I Grabbed It...

About 8 years ago now, I reacquainted with an old friend that Had been my closest mate during our wild years. He’d returned from the UK, after being away with his fiancé for 15 years. In our heyday, we were non stop party a****ls . We would party all night, sometimes longer, and then we’d crash at some ones house for the night. It was usually mine, seeing as I had spare beds and no k**s. Nothing ever happened sexually between Andy and I, despite us being pretty open with one another. We showered together at times, just being silly buggers and it seemed strangely normal to our “care free” lifestyle. Andy had no qualms wandering naked around my house (and even the back garden at times). He was known for his long, thick penis, which secretly, always fascinated me. I’d always been jealous of his weighty cock, swinging as he walked, so that it bounced of his heavy ballsack.
Andy’s long term Fiance had recently left him, and he was now back in town, looking for an accomplice to paint the town red, and drown a few sorrows.
Another younger mate of mine that id met through work, also spent a lot of time with us. He and Andy got on famously, both good looking guys with charisma and spark.
One night after excessive drinking (and god knows what else), we retired at my place again. I crashed on the bed immediately, leaving Andy and Brad to continue drinking and talking shit together. It was the height of summer and they’d decided to take a swim to sober up. They weren’t in for long and were soon back in the lounge, with white Towels around their waists. 
Andy was a big k** and within minutes, he had jumped on my bed, trying to wake me to join in the party. He was such a slut, always letting his dick come out…..pretending it was an accident. He was such a slutty tease with it. But, good on him I guess. His cock had never actually been this close to my face as it was now. I felt his nuts on my chest and as he moved about like a nutter, I felt his warm cock slapping against the thin cotton sheet….which sent a tingle of bl**d to my shaft, unexpectedly. 
My other mate Brad got a shock seeing Andy’s cock fall out. He stared in awe. 
“It’s like a fucken baby’s arm ” he said
They both laughed like naughty boys and the scent of masculinity enveloped the three of us, like a steamy savory mist. 
Soon Andy had pulled Brads towel off and both of them were play fighting on the bed completely naked…. as I lay in beneath them like a human battlefield. It was all pretty hilarious, and we felt natural in each other’s company. The sexual tension was rising, as was my covered cock, which I was too d***k to try hiding. 
I’d often seen Andy’s penis and as was everyone else. I don’t know why after all the years we’d been mates id never thought of grabbing it before but I felt an urge that night. And it was all go!
I grabbed it roughly and it filled up my palm, he loved the attention. I watched as Brad spyed at my movements and could tell he was turned on as fuck. 
Andy totally gave in to the attention and soon all three of us were touching one another. 
I was so turned on by how different our cocks all were. Mine was small but thick and the guys kindly made mention of my big helmet head. Brads cock was pale and smooth and curved up like a banana , Andy had length and thickness but had the tiniest head on his dick. We all had something to balance our cocks out with. 
Brad and I sucked Andy together and our wet tongues met in the centre of his girth. It was like a coke can in thickness and it felt so good to hold and wank as we sucked him off. He moaned so sweetly it was a real turn on…he totally opened up, his legs wide apart with his smooth arse partly exposed. Being mates we had little to prove and the three of us lay in an embrace that was almost tender at times. The biggest turn on was seeing Andy go down on Brad with such restraint. He knelt over him and just sucked and licked him like he was made of candy. 
Brads curved member turned scarlet with all the sucking and he grew to a damn good size. As Andy knelt over him I played with his arse, touching around his hole but not too much. The smell of his ass and balls was bizzarely erotic for me…kindve like truffles on toast. I wanted to run my tongue over his arse but held back.
We all came together, over each other and lay glistening in cum before washing off. It happened another couple of times with Andy but never all together again.
With mates this was a great experience and one that I still jerk off thinking about today as I’m about to right now.
100% (5/0)
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9 months ago
I agree, wish there had been a more to add to it!
10 months ago
loved the story cum all over my hand
12 months ago
mmmmmmmmmm , great story !!