the thing we do when is not intended

friday after work i went to see my buddy mark. we where chillin' having a beer and talking about music and stuff like that. his wife carol comes home with her friend yuki. yuki is a japanese and she came here to las vegas to study in the unlv. mark told me that she wanted to fuck her so bad but can't because carol is pregnant and he's getting married with her next month. i told him too bad coz i love japanese and we puertoricans love fucken so i might make a move. mark was angry about it!! i told him to chill i came here to relax and go home alone i don't need drama from u and this crapp!! carol present yuki to me i said hello she said hi and everything just goes to normal. i ignore and watch tv she goes with carol to make dinner etc. couple hrs. goes by where at the table eating and drinking and smoking having a good time. i was pretty hammered so i waited to cool down b 4 i go home and head back to work the next day. and i din't notice yuki has been staring at me the whole time. i went to go use the bath room and carol was coming out of the bath room and told me hey you should go and talk to yuki she's been telling me she wanna get to know you and all. i said ok but just for a small talk coz i g2 go soon. as i went to the bathroom and using it i was a bit nervous. i washed up and head back to the patio where i smoke since carol is pregnant i don't smoke inside the house. yuki comes tours me to the patio and she said hi and all we made small talk. she's 24 yrs old she use to live in okinawa and her dad is a fisherman and her mom is a store clerk in a fiherman's market.
she came to study finance and business. i said that's cool she ask me where i'm from and what do i do i told her i work in a retail and looking for a full time job i never graduated high school and i was born and raised in chicago. she wanted to know more about me she ask am i a mexican or a afghan i said no i'm puertorican she said whats a puertorican. i got mad but i couldn't be mad at her because not a lot of the west of u.s. all the way to asia knows where puerto rico is so i said here i show u mark got a globe in the house we went back in the house i show her and she said wow!! that little island?! i said yes that small thing (but my cock ain't u fucken bitch) i said to her well i g2g because i work tomarrow and it's getting late i told her nice to meet you hopefully i get to see you again and all ok bye later. as i was heading tours my car yuki told me to wait up keep in mind my car is an acura legend 1988 white and it has no radio windows wont role down and no air-conditioning. i waited for her and she said can i drop her off to the house i said ok you know a friendly ride and all as i take her home she keep staring at me and she ask do you have a cel phone i told her no i don't i can't afford one i cna't afford paying my apartment.. she said ok i told her so where's your place? she said turn to your left and make a right. i was stunned because where she lives is where i live i was happy in a way because i don't need to grag my ass home. i told her u live where i live she said no way!!! she said can i coe in to your crib and talk b4 i go home i said sure but i don't have any beer she said it's ok. as i got into my apartment yuki said it's the same as my apartment i said no shit there all the same. she went tours the counter and wrote down her number in my pad. she said call me ok i said cool so what u wanna talk about she said about this she gave me a kiss and stares at me and said i wont bite i really like u and i dnt want a japanese or asian boyfriend i want a puertorican man a hispanic man i said aren't you interested in a white guy or a black guy? she said no i came here to the states to find a hispanic man. i ask why? i think your sexy with the spanish and you make a women feel at home and funny and have crazy stories. i said ok she said and i learn spanish and she said it fluently like this yo te quiero que tu me hagas el favor y ama me esta noche. in english she said i want you to do me a favor and make love to me for this night only. i was getting horny a girl of my dreams is in my house talking to me in spanish to top it off she was short just how i like them and she had short black hair chinky eyes white skin tone average tits and an average ass. i was assamed of my own physic i'm a over weight guy that need to lose pounds and not circumcised and my cock is small but when it gets horny it gets huge and thick. weird how cocks work and all. s=but she didn't give a fuck she kisses me i told her wait you just like me because i'm hispanic she said i like fat guys and your funny and smart and cute in your own way. now let me enjoy this night with you. we started to make out i can smell her hair and perfume it's a flowery and candy mix perfume real nice she touches my cock as i touch her tits stare at her and she is going down under unbuckling my belt taking off my shorts and see's my boxers she pulls out my cock and start stroking it nice and gentles and she starts to suck my cock i started to moan i never moan like this ever to no girl she was doing this weird twisting sensation type in her mouth stroking and sucking it deep throating it!!! i took of my shirt and i pick her up and took off her shirt and i see her bra i start making out with her kissing her neck making her feel like a women caressing her body all over caressing her ass and her tits i took off her bra and she takes off her shorts and panties she says to me i'm ready i told her i know you are but it's my turn to please you. i suck on her tits massaging her at the same time. i kiss her belly and head down to her pussy nice and wet i start to eat on it licking her pussy lips and eating it up she was moaning saying something japanese and i keep on going until she tells me to stop!!!she told me i'm ready papi please put it in i put my cock in and start fucking her so hard you hear her moan and the movement was so right i pound her so hard and fast i almost came because of the excitement but i didn't i stop and turn her around and fuck her doggy style and she said don't stop don't stop i didn't i didn't had a rubber to fuck her i told her i'm coming baby she said papi cum inside me i want yo baby i keep punding her and pounding her and i wanted to cum but i stop she turn around and start sucking me and she said i ain't letting u come in my mouth she throws me at the floor pins me and put my dick back in to her pussy. and starts fucking me hard!!! i was so in shick but enjoying it so bad i love it finally i wanted to cum to i push her to the floor grabd her legs and fuck her so hard i pound her and pound her finally i told her i'm cumming and you want a k** fine i give you a k** and as i came we both moan and i'm done i was tired and i have to b at work in 5 hrs. mark isn't gonna be happy with this story. this is all in my head and i never been in a relationship with a japanese women b4. she said to me i 'm sl**ping with you tonight so we sl**p til i have to wake up and go to work. next day she made me breakfast and told me go get them and i hope you be able to come with me to japan. i love you i was in shock and happy at the same time. the things we do when is not intended i said in my head.
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Just a one nighter or is there more to this story?