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I am waiting for Brian to come over. He has such a hot body and big penis. I love to stroke him off and capture his cum in my mouth. Swallowing his cum turns me on so much that I usually cum myself.
Then I get on my knees for him and he inserts his thick cock into me. Brian fucks me like no tomorrow. Deep stroke and very fast he goes. I cum just from getting fucked and love it.
I will let you know what happens.....
Posted by jjesjr 3 years ago


I wish I had a guy past out d***k here at home with me now.I would unbutton his fly carefully, not wanting to wake him. Looking as I wake his penis with my fingertips. He begins to throb and fill out. My fingers stroking his shaft while licking the tip with my tongue.His penis was swelling up nicely. My fingertips glided along his smooth skin,wet from my tongue..I eagerly licked his penis until the tip was in my throat.I was sucking him off well. I bobbed my throat around his manhood making his penis throb bigger and bigger.
Posted by jjesjr 3 years ago

New to me....

I was naked rubbing my penis watching porno when my two friends showed up. Sam and Eric were a cute couple. I have always wanted to have sex with them both.
So there I was watching a nasty porn, my cock just throbbing.It was a bisexual porn and a guy was giving another guy a blow job. Sam`s eyes never left my television as the stud was moaning from getting his erection sucked by another hot guy.I watched as Sam reached over and stroked Eric's penis through his shorts.I could tell he was hard and Sam kept rubbing his penis. Sam asked if they could get comfortable and watch the video with me.... Continue»
Posted by jjesjr 3 years ago