your cok my mouth

Your Cock, My Mouth

I have just woken up from a restless night sl**p, thinking of you. I decide to go and have a shower to freshen myself up. I run the water nice and hot, as it is such a cold morning. Stepping into the shower letting the water sooth my body.

I begin washing my body, my nipples becoming hard as I run my hands over them. My thoughts are of you, your sexy smile, your lustful eyes, your gorgeous body and your beautiful hard cock. I feel myself becoming lost in my thoughts, my body aching for your touch. To feel your hands all over me, your lips kissing me. Your tongue licking my wet pussy, your hard cock fucking me.

My hand slowly moves down my body, caressing myself. My legs opening as my fingers find my wet pussy. I begin rubbing my clit, moaning to myself. I slide a finger inside my wetness beginning to slowly fuck myself. The warmth of the water adds to the sensation. I place another finger inside myself while still rubbing my clit, my muscles gripping my fingers as I move them in and out of myself. My mouth is aching for your cock wanting to taste you're hot cum shooting down my throat. I moan loudly as I cum all over my fingers, my clit throbbing as I do.

You are standing there naked stroking your cock, you have been watching me. Your cock so hard leaking pre-cum, I look at you licking my lips. I pull you into the shower with me; you smile at me your eyes telling me that you need my mouth around your cock.

I move closer to you, kissing you so deeply. Feeling you hard cock rubbing on my leg, my hand begins stroking you. You can feel the heat in my body as it aches for you. I begin kissing down your neck gently nibbling at you. Slowly kissing you down lower and lower till my mouth is just above your hard beautiful cock. My hot breathe teasing your cock.

I smile up at you looking straight into your eyes. You look down at me, pushing your hard cock to my mouth. I begin licking your cock all over, my tongue going up and down your shaft. You begin to moan, as my tongue baths your hard cock the hot water rushing over us.

I take your head just in my mouth, my tongue running all over it licking up your pre-cum, moaning onto your cock. You are trying to f***e more of your cock into my mouth but I don't let you. My hands are caressing your balls and stroking your shaft, as I just suck on your head knowing you love the sensation. I look up at you again seeing the desire in your eyes.

Then I begin to move my mouth down slowly on your cock taking you inch by inch in my mouth, until I have all of your hard cock deep in my throat. My lips tightening around you, my tongue swirling all over your cock as I move up and down on you. You hold my head against you, running your fingers through my hair.

My mouth moving faster on your cock, fucking you harder with my mouth. Your hips grinding into my face, I take you almost out of my mouth then straight back down my throat. My tongue flicking over your cock wildly, as I suck you so hungrily.

I grab your ass pulling you as close as possible to my mouth. My lips tightening around you, my tongue swirling all over you. Gently nibbling your head as I fuck your cock harder and faster with my mouth.

Your movements are becoming faster; I feel your cock swelling in my mouth. Moaning onto your cock knowing you are going to fill me with your hot cum soon.

You let out this load groan, holding my head against you as you pump my mouth full of your hot cum. Spurting down my throat, drinking you hungrily, loving the taste of you. Draining every drop of you that I can, I release your cock from my mouth, licking your cock clean smiling up at you.

You pull me up to you wrapping your arms around me. Washing my body, I just look at you smiling knowing that you have enjoyed this shower as much as I have!
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1 year ago
Nice, I'd love to have you like this.
2 years ago
Damn! That was hot!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story wish that was me
2 years ago
Mmmm, exxxtremely hot! ...You have my full, hard and throbbing attention! ...I wish I was there to give it all to you >:)