I live in a small town just outside Glasgow in Scotland, its called Paisley.

on to my story.
one night on my way home from work,I see a car with its hazard lights on in the distance, its a dark wet cold night, so I pull over my car and get out and go up to the other car, I tap on the window and see a young girl inside, she has on a Ha jib, and nearly jumps out of her seat as I approach, now I know in her community its not permitted for her to speak to men, let alone strange white men, so I back off from the car and she winds down the window, she has a pretty face and even though she has hidden her figure under all those clothes I can tell she has great tits and I wonder how nice her arse might be. " do you need any help " I ask.thanks but no I have called my mum and she is en route she she will be here soon" I smile and start back to my car, just glancing around to see her look back in my direction, now I'm plump late 30's but have deep blue eyes that has gotten me a lot over the years, so I head back to the car and can see how cold she is as her nipples are poking through the thin fabric of her clothing, I ask her if she would like to sit in my car while we wait for her mum,again she says no so I offer to wait in her car and she can wait in mine until her mum comes, she agrees and thanks me very much.

while in her car I see her mobile phone, now I know what you are thinking it would be back to look through her fun, but its cold and im bored so I start to look at her pics on her phone and hit the jackpot she is a very naughty girl, there are pics of her naked as I guessed she has great tits full at least 34DD and she is shaved all over with pics of her shaved pussy. time is against me as her mum might be here any second, so I look through her video clips and fine the usual clips f****y parties and other stuff, then the last clip is one of her she is on a bed I assume its hers she is naked and playing with those big brown tits kneading them as she moans and start to slide her hand down to her shaven pussy which is clearly very wet, she slip on finger into her pussy and starts to move it in and out after a few seconds on the clip she opens her pussy wide and start s to use a dildo on her self she is so wet and moaning like a porn star. WELL AS YOU CAN ALL IMAGINE BY THIS TIME MY COCK IS FIT TO BURST, but no luck is not on my side this night a car arrives and I get out and see a woman early 50's clearly her mother say face slightly older but same great figure. I introduce my self and explain what has gone and tell the mother that her daughter has kept her honour and been a lady. she puts her daughter in her car and asks if we can both sit in my car I cant think why but agree..

as we are in the car alone I am very surprised as this is not usual for a Muslim lady especially a married one. she tell me her husband has died and its just her and her daughter and that she has no money to pay me, I look at her confused and say there is no payment its fine as long as the both get home safe, no my cock is straining against my jeans trying its best to get out, she must noticed my bulge and asks if that was her or her daughter who caused my discomfort .

not wanting to get her daughter in trouble I say the thought of her naked and my kissing every bit of her smooth body got me hard the second she got out of the car, now my face is clearly embarrassed and she sees this and leans across and up zips my jeans springs my very very hard cock free and lowers her lips and starts to suckle on my cock.
Now due to seeing her daughters pics and the fact that this women was a cock sucking expert I was close real close to filling her mouth with my hot sweet sticky cum and she knew it she put my cock deep in her throat and sucked even harder, I shouted I'M CUMMING but she still carried on sucking and when I blew a very large load of cum down her mouth she didn't even gag just kept on sucking and sucking I swear I thought I was going to pass out with the wave of pleasure going through my body, she sucked my cock until I went limp, kissed me and thanked me for my kind assistance and took my phone number and left with her daughter....... BUT WAIT THERE IS A TWIST IN THIS TALE ......

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10 months ago
How DARE you insult my culture...Still, waiting for the next part teehee
2 years ago
I love hot and horny car-sex and motorways erotica fun!


what's comping up next?
2 years ago
2 years ago
waiting for the next part...
2 years ago
keep dreaming