after school math test

It was just a normal rainy thursday.
And I had to stay after school to finish a math test my sexy teacher was the only other person in the room she said shell be back in a few minutes and left me alone
I started getting horny thoughts of me and her and some school girls.
then i began rubbing my cock through my pants when it wasnt even 1/4 erect i opened my pants and took out my cock. then i started jurking my cock.
i could smell my dick very strong, it smelled very nice i stood up from my seat and went to another one where i knew harriet was sitting a very hot girl out of my grade. i went to her table and rubbed my dick all over it then i did so to her chair too. Then i went to My math teachers desk opened the drawer and looked if she had a dildo or her panties in it but she didn't (my math teacher has many things in class like extra sport clothes and shoes etc.
Still with the feeling that makes it all so exciting (the risk that she could come back each second) I turned around and saw her little food snacks ( appels bananas dried fruit a plate with a sandwich on it and a bottle with tea in it)
i took the flask with tea opened it and it was just big enough for letting my cock in. the little white bubles on my cock got mixed with the tea and a little drop of sperm also mixed in it. i tried to hold back from cumming ( i like to do that) and it worked
I thought suddenly i came in the flask but i didnt have my orgasm yet that happens to me sometimes. i took my penis out of the flask, tea was dropping from my dick. i took her bag got out a pair of unused training socks and dried my cock than i put the socks back and went back too the food.
I took her sandwich (on it was salad butter chicken or something and tomatoes with cucumber slices) opened it up layed my cock between the salad and the cucumberslices and tomatoes and put the sandwich back together. my dick looked out on the other side and i wanked carefully with the sandwich until right before the orgasm. then i opened the sandwich and came right in the middle of it i put it back together and put it back. then i went to hariets chair again where i put the last drops of cum on her chair then i put my cock back in my pants and sat back on my chair continueing with my math test. 2 minutes later my math teacher came back in the room and sat down. she took her Flask opened it and drank from it, she didnt notice that i had cummed in it. then she even started eating her sandwich, i was scared that she might notice but she didnt

the end

my math teacher organises school dances and so on i often stay after school to finish a test or sometimes to help set up a dance so i did do some more things in her class room
if people like this story i might writew some more they just need to ask
ps: this is all real.
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2 years ago
hot, something id do, all my math teachers have been hot 25-32 yr old women
3 years ago
its funny
4 years ago
good & want to hear more
4 years ago
i would also like to hear more
4 years ago
not bad would like to hear more