Gary,Bobby and I

I was between his legs sucking his thick,throbbing penis.My fingers were touching his very hairy body, I touched his chest his hair was so soft.As I sucked his penis and without touching myself I shot a load over the bed.
Gary though it was funny that I came without being touched. My mouth was sucking his thick cock, sliding up and down his shaft. Gary was moaning and I knew he was close. I tried to get all of his penis in my mouth when it happened. Gob's and gob's of Gary`s tangy cum filled my mouth. I swallowed all I could, watching his face as I did it. Gary was very pleased I did not loose a drop.
I knelt in front of him still savoring his seed going down my cum hungry throat.Gary got behind me and pushed my shoulders to the mattress. My ass in the air before him I felt a finger slide into me. Damn it felt so good and I began to moan.Next Gary slide three of his fingers into me. Next my hips started to meet his thrusts, I was enjoying it very much when Gary stopped. Next he moved closer to me and I felt something much bigger stretch my tight hole. His very thick,cut penis began to fill me. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.His penis slowly began to fill me and I just let him push his manhood in to me. As more of his cock entered me the more I got turned on.Gary slowly pushed a little more of his cock into me.Soon his very full balls slapped against me, knowing his entire eight inch penis was inside me turned me on. Gary slowly began to fuck me, slowly at first until I was used to his girth. Next he began to jam his penis in and out of me with deep,pounding thrusts. Before I knew it my hips got in the action and met his powerful thrusts by pushing back against him.His penis felt so good sliding into me. My body became his personal fuck doll. Gary moaned and slammed his penis deep inside of me over and over.His balls slapping me with each thrust. My eyes shut and my body getting filled made me moan.I moan for Gary to fuck me deeper. Gary grabbed my hips and gave me a final thrust. I could feel my hole getting slippery and I felt him shoot his hot cum deep into me.I LOVED it..So slick and still gripping his penis with my hole. It felt like Gary filled me with a gallon of cum before he stopped.Damn I so liked it...Gary slid his penis into me as his cum lucubrated me.Gary grabbed my hips and continued to fuck me over and over,deeper and deeper. I knew right then that I had to have more.
Gary s penis was softening inside of me and he pulled out with a loud plop.I took my hand and replaced his penis with two of my fingers. They slide easily into me and became wet from his cum. I watched Gary lye on his back, his penis glistening from his seed. Just then I looked up and saw Gary`s roommate in the doorway. Bobby was stroking his erect penis and I smiled. Gary told Bobby to get some of me and I smiled bigger.I was still on my knees and I moved to the edge of the bed.Gary moved in front of me and I began to stroke his spent penis.Slowly he became erect and I took the head into my mouth,my tongue circling his helmet.MMMmmm It was beginning to get fully hard ass I licked his helmet.Gary was moaning as I took his penis deep in my mouth. Garys hands were on my head,guiding his length into my mouth,hitting the back of my throat..
Bobby`s penis was twice the size of Gary`s. I was almost scared as I felt Bobby spread my cheeks and push his cock tip into me!! Bobby`s cock was just wider and about four inches longer.I took a deep breath as he shoved his cock into me. My god he stretched me as he shoved his penis into me. Soon I felt Bobby's balls slap against me and I knew his penis was in me. Bobby left it inside of me without moving. I leaned forward as his penis slide out of me slowly. I felt his head towards my opening then pushed back towards him. Soon I was riding his manhood like the slut I was.
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