so here i am in my computer looking at your tits and thinking of the best sexual way to please you i became to day dream of u wearing a non tank top shirt and a skirt flip flops and you where just sitting around nothing to do i knock at your door and u say heyy how r u etc etc u keep staring at me like i'm bored lets do something and i was wearing blue shorts and a jersey flip flops. you said let's go to my room and drink so we drank some beers watch a bit of tv talking about stuff i glance at u touching your hair and i went to kiss u and u kiss me and we stare at each other. we started making out hardcore and i started touching and feeling your face then your back and body. then your boobs as you do the same accept u went to my cock.i pull off your shirt and went to your tits sucking them and bitting them u moan and u said ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes this is good dammit!!! and i went to take off your skirt and panties as i went to take them off u jump on top of me and pull off my jersey and shorts and boxers went for my cock and you said it's my turn!!! u went licking it up like a lollipop and then u went for the kill sucking it up and down deep throating it like no other u wanted to satisfy me like no other u whacked it off nice and smooth... u said u like that i was moaning saying that's it do it like that then i told u to put your pussy in my face 69 time baby i ate that clit like no other i went inside with my tongue and putting my finger inside to get some pussy juice and put it in your ass so i can eat your ass it tasted so damn good... i keep finger fucking u both pussy and ass u moan and moan and u r so wet in one point u where about to call it off but my cock needs satisfaction i turn you over make out with u and slid my cock nice and slow on your pussy.u moan really hard and said i been dying for that cock inside me yessssssssss fuck yessssssssss i push in deeper and you feel my cock getting thicker inside thicker and harder and greater than ever u hold me and your shaken up coz it's so good i keep going thrusting and pounding you so hard and u moan saying yes fuck yes i stop and turn u over doggy style and started to pound harder i can feel myself cuming but i hold it in so you can cum some more u keep moaning and saying baby come on cum inside me already baby please baby please and i keep pounding and your moans intenses me to keep going finally i came and u feel the throb of my cock and you drop and all tired and all satisfy. i lay down with u and hug u and kiss u i clean myself up and help clean u up and ended up snuggling in bed til the next day ;)
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