My first gloryhole with Jackie

I had my first swinging experience with a mature black girl named Jackie at a gloryhole several years ago.

Jackie and her husband are middle aged and posted on a swinging site a couple days in advance that they were going to be in town and would be visiting the gloryholes. They had been a couple times before and I had missed them so I was excited I would be able to see them this time.

The night of their visit came and I was waiting for them to show up near the booths. It was a few minutes past time and I was starting to think they wouldn't show up. After about 15 minutes had passed a couple with a black lady showed up. It was them!! My heart was racing and my cock was getting hard.

They mingled around the bookstore for a minute or two and then headed back to the booths. They stopped at the door right in front of me and she smiled at me as they opened the door and went inside. They picked the room that was adjoining to the room that I was standing in front of so I went on in.

I watched them get settled for a couple minutes. They put some money in the slot and started playing some porn. She took her shirt off and they kissed and touched each other. They weren't too far from the opening so I reached my arm through and touched her back shoulder. She had really soft, smooth skin. I was surprised how soft she was. She then touched my arm and came over to the hole.

I still had my pants up and she put her hand through the hole and motioned me with her finger without saying a word. I stood up and obliged her after touching her breasts for a second. She took my semi-firm cock in her mouth and gently sucked me until I was rock hard. She had soft skin on her hands and massaged my balls as she licked up and down my cock. Jackie had nice soft, warm, gentle lips. She continued to gently suck my cock and I stood there enjoying the moment.

This was my fist time and I was really excited. I wasn't able to hold my cum for very long and only lasted a few minutes. I thrust my hips against the wall when I was getting ready to cum and Jackie was receptive to my movements. I was afraid that she would stop sucking and stroke my cock when I started to cum but she didn't. She stayed down on me the whole time with her tongue swirling around my head and catching my cum in her mouth.

I've had mixed results with girls catching my cum in their mouths. I shoot really hard and usually have a big volume of about 10 shots. I have a video posted on here of me cumming to show you my volume and distance. Most of the time the ladies have to stop because the start gagging or laughing at the volume and finish me by stroking. The girls that stay down the whole time are alot more fun!

Jackie was really good. She took my load in stride. She didn't drop any, stop, or gag. She swallowed it whole and turned to her husband and said "that was a big load".

She caressed my balls and licked my cock clean. As I pulled my pants up she put her hand through the hole and gave a gentle wave goodbye. She never said a single word to me. I was surprised at how erotic that was. I remember her waving her soft little fingers goodbye to me all the time.

I opened the door and left feeling great. I would be back that night though....
88% (27/4)
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2 years ago
Wow hot
4 years ago
Dam lucky you!
4 years ago
That was really hot! Sounds like she appreciated your huge load