my s****r again

About a week after I had made love to my s****r, I wake up in my bed downstairs. My s****r was in the next room so I decided the previous night I would wake up early and surprise so I could ask her to have sex before my parents wake up. I went out of my bed to hers to see her with one sheet covering her. I pulled the sheet slowly not to wake her so I could have a bit of fun first. I carefully pull off pajama bottoms to reveal no under wear! I almost felt like she knew this was coming. I started by just looking at her beautiful pussy and the pubic hair as weird as it was the way it was cut like a rectangle was just magnificent.

I licked it for a little bit very slowly like. I then made my way to her stomach and with both my hands and pushed her pajama top up revealing both of her large beautiful sexy breasts. I played with them and sucked on them for a little while. After that I started to kiss her and then lay on top of her naked which finally woke her up (she is a really heavy sl**per). I asked her she said yes, she thought that I would do this. She said, “pull off my… oh wow you little perv go eat.” So as she was finally waking up I eat her pussy out like a madman. I mean I licked, I stuck my tongue in and I even put my whole chin in, that finally made her sit up and move to my bed because it was much more comfortable

She had pushed me on to my bed and jump on and mercilessly landed right on my penis. I see her and her large tits juggle up and down while IÂ’m holding her ass to make it harder and even more pleasurable. Unlike last time we fucked I let all the semen sprits all over her so we can have a second to talk. We talk about I find her so gorgeous, if she thinks my penis is big, and I asked her if she has had sex since we last did and she said after that day she had the courage to ask a hot Jew to have sex with her.

After that I lay down backward side of the bed so she can suck my dick. She first jerks my dick around swinging it back and forth and then licks it and puts it in her mouth from the top, then puts as much of it as she can handle till she starts moving her head back and forth for what feels like one of the best hours of my life was really about fifteen minutes. Then we want to try doing it on the floor so since we have a carpeted floor we fuck that time I was on top which made it all fast and furious. I had cumed all over her stomach which was kind of gross but whatever ever it is all in the spirit of having great sex.

We had gotten back on to my bed not to have sex we both were extremely tired from all that crazy sex. We started to make out while she stroked my cock and I finger her pussy for an hour before our parents usually woke up. She gives me a quick amazing hand job before she goes back to bed. We stand up I put both my hand to the wall she got right behind me puts her left hand on the wall, (I felt her amazing pubs against my ass), her right on my erectile penis and strokes if for what felt like 20 minutes.

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3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
sounds hot
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