Divas ass fetching - part 1

Diva exited a lot as she walkd to her anal trainers room..she was just 18 with a tight pussy opend a very few times-not properly-n wth an unopend anxious ass...she enterd th room..she lukd for james,she knows his name..th bathroom door opnd a macho man cmpletly nakd wth a 10inch cock hangin down..reachd her.without any bullshit talks he kissd her with palms undr her bare buttocks..remvd her top,bra..her cherry nipples shown.he startd tenderly kissin it thn turnd in 2 suckin hard ,rubbin hard with hs tounge ,bitin n chewin with lips..remvin her jeans n pullin her underwear up until tht cloth makes a pit at her pussy n until she cnt stand without th suport of one f hs hands wich plungin her butt flesh..untill hr eyes r closd n sme sweet moans escapd thrgh hr mouth..aaahh...ah....she s fully nakd nw...suddently he lead hr 2 a bed with a doggy style n by pulli.n hr but cheeks by hs thumbs n placd hs sharp toung tip at th center f her ass hole...thn pushd it a little further 2 taste her hot anal fllesh...aahh...she moand..,wth 2 fingers crawlin btwn her wet pussy lips..he curvd hs toung tip 2 get a sharp tip 2 crack hr damn tight ass pit...now he gets th usual symptoms fro her lik shivering,deep breathin,quik contraction f ass hole skin n pussy inner skin..wich he usualy felt durin th anal trainin of other anal virgins...Yes..nw he realy tasted her...hs huge dick nw s lik an steel rod,throbin in th air..by holdin her shiverin ass cheeks firmly..he pushd hs tounge tip further!...tht babe gaspd n moand...Oohh..mmm...aah...he realy began 2 ripe her shiverin hot 'pink flower' to fetch th real 'honey'....
2 b continued...
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