first time with s****r

My s****r and me would play cards for hours sitting on her bed. One morning we were getting ready for school when she walked out of the bathroom and the towel fell to the floor. She was standing there naked in front of me and i wished i could have taken her to the room and fuck her right then. at the time i was 19 and was 18. She has A cup tits and a nice shaved pussy

So there we were sitting on her bed playing card i was looking at her thinking when to make my move. then out of no where she said i cant take it any more, show me your hard dick i been looking at for the past hour. Ready to see it, so i pulled it out and she damn i want to fuck you but i am scared your dick is big. I told her I would take it easy on her. she said can i see how long and think it is. I said how are you going to do that she pulled out a tape measure from the night stand beside her bed. I said yeah go ahead. She took the lenght first it came out to be 7 and 5/8 inches the she measured the thickness it came out to be 2 nd 7/8 inches thick.

She said i dont know if i can handle it, I said well let me see how tight you are she laid down and spread her legs and stuck my hands down her shorts and panties and stuck one finger in her pussy and it was tight. I said damn your tight and my dick might not fit she said what the hell just go for it and she got naked. I ate her pussy first to get it nice and wet and she cummed all over my face then i stuck my dick in and slowly started to fuck her and was screaming fuck me hard and faster that dick feel so good. I fucked her in every postion and an hour later told her i was going to cum she said dont go inside of me shoot in in my mouth so i did.

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3 years ago
details fill it in
3 years ago
You must only fuck your sister in emergencies boy.
3 years ago