Summer of '77

--A young man's introduction into CFNM--

Chapter 1

Young Adam was a very shy boy.

A little awkward, a little on the geeky side, Adam was very much into science and building models. He spent much time in his room.
By the time he was 18, Adam had won a scholarship to attend Indiana University. It was the summer of 1977, and Adam had a few weeks left with his step mom, Natalie, and his step s****r, Rachel.

Adam lost his father when he was very young, and spent his entire c***dhood growing up with two women in the household, and no males.
It was weird at times for him, but a very happy time. Adam thought of Natalie as more of a friend than a mom. He also couldn't help notice how attractive she was, and ever since he hit puberty, there arose some feelings of arousal whenever she was near.
And then there was the cute, young Rachel. Adam's step s****r often teased him for being nerdy, but it was goodhearted humor. And young Adam also was very shy about his sexuality.

Any time the women talked about sex, it made him feel uncomfortable. It especially bothered him when the two women would make jokes about the male anatomy, that special part of the male anatomy.
When he was younger, and watching television with his step mom and step s*s, if there was a penis joke or some kind of physical comedy involving the male member, young Adam would run out of the room, embarrassed.

He hadn't totally shaken off this kind of behavior yet by the time he was 18.
On a hot Kentucky afternoon one Saturday, Natalie and Adam were out doing yard work - Natalie was busy in the garden, and Adam was pulling weeds.

Adam loved when his step mom wore these tight white shorts she often wore when doing yard work. She had really big, tan thighs, and seemingly liked showing them off just to tease young Adam. She was squatting right next to him at one point, and he couldn't help staring at her thighs. He wished he had a camera to take a picture.
The two were braving the hot afternoon sun, and getting an awful lot of work done. But they needed another pair of hands.

"Where is Dick?" Natalie asked rhetorically. Dick, or Uncle Dick, as Adam called him, had been Adam's dad's best friend, and had remained good friends with Natalie over the years.
Even though he wasn't actually related to Adam, Dick had been a good friend of his and sort of a male role model, which he sorely needed.

Suddenly, the lovable uncle came through the backyard gate, much to Natalie's enjoyment.

"Dick!" she said enthusiastically.
"Well, I'll tell ya,' Dick, we sure could use your help," she said, wiping some sweat from her brow. Adam's eyes were still locked on her tan legs.

"Must be a hundred degrees out here, Dick," she said.

She always seemed to call the lovable uncle by name an inordinate amount of times, Adam noticed, like she enjoyed calling him by name, but maybe it was Adam's imagination.

As Uncle Dick started helping out the two, Adam noticed that he had unusually baggy shorts on.

"See, Nat, I want shorts like that," Adam said to his step mom.

"Like Dick's?" she asked with an amused grin on her face.

"Yeah," Adam answered. "See, they're nice and baggy."

The shorts Adam had on were sort of tight, and out of style. His uncle's seemed more comfortable.
"Honey, I think Dick goes to a special store to buy those shorts, dontcha Dick?" Natalie asked the man. Dick grinned back at her.

"Special store?" Adam asked.

"I'm just k**ding with him," said Natalie, running her hand through her shoulder-length, brown locks. "Sweetie, we can try to find you ones like that," she said to the boy.
And the three continued to fight the heat.

"Did you know I was almost a Rockette, Adam?" Natalie asked the boy one day as he was setting the table.

"Y-yes, mam," he stuttered, as he sometimes did. He paused, and then had to add something. "You have beautiful legs."
Natalie looked at her daughter, and they gave each other a smirk.

"Well thank you, young man," she told him. "You made my day."

As Natalie relaxed in her seat, wearing a nice, somewhat revealing sundress, one that showed off plenty of those legs, Adam began to ponder something out loud. "Natalie, why does everyone call Mr. Roberts, Dick?" he asked.
Like she had long planned for this exact question, Natalie was undaunted.
"Oh, it's just a nickname, sweetie," she said. "It's short for Richard."

Adam had a bewildered look on his face.
"But his real name is Oscar," he said. Natalie quickly tried to divert attention away from that last statement.

"Rachel, honey, can you get the iced tea out of the fridge?" she asked her 18-year-old daughter.
"Nat?" Adam asked. She ignored him.
"Nat-uh-lie," he said, purposely dragging out her name for greater impact.
"Yes, Adam, what is it?" she asked, turning to him somewhat annoyed.

"If his name is Oscar, why do they call him Dick?" he asked. Suddenly, Rachel had a look of amusement on her face, like she knew something Adam didn't.
"Oh for crying out loud sweetie, I don't know, everyone calls my b*****r, Buster, and his name's Kevin!" she said in an irritated tone. "I have no idea why Oscar goes by Dick."

"I was just wondering is all," he answered.
"Well you should have more important things on your mind right now," she said. "That lawn isn't gonna cut itself. After supper, you should get that done." And they had a somewhat quiet dinner.

A few days later, Adam tagged along with Rachel to her friend's, which he tended to do sometimes.

Nikki, who Adam usually spoke to the most out of the five girls that Rachel called her clique, began to tease the young boy.

"So I heard you kept asking your step mom why they call Mr. Roberts, Dick," she said. Adam was surprised that Nikki heard of this.
"Oh...yeah, why was that such big news?" he asked. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room, even more uncomfortable than just a few weeks earlier, when Adam was again the only boy in the room, and the girls had gotten a hold of one of Nikki's dirty movies, featuring full frontal male nudity. Adam almost went out of the room screaming that day, feeling overmatched by the aggressive, voyeuristic young women.
But he held his composure then, and did now as well.

"What, do you know why they call him that, Nikki?" Adam asked the girl. Her face flushed bright red.

"Um, yeah, sort of. Rachel told me," she said.

Adam's eyes immediately darted in Rachel's direction, and the young, busty brunette now had a tightened look of concern on her face.
"We're...not supposed to talk about that," she said.

"Why? What is the big deal?" Adam asked.

Rachel got up, her big butt almost right in Adam's face. She was wearing a wet bathing suit, and Adam could clearly make out those two, big luscious cheeks. She looked like a younger clone of Natalie.
"We aren't supposed to talk about that guys," she warned her friends. "My mom would kill me."

Adam let the matter go, for the moment.


The next afternoon, when Natalie and Adam finished their daily yard work, she said she had something to talk to him about.
When they were finished the yard work, the two of them joined Rachel for some lemonade in the kitchen. Adam sensed there was something going on.

Natalie came over and sat down at the table, next to Adam. Rachel sat on the other side of him.
"Sweetie, we have to talk," the step mom said, drawing in closer to Adam.

She cleared her throat slightly.

"Nikki told me you were bugging her too about Mr. Roberts' nickname?" she asked.

"Not bugging -"
"Sweetie," she interrupted him. "She told me you brought it up over Nikki's. This is really eating at you, huh?"

"Well," he began, thinking maybe she would finally spill the beans. "I just wanted to know. I feel like everybody knows but me."

Natalie looked over at her daughter. The step mom took a deep breath.
"Well," she said hesitantly. "I guess you are 18 now...which means I can trust you to be mature about certain things."

Adam nodded, and he was somewhat nervous now.

"As you know I have known Dick since high school," Natalie began. "He and I were best friends back then - we grew up together, Oscar started going by the name Dick back then as far as I know, and it was a nickname back then that stuck." Adam was getting bored by all this. Natalie, meanwhile, was reluctant to get to the good stuff.

She gave Adam this look like he should get it by now, that he should have figured out why his "uncle" had that certain special nickname.
"Sweetie, haven't you gone to the Y with your uncle a few times?" Natalie asked.

"Uh yeah," Adam replied, not knowing how that was pertinent.

"And...haven't you...showered with him?" Natalie asked.

Now Adam was confused.
"Not with him, kind of separately I guess," he said.

Natalie shook her head, frustrated. She really didn't want to have to spell it out for him.

She looked at Rachel, with this look that suggested 'I just don't know how to get the message across.'

Natalie took another deep breath, and realized she was simply going to have to use the direct approach.
"Sweetie," she said, now talking in a light whisper. "Sweetie...the reason everyone calls him Dick is, well...because of his dick."

It felt like electric volts shot through Adam's system. He was in shock that his step mom had just used such a crude word, and she said it so casually and calm. Rachel burst out with a boisterous "ha!"
Natalie continued before Adam could recover.

"Sweetie, Dick has an enormous penis," she said calmly, not even whispering anymore, like she had broken the ice and now could talk about the matter more comfortably and freely. "He has a...monstrous ding-dong."
Now Rachel just burst out laughing.

"Oh you're just loving this aren't you?" the mom asked the daughter.

"What? I'm being good," Rachel answered.

Adam had finally caught his breath, just enough to speak.

"Wh-what, you've seen it?" he asked the step mom.
"Of course I've seen it sweetie. I think everyone that knows him has seen it," she explained without embarrassment. "It's his claim to fame."

Adam's legs were shaking. For some reason, it made him feel so weird that his step mom openly discussed some man's enormous member, yet her sexy discussion also began to arouse him. She also seemed more eager to talk about the issue now."Remember when you brought up why Dick wears baggy shorts?" she asked. Adam nodded. "Well...he needs a lot of room down there." She broke into a chuckle.

"I remember that one time we went to the beach and I couldn't help but notice the bulge he had in his bathing suit," Rachel said. "I was like 'what the hell is that?'"
"That's uh, that's his dick," Natalie said openly.

It seemed like Natalie was perfectly at ease using the vulgar slang for the male anatomy. Adam was in shock. Growing up, if he ever used the words "tits" or "pussy," Natalie would have washed his mouth out with soap and grounded him for a week.
"Isn't that kind of vulgar, calling him that because of..." Adam began.

Natalie shrugged it off.

"It's just a nickname sweetie," she said, and began getting the dishes out for supper.

Rachel went to get dressed into her leotard for aerobics. Adam went to his room to recover. He thought he was in shock now...
"If you tell anybody about this I'll kill you," Rachel told Adam as the two snuck up to the living room window. It was another blistering afternoon, and Rachel had confided in her step b*****r that she would show him what she had witnessed just weeks earlier.
Sort of a private, but daily ritual that Natalie and Dick had going. They would meet for iced tea or lemonade every Tuesday afternoon, but with one major detail that made the get-together sort of unusual.

Dick never wore any clothes. Natalie, God bless her, was casual in a sun dress, but her male visitor? Naked as the day he was born. With his most distinguishing asset on display.
As Rachel and Adam walked up to the open window, they could clearly see Natalie and Dick, and Adam gasped when he saw the man's equipment. Dick was sitting down, and he had what looked like a thick, fat tube of some sort snaking down his leg, past his thigh. That thick, fat tube was his penis.
"Why the fuck is he naked?" Adam whispered to Rachel. She just gave a big smile in response.

And Natalie and the naked man engaged in totally normal conversation, like his nudity was commonplace.

"It's a scorcher out there," Dick said.
"Oh don't get me started," Natalie answered. "I think if somebody told me to go to Hell, I would just walk out on my porch!"

Dick laughed at her joke, as did she.

"It's over 100 I think," Dick commented.

"It's ninety degrees in the shade! In the shade, Dick!" she said. Adam squirmed a bit just hearing her call him by name.
"Well...more iced tea?" Dick asked.

"You read my mind, mister," she answered. Dick got up from the chair, and as he left the room, his enormous penis swung pendulously from side to side, as a trunk of its proportion would do during any type of movement.
Rachel began cracking up, but Adam urged her to be quiet. "It's so frickin' huge," she whispered laughingly.

Natalie seemed totally at ease, again crossing her legs and plopping one of her big thighs on top of the other. This display did not go unnoticed, as Adam's erection threatened to break through his shorts.
Natalie began casually tapping her one leg, and sang quietly to herself until Dick returned.

Adam and Rachel could hear Dick walking back into the room - it was always easy to hear the big man coming. Rachel _0002000000EB000035B5_E6,again laughed at his big swinging penis, and Adam's face was flushed red, mortally embarrassed by this blatant display of frontal male nudity. The naked man brought with him two huge glasses of iced tea, and Natalie was gracious.
"Thank you so much Dick!" she said enthusiastically. She sipped the iced tea. "Mmmm! That is so good," she said.

"I can't take much more of this," Adam said. He didn't know if he wanted to cry, or go masturbate.
Rachel urged him to stay, as the naked man and fully dressed woman continued conversation.

"Are you still going to put up that birdfeeder today?" Dick asked Natalie.

"Ugh," she said, holding the glass of iced tea up to her forehead to cool herself. "I don't think that's getting done today...."
She trailed off for a second, pondering the heat. She then explained to Dick how exhausting it would be to drag the ladder out of the garage, and go to the trouble of hanging a bird feeder on a day like this.

"I'd just assume have you stand outside and hang the damn thing from your prick," Natalie said jokingly to her guest. Adam almost gasped at her language. Rachel had to muffle her laughter.
Natalie continued with the joke.

"You think you could do that, Dick? Stand outside and let me hang a birdfeeder from your cock?" she asked with a hearty laugh. "I'm sure the birds would just love it. Come on, let's go..."
She gave him a teasing smile. Dick played along with the joke until it lost its natural momentum.

"Ugh, it is soooo hot!" Natalie groaned. Dick again walked out of the room to get them refills of iced tea. With how hot it was, the iced tea was going fast.

Again Dick could not avoid having his enormous tool swing and sway with every step, almost forcing Natalie to comment on the matter as he came back into the room.
"Dear me, it's so hot I'm breaking a sweat just watching your dork flop all over the place," she said, laughing heartily. It was that rich, hearty laughter of Natalie's that Adam was always so aroused by, as his erection now dripped pre-come in his underwear.
Dick didn't go out of the way to draw attention to his huge penis. After all, he didn't need to. But when Natalie made a teasing reference to it, he was more than happy to show it off.

He now stood before her and swung his hips, causing his man meat to slap boisterously against his big thighs. It was almost as loud as a steady clap you could make with your hands.
"Wooo! Swing it for me big boy," she said, as he quickened the pace. He also started to get an erection, making his penis that much thicker, and its slapping that much louder. Dick then started to swing his giant tool in a circular motion, displaying a unique skill. It swung around so fast it almost looked like a propeller on a helicopter. A big helicopter.
"Can you fan me with it?" Natalie asked jokingly. "I seriously can feel a light breeze coming off of it."

He kept swinging it for her, round and round, in an unbroken frenzy.

"Oooo, that feels nice," she said laughingly, running her hand through her air. "Just keep swinging it for me."
Adam couldn't watch any longer. He had to go masturbate. Somewhere. Rachel reluctantly left with him.
Unable to go home because Natalie obviously had company, Adam had to resort to jerking off in the bathroom at the pizza parlor. He just couldn't hold it. The thought of Natalie sitting there with her pretty grin and her big, sexy thighs, staring at this naked well-hung hunk...
Adam came all over his hands, and all over the floor. His orgasm put him totally at ease. He felt like it had built up since the moment Natalie broke the news to him about his "uncle."

When Adam came out of the mens room to join his step s*s, she teased him about what had taken him so long.
He sat down, out of breath.
"That was insane," Adam said."What? His dick?" Rachel asked with a big smile.

"Everything...him being naked, her fully dressed...him just swinging it around for her...," Adam went on.
"That was pretty funny," Rachel admitted. "Their get-togethers usually don't get that animated.""How long have you been spying on them?" Adam asked.
"For a couple years now," Rachel said proudly. "And he's always naked?" Adam asked. "Always," Rachel said firmly. "Even in the dead of winter."
The conversation continued over pizza, and both of the young'uns continued to try to understand Natalie's behavior.

"I would say she's just a nudist...but she doesn't get naked," Rachel wondered aloud. "It's just Dick's that's naked...I guess she just enjoys the company of naked men."
Adam was still in shock, and found it difficult to eat. He struggled to get his slice down.
"This is what I come to learn when I'm 18? That my step mom's hanging out with some naked guy with a huge schlong?" he said quietly, but fiercely.

Rachel giggled.

"Maybe you leaving for college is traumatic for her," Rachel said laughingly. "She's trying to fill the void." The two continued to eat, with some momentary silences. But they wouldn't last long.

"Did I ever tell you about when we moved - you were too little for me to tell you this at the time I guess," Rachel began. "We were taking boxes out to the truck, and this real heavy one I was carrying all of a sudden broke open, and magazines started spilling out..."
Adam anticipated the rest of the story.

"The magazines were filled with pictures of naked men," Rachel said.
"Holy shit," Adam answered.
"The one," Rachel said, beginning to laugh, "the one magazine comes right open, and its laying there on the ground, opened to a full-page spread of a naked guy with a really big penis."
Adam again felt that sick feeling coming on, a feeling that was a mixture of nervousness and arousal.
"What did she say?" Adam asked.
"She tried to play it off," Rachel said, taking a bite of her pizza. "But that is when she told me..."
"What?" Adam asked, with a mouth full. Rachel had a delightful smile on her pretty face.
"You do know Natalie photographs male nudes, right?" she asked. Adam was thinking 'how the hell would I know that?!'
"She takes pictures of naked guys?" he asked. Rachel nodded emphatically.
"It's quite a little business for her," the daughter said. "But I think she's particular to big guys."
Before Adam could ask what she meant, he suddenly realized exactly what that implied. "Okay, okay, I don't wanna hear any more," he said. And Rachel laughed heartily just like her mom.

Weeks later, Natalie and Adam arrived home from the grocery store, and as they pulled up, Natalie noticed the new garage door opener was not working. Dick had installed it the week before, and she immediately voiced her frustration with him. By mistake. "Hung like a horse but dumb as a mule," she mumbled as she parked the car in the driveway.

"What?" Adam asked.
"Oh, nothing sweetie," the step mom said.
Adam had heard exactly what she said, but wanted her to repeat it.
"What did you say?" he asked her.
"Sweetie, it doesn't matter," she said. "Let's get going."

As they took the groceries in, Adam began to talk openly about her relationship with Dick. A relationship that Rachel had told him, was a CFNM relationship. That term would not become mainstream for another 15 or so years, and at this time, especially in Kentucky, it was a seldom-heard term.
Natalie often saw Dick naked, yet he enjoyed no such privilege in reverse.

"Has Dick...ever seen you naked?" Adam asked apprehensively.
"Um...not that I know of sweetie," she responded with a laugh.
" see him naked all the time?" he asked her.
She hesitated to answer, but reluctantly did so.
"I guess you could say that," she said with another teasing laugh.
"But isn't that...kind of unfair?" he asked.
She shrugged. "Not for me," she smiled.
Before he could ask another question, she cut him off.

"Sweetie when you get older you're gonna find that you have many interesting relationships, meet many interesting people," she said, now putting the milk away. " eccentric. He's eccentric...but he's a friend of mine. I guess you could call him a nudist...but whatever the case it is none of your business." "Natalie, I didn't mean to - " he began, apologetically.

"How would you like it if I snooped on you and your friends?" she asked. Adam was a little scared. "That's right - Rachel told me you and her were snooping on Dick and I a few weeks ago. Would you like it if I snooped on you and your friends?" "I wouldn't like it," he answered.

"Exactly," she said. "If your uncle Dick wants to go nude when he and I congregate, that if perfectly fine. If he wants to wear clothes, that is fine. It is our business."

Even though Natalie had warned young Adam about his boundaries, he couldn't stay away.
It kept getting hotter that summer. Adam helped Natalie out in the garden, and Dick chipped in as well.

Because she begged Dick to come over on his one day off that week, he kept teasing her that she owed him a special treat. She teasingly fired back "what, my famous blueberry pie?" No, Dick sought something else.
This was within earshot of young Adam, and he decided to spy on the two like he and his step s****r did a few weeks earlier.

Adam told Natalie he was going over his friend's, and Natalie waved goodbye, and headed inside with Dick. Young Adam crept up to the window, to the spot where he and Rachel had spied from. Again, the window was open, allowing young Adam to see, and hear, everything.

Natalie plopped herself down on the chair in the living room, and Dick walked up to her, with an obscene bulge in his pants.
Natalie didn't waste much time, and began undoing the man's pants. Adam began to get a fierce erection as he looked on.

Natalie yanked down Dick's pants, and his oversized prick came bouncing out, sticking out as sturdy as a diving board. And just like a diving board, it teetered up and down a bit, like there was something imaginary bouncing up and down on it.
"What a banana," Natalie said enthusiastically.

She broke into small talk with Dick for a few minutes, but then Adam saw her wander out of the room. She returned carrying some small item.

"Oh my God," Dick said with a laugh.
"I just want to know," she answered him.

Adam was trying to figure out what was going on.

"You know I have always wondered, and now I'll actually see," Natalie said.

"Come on, you're wasting time," Dick said to her.
"You shush you," she answered him. "This will only take a sec."

Adam then saw Natalie begin to reel out a thick, yellow tape measure. And Adam had a pretty good idea of what she was going to measure.
"Took me forever to find this thing," Natalie said as she reeled it out. "Don't know when the last time I used this was."

There was this tall, handsome gentleman, pants pulled down to his knees, with a huge erection sticking out before him, and this usually prim and proper single mom was going about measuring his gigantic penis.

Natalie struggled with the tape measure, as it made a loud crack as she tried to bend it. Her clumsiness with the measuring instrument only made the scene more comical.

"Let me help," Dick said.
"No-no, you hold your dick," she instructed him. "You hold your dick and I'll measure it."

Adam could hardly believe what he was witnessing. Natalie held the tape measure along the top of the man's enormous hard-on, and leaned in to see her findings. She looked closely, with scrutiny.
"Jeez louise," she said.

"What?" asked Dick.

"Looks like...11, maybe 11 and a half inches," she said. "Oh my must win a lot of bar bets with this thing."

She then measured it along the sides, and underneath, just to make sure it was the same all around. The head of Dick's penis looked as big around as a baby's fist.
"Are you happy now?" Dick asked her, as she finished taking her measurements.

"Looks like you're pretty happy right now," she said of his outrageous erection. It looked as big around as one of Natalie's forearms.

Natalie then sat down on the chair, and had Dick stand before her. She nonchalantly crossed her legs. Adam couldn't believe the stark contrast - a totally naked male, standing before a fully-clothed woman. Natalie just sat there, as calm as ever, in her tight white shorts and low-hanging blue top, and she had Dick under her command.
Apparently, the "special treat" that Dick sought in exchange for his help with the yard work was a hand job, and it was an intense hand job at that.

Natalie stroked him with one hand, her strokes so long and his cock so big around, it looked like she was stroking a baseball bat.
"I swear, even Dusty didn't have a dork as big as the one you got swingin' between your legs," she said teasingly to him.

"Dusty an old boyfriend of yours?" Dick asked her.

"Dusty was the horse on our farm when I was growing up!" she said. Dick laughed, and his prick throbbed as Natalie quickened her strokes on his massive rod.

"You love it when I stroke your big, hard cock, dontcha Dick," she cooed. His response was to blast her with a thick load of come, such a huge load that some sort of special effects seemed to be at work. But it was all him, and his white shower of come sprayed all over the upper chest of Natalie, the tops of her large breasts now drenched in the stuff.

She kept stroking his giant willy until it settled back down between his legs in its flaccid state. Adam still watched wide-eyed, his mouth open in shock.

"That was a lotta come," Natalie said, half impressed, half amazed. The shock of it all caused Adam to linger longer than he wanted to, and as Dick left, and Natalie headed to the kitchen, she saw the young boy out of the corner of her eye.

"Adam?!" she screamed.

'Damn,' Adam thought. She had caught him.

to be continued.......

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