The Bear

I got invited to a Bear party and since I liked hairy older men I went.It was on a Saturday and started at two in the afternoon. I arrived at three and was amazed at how many sexy guy`s were there. I stripped down and went to the spa. The spa was filled with bears and my cock was rock hard. I sat in the spa and got my bearings.Five very sexy bears where all nude in the spa. One asked my name and we began to chat. His name was Harvey and he was kinda cute. He had a very hairy body,which I really like. I rested my hand on his thigh and Harvey smiled.I began to caress his muscular,hairy thigh. Up and down his leg my hand traveled.
I looked through the water at what I thought was a peculiarly long penis.I thought the water was making it look bigger than it was. I have never seen a cock nine inches before. I slowly reached for Harvey`s penis and I grasp the tip. He moaned softly as I stroked his manhood.It was not a joke,Harvey`s penis was almost ten inches and oh so thick.Slowly I stroked his penis as we made small talk.
Harvey had a look of bliss on his face and told me he wanted a kiss. I leaned near him and our lip`s met. I opened my mouth and his tongue filled it. I sucked on his tongue while still stroking his penis and I loved it.We kissed for at least ten minutes and it got me really turned on. Once we came up for air Harvey asked me to come inside the house with him. We got out of the spa and walked hand and hand into a nearby empty bedroom.
I sat on the bed as Harvey finished drying off. I looked his body over and was super turned on. His penis was so sexy and his body super hairy. Harvey walked in front of me and I reached again for his penis. As I stroked him he moaned and said it felt so good. I thought to myself if he liked to get jerked off he will love a blowjob.
I asked Harvey to lay on the bed.I knelt in between his legs and let my hands travel the length of his muscular legs.I pointed his manhood up in the air and marvelled at how perfect it was. I leaned close to his penis and licked his shaft. My tongue traveled his shaft as I came up near his tip. I opened my mouth and began to suck his helmet,my tongue circling. I sucked more and more of his penis into my mouth. My head started to go up and down,I liked my mouth full of this lovely man`s penis.Harvey was moaning and I was loving it. My hands were roaming his hairy chest while I sucked his penis. Harvey placed a hand on my head,guiding more of his penis into my mouth. I felt him hit the back of my throat which made me gag a little.He must have pushed six inches of his penis into my mouth when I taSTED SOMETHING TANGY AND A LITTLE SALTY.I knew it was his pre-cum and that he was close to coming. Up and down my mouth went,sucking his meaty penis while I went. I started to stroke his cock while sucking on it and kept hearing Harvey moan deeper and deeper. Harvey tightened his legs as a thick load of cum shot out and hit the back of my throat. Wave after wave filled my mouth of his seed. I swallowed three times until Harvey stopped ejaculating.My tongue danced with the last drop of his cum.I smiled knowing I did a good job and was pleased with how Harvey tasted.
I was still holding on to his helmet in my mouth. His penis was still rock hard and I loved it.I took my hand and started to stroke his manhood the whole time marveling at how yummy it was. I aske Harvey if I could go for a ride on his penis. Harvey smiled and told me to do what ever I wanted.On the nightstand someone left some lube and I oiled his penis with it,making his cock so shiny.It looked like a dildo all lubed up. I got on top of Harvey and guided his manhood into my tight hole.I moaned with some pain as his helmet entered me.I sat there with his penis just inside of me. Soon the pain went away and I was beginning to like it. I slowly lowered myself on his manhood.Three then four inches were inside of me then I took every inch..
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1 year ago
Nice story and I have been to parties like that but the only difference was that all the sex took place in the living room and I was usually in the middle of it being used as a piece of meat being passed around..
1 year ago