first time with my girlfriend


Well me and my girlfriend have been together for about a year now. So for my 1 year anniversary "present" my girlfriend came over to my house while my parents were away for the whole weekend. We decided to hangout and watch a couple of movies and cuddle together. After awhile we started to makeout as we usualy do.

I felt all over her great body, her great 36D sized breasts, and her perfectly round ass. Soon I took off her shirt and bra. Oh my god did she have the greatest boobs a guy could ever get. perfect shape, and the nipples perfect size. After awhile we both had no clothes on except I had my boxers on and she had her thong on. I kept kissing her while playing with her boobs and licking them. Soon she started going lower on me, licking my chest and stomach going down to my crotch. She said "Just lay back." And I sure did. Soon I felt her pull down my boxers and pull out my rock hard 8 inch dick.

I felt her play with it in her hands and stroke it, then put it in her mouth. I could feel her warm tounge licking the head and bob her head up and down, giving me the greatest feeling ever. I started moaning with pleasure while she kept licking and sucking my dick. I said that i was going to cum and that she should stop, but she just kept going, faster and faster! I felt myself ready to explode! And i did, in her mouth, she loved the taste and just licked it all off and swallowed it all. I then returned the favor and started rubbing her pussy, that was very wet at this point. I started to finger her, first two, then three.

I then pulled out my dick and asked if i could put it in. She said "Dont hesitate, i want you inside of me!" I didnt wait, i rubbed my dick and prodded her for a second, then slowly put it in to her. She was moaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I kept going in and out, and i started going faster and faster! I felt myself ready to cum again and she pulled me out and started stroking me. And i exploded on her face, and she licked it off her lips and chin. And we just layed there together cuddling. Naked, falling asl**p.

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3 years ago
good but needs details