn't. He kept the rest on her tits and she just rubbed it in. 

She climbed off of me and I stood up. I still haven't cummed. She sat back down and grabbed our dicks. She put Jesse's in her mouth and started sucking him. She started stroking mine. Jesse grabbed her head and slowly moved his hips back and forth. I fingered her pussy. I soon started to cum on her. She let go of Jesse and licked as much as she could off her face and I licked the rest. Jesse sat down and she leaned forward and kept sucking him. 

I got behind her and rubbed my dick onto her tight, shaven pussy. She wailed as I stuck my dick inside and fucked her. I really was hammering her ass, making her fat bounce back and forth. I smacked her ass, making her scream and moan more. She soon had another orgasm. She let go of Jesse and stood up. Jesse laid on the couch and she climbed on top of him. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Jesse let out a moan when her pussy came in contact with his cock. He was about eight inches, as was I, and his entire dick was engulfed into her pussy. She leaned forward, placing her tits onto Jesse's face, and started moving back and forth on his dick. 

I fingered her ass with one hand and jerked my dick with the other. Once I was sure her ass was stretched, I climbed onto the couch and slowly stuck my dick into her ass, making her scream loudly with pleasure. She had tears in her eyes as her tight (and it was VERY tight) ass stretched and stretched, and Jesse fucked her pussy. She had another orgasm within no time. 

We kept going. Soon I pulled out and she got off of Jesse and laid on the couch. Jesse got in front of her an fucked her pussy in the front. Her huge boobs and fat bounced everywhere. I stood by them, masturbating as i was watching my best friend fuck a BBW. She took my dick from me and stroked it. 

"No need for that!" she told me. "That's what I'm for!" I thrusted my hips into her hand as Jesse fucked her pussy. She had another orgasm. My couch was drenched with her juices. Jesse soon pulled out and shot his cum onto her big belly. She caressed her titties as he climbed off of the couch. 

I climbed between her legs and started fucking her pussy. Our thighs slapped each other's as I fucked her. I tried to get my dick as deep as I possibly could. She grabbed Jesse's dick and he fucked her hand. I squeezed her boobs and she massaged her clit with her free hand. soon she had another orgasm. Her body shook as she squirted her juices onto me. I kissed her and sucked her tits again. I didn't want to stop fucking her cunt, but I soon ha to cum and I didn't want to father her c***d. I took out my dick and shot my cum onto her belly. She rubbed the cum on her belly, mixing mine with Jesse's. 

I was still between her legs when I noticed Jesse had given her a hickie above her left nipple. I bit down onto her right nipple and gave that side a hickie. Jesse and I switched. He got between her legs again and started fucking her pussy and I stood beside them, jerking my dick. I kneeled beside her and took her left breast into my mouth. I sucked it while my best friend fucked her. I sucked it hard and she started screaming as Jesse led her to another orgasm. 

Jesse pulled out and I got between her legs once more. I told Jesse to go grab a few condoms from the drawer next to my bed. While he was gone, I fingered her pussy and massaged her clit. He tossed me one and I put it over my dick. I put my dick back into her pussy. 

"I wanted to cum with my dick inside her" I told Jesse. 

"Good idea!" he agreed. He took a condom and put it on the tip of his dick. He pulled it on a bit, the stuck his dick into Sami's mouth so she could put it on for him. He stepped back and fucked her hand again while I kept fucking Sami's sweet pussy. 

Soon after she had cummed three times, I didn't pull out when I had to cum. I saw stars when my cum shot from my penis into the condom. I pushed my dick as far into her as I could, then pulled out. Jesse hopped between her legs and started fucking her like an a****l. She already cummed within a minute. She cummed twice more and Jesse finally cummed. He slammed hit eyes shut and fucked her as hard and as far in as he could go. He pulled out and stepped away. 

We both stared at Sami's body. Our cum covered her all over. "I wish I could have somebody's hit cum inside my pussy!" she moaned. I looked at Jesse, he looked at me. I got an idea. 

"If you get pregnant, will you abort the c***d? If you do, we would cum inside of you all you want." I said. 

"I would be happy to! Just please fuck me again!!" Jesse and I both took our condoms off and started jerking our dicks. When I was about to cum, I stopped. Jesse did the same. We both walked over to the couch. Jesse laid down, Sami got on top of him, pushing his dick inside of her. I climbed on top of Sami and pushed my dick inside her pussy as well. Sami screamed as both of our dicks stretched her out. This didn't only hurt her, but Jesse and I as well. We thrusted at the same time and we shot our cum into her cunt. 

Once I had shot the rest of my cum, I pulled out and let Jesse get some air. Sami was still on her belly, and Jesse still had not had any of her ass. He got behind her and stuck his dick into her ass. She screamed as Jesse's big cock stretched her asshole.  He cummed inside her ass. He pulled out and stood by me. I have him another high-five.

What a great night to celebrate another successful semester. If only we had gotten those two hours of fun on video. 
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