The girls at Baker House

The girls at Baker House are at it again, they just love to distroy young guys gonads !
(Ref. see “New Collage Wrestling”)

More Crazy Frat Parties

The wrestling parties had all but died out, the local police and the collage administrators really started to crack down on them. They were getting pressure from the parents of some of the boy’s coming home for the holiday’s minus there balls. I also think that most of the guy’s realized that it was a better then a 50/50 chance they would lose there baby makers!
So the new game in town was a little more civilized. They were called “nad bashers” or “ribbon parties”. There pretty much your normal beer bash except the guys have their nuts pulled out their fly. When they arrive at the party there greeted by the ladies. There balls are exposed and a ribbon is tied around their sack, snug but not to tight. The ribbons about 2 feet long, that allows anybody at the party to pull them out if they slip back into his pants.
Boy’s balls has always been a fascination with young people, girls and boys. Boys like to rap other boys and girls seem to favor squeezing and pulling them.

My 3rd ribbon party was more in line with the way the girls at “Baker House” liked to play.
It started out pretty much the way they all do. Lot of drinking and some joints passing around. Some of the jocks were slapping each others nuts to show how much there could take. The girls pull a ribbon now and then, some would give a playful squeeze just to see the guy drop to his knees.
After about 2 hours I noticed a guy passed out on the couch, he had been taking a lot of hits of the weed and shooting the beers down.
Two of the Baker girls began to take an interest in him. They sat him up in the middle of the couch with the two of them sitting on each side of him.
One them grabbed hold of his ball sack and f***ed nuts up to give her partner a clear shot at them. Then they started to slap and punch his poor balls while they sat there and talked and drank their beer. When one got bored with the hitting they would trade off.
The poor guys balls were all red from the abuse they were taking but he was dead to the world out cold!!
The others at the party would go over to them like he was an exhibit and spend a few minutes with them and feel his nuts commenting that they look like their becoming swollen, then they would punch them and walk away laughing.
Another Baker girl came over and told them they were being foolish to do that. Your going to make your hands sore, why don’t you use your shoe! So one of the girls took off a shoe an started beating his poor nuts with the sole.
I just stood back and watched these two little girls pound his sore nuts till they were dark purple and swollen to the size of two tennis balls.
The girls left him alone on the couch after beating his nuts about 2 hours and the party ended a few hours after it started. When I left there were only a handful of people left plus the poor bastard on the couch. From across the room it looked like he was sitting there asl**p with an purple eggplant on his lap!!

I never heard what happened to him or who he was but the next day there was a story around the school to look on the internet at “” under “purple plums”.
When I did this is what was shown. The clip featured the midsection of a guy with a swollen pair of balls. There were 4 or 5 female bodies in attendance with no faces but it did have muffled sound.
A pair of hands had a shoe lace that they wrapped around the base of his nuts as another set of hands lifted the purple sack. The lacing was tied tight. Then a long old fashioned hat pin appeared in the picture and was pushed with some resistance into the side of one ball. While one pair of hands held this poor bustards nuts the other hands pushed and guided the long needle until it pocked out the side of the other ball. There was laughter and cheers as his nuts were speared.
Then the ladies took a full box of “push pins” the type with the plastic handle used on bulletin boards and took turns making a very colorful pin cushion out of his once pride and joy.
The clip ended and I doubt the poor k**s balls survived. It didn’t look like the girls in that group were in any hurry to remove the shoe lace and I doubt they sterilized the pins before they drove them into his sorry gonads.

Ya have to hand it to the girls over at Baker House. The know how to party. Just make sure you stay awake!

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