New Collage Wrestling Rage

New Collage Wrestling Rage

A new underground rush has been spreading through the collage campus’s all over the country. It’s rumored that it started within the Ivy league set, at Harvard no less. I’m a sophomore here at Harvard and I went to my first “wrestling match” about a year ago.
No one is sure who came up with the idea, the male or female student body. But it’s not so unusual when you see the dude’s on skateboards grinding a steel handrail to some stair’s only to have the board slip out and the hapless young stud is smashing his nuts while doing about 15 mph. There’s been more than one to lose his balls at the hospital, and for what, so his “friends” could stand there and laugh at him while they record it on there cell phone camera.
This is how it started for me. A class mate friend of mine told me about this wild party of some sort that was going to happen over a Radcliff, the girls collage, on Saturday night but that I shouldn’t tell anyone else. It was to be in one of the sorority houses, Baker House. It had been rumored that half of the girls in there were lesbians because of there build and the way they acted, although in all fairness to the ladies, to belong to Baker House you had to be on at least one of the schools teams, rugby, lacrosse, rowing, etc.
That Saturday night came and I met Mike my friend and we made the short trip to the “party”. When we arrived we were told it was in the big room in the back of the large old house. The room was filled with about 25 people with a few more coming after us. They had already moved what few pieces of furniture they had in the room to one end. We had brought some beer with us and started to work our way around the group sippin’ the suds.
What we heard from a few of the people started to make us wonder what kind of a party it was going to turn into. We finally cornered one of the Baker girls and asked her out right what was the real deal. What she told us was the last thing we expected to hear. With much excitement in her voice she explained that this guy, and she pointed him out in the room, was going to wrestle one of the Baker girls, she also pointed her out, she wasn’t too tall but built solid. If the guy win’s he can have sex with any one or all the girls at Baker House for a month. But (and at this part she couldn’t stop laughing while she told us) he has to put a wire loop around his nuts that has a slip knot and it’s tied to the wall with nylon cord 15 feet long. They have to wrestle for 10 minutes, he has to keep her from pulling him away from the wall for the 10 minutes, if he does then he win’s, but if she can pull him far enough then “no more babies from him.” As I listened to this giggling girl tell us this, I realized that I had a rock hard erection bulging in my pants, which she looked at and gave a squeeze as she smiled and walked away laughing.
Mike and I walked though the groups of people drinking their beer and laughing when I saw the guy that the girl had pointed out as the male contestant. He came off as a loudmouth jock hanging with his buddies, telling them he’s going to fuck at least 5 of these bitch’s every day for a month solid. I was hoping he lost his balls the asshole!
It was12 midnight and time for the main event. Both of them stripped down to just there athletic shoes. The girl was stocky and very muscular, small b**sts, her pussy wasn’t shaved but the hair was trimmed short. The guy was built pretty good, a little taller than the girl, his cock and balls were average.
. They had the jock stand with his legs spread while they put a hefty rubber band around his nut sack, that was to stop the bleeding if the boy didn’t do well in the contest, he told them he wouldn‘t be needing it but they put it on anyway. The girls had what looked like a thin wire fishing leader with a small loop on each end. They took one end and passed it through one of the loops to make a slip joint. The other end was tied to a nylon cord with a big knot so that the wire couldn’t loosen and fall off but would get tighter if pulled on!
15 feet was measured off and the cord was tied to a nail in the floor next to the base of the wall. The jock stood next to the wall with the cord loose between his legs, his dick was hanging semi-hard. He wanted the match to start because the rubber band was uncomfortable.
One of the Baker girls went over the rules quickly. No hitting with arms, elbows, knees or feet! No head butting! No biting! The girl can’t pull on the string except by using his own body! They my push or bump each others bodies using there bodies! The match would last 10 minutes!
Everyone in the room moved in a semi-circle to give them room. The girls produced a cheap “kitchen timer” to use!! I thought that I wouldn’t want MY manhood riding on that!
Everyone was ready and the Baker girl yelled “READY, GO” above the cheering of the crowd. The guy was crouched with his back against the wall. The girl walked around in front of him looking for some way to get him off his feet. She made 4 or 5 false grabs for him before just running straight at him. He tried to dodge her but she got hold of one of his legs. The next move that she did wasn’t covered in the rules, but was perfectly legal, she grabbed him by his balls and squeezed! I know it would it be over soon, the jock dropped to his knees trying to break her grip but it was no use. She squeezed and twisted his poor nuts showing no mercy! The girls were going wild, the guys were yelling instructions to him which I’m sure that in his pain he didn’t hear. Soon she had him by his left arm and was crawling backwards pulling him with her. He tried to roll on his stomach so he could get up but she got to her feet first and kept pulling more. In a few moments she had him at the end of the cord. He was done for now, everyone in the room knew it especially the jock! He pleaded for her to stop. All the girls in the room were going crazy laughing at him, to my surprise the guys, even his friends were doing the same!! He tried to grab the nylon cord to keep the strain from reaching his f****y jewels but the cord was to thin.
The girl yelled for the time and her friends yelled back 4 minutes. She said afterwards that she thought she had 4 minutes left but was surprised to find out it only took 4 minutes to defeat him!
She started to toy with him before the end of his manhood and slowly began to swing his arm that she held back and forth. The boy must have felt the wire starting to pinch and cut into his sack because he was going insane, he was trying to yell and talk but it only came out as gibberish. I was mesmerized by the whole thing! The girls were hysterical with laughter, the guys, even his friends were grinning and laughing at him. And from what I could see all the guys had bulges in there pants, including yours truly.
One of the Baker girls was standing next to one of the jocks friends and was grabbing his hard on through his pants, yelling at him as she laughed “ I see you like watching your friend lose his baby makers don’t you!”.
The girls started to chant “do it, do it, do it!”
The girl stopped swinging the poor helpless boy and looked down at him, the room got quiet except for the sobbing coming from the soon to be “ex jock”. The girl holding his arm had a glassy eyed wild look as a wide grin spread over her face and she started to lean back and pull with her muscular legs. The guy let out a loud scream as his balls stayed on the floor at the end of the cord and he slid about 3 feet away before the winner stopped pulling him. The girls were going crazy as the guy just sat there in shock looking back at his manhood resting a few feet away. I didn’t see much bl**d anywhere so I guess the rubber band worked OK.
Two of his friends got him to his feet and took him out, I’m guessing to a hospital, there are plenty in the area. The girls scooped up his nut’s and washed them off with beer from a bottle and then began passing them around to the other girls to see. Even the guy’s there were interested to see and feel them, it’s not every day one gets to hold testicles outside of the nut sack!
I left Baker house a short time later with the girl I had talked to earlier that night. We went back to my dorm room and had oral sex. While blowing me she kept playing with my balls, toying with me, asking me if I would like to wrestle with her sometime, at least I think she was k**ding!!
I went to 2 more wrestling match’s this year. The only difference was that they were both outside. The neat thing about these match’s is that you can do them anywhere that’s away from prying eyes, all you need is the cord, something to tie it to, a car bumper, tree, door knob, etc. and two willing players! The outcomes were totally different though, the guys lasted the 10 minutes. Seem’s that the word got out from the first match to protect the f****y jewel’s at all cost!
The interesting thing that I’ve noticed happening at the parties that I’ve been hitting lately is there’s always a group of girls trying the talk some d***k stud into a match-up! And there’s always at lest 2 or 3 girls that have the cord and wire loop rolled up in a little bag with them.

Late Addition:

I just attended my 4th match! It was an impromptu match set up at a party in an apartment of a student going to BU. Most everyone there were med students from BU, my friend was dating one of the girls from the school so I tagged along.
It started out like all parties until everyone started to get hammered around midnight.
Then an argument broke out with some of the girls on the rowing team and some guy’s telling them the only reason they do the rowing is cause they like rubbing there pussies on the sliding seat!
Then the little bag appeared with the little wire loop! The girls started with the razing, they seemed to pick on the tallest guy in the group, probably cause he had the biggest mouth. His friends started beating on him to until his beer induced courage took over his sense of reason.
It’s unbelievable how fast the party turns when one of these matches is announced!
The girls all band together and start hugging each other and giggling. The guys buddy’s start giving him advice, they usually don’t really care about him loosing his nuts they just don’t want to have to listen to the girls brag about the win.
Within a couple of minutes 3 loop cords were produced and were being inspected by the girls to pick the best one to do the job! People started to move the furniture out of the way to give the needed room. A closet door knob in the middle of the wall was picked and the cord was measured off to give the 15 feet with the cord tied to the knob.
The girls started to argue over who was going to wrestle him. They finally picked the tallest girl because he was so tall. She looked to be about 6 feet and pretty strong. He was a couple of inch’s taller.
They went over the standard rule, no hitting, no butt heading, etc. Then both were told to strip. The girl had a great body, long muscular legs, big tits, and an ass to die for!! The guy was built pretty good too, but his biggest surprise was when he dropped his jockey shorts. His balls were big and hung low, halfway to his knees. The girls went wild when they saw them. The tall nude girl just stood there with a wide grin on her face looking at the swinging testicles. Two of the girls approached the boy with the wire loop when another girl ran up with the rubber band. “Don’t forget this!”. They had him stand with his legs spread while one held his nuts still, the other slipped the tight band on his sack as high as they could get, next they lopped the thin wire leader around his scrotum just below the band.
The captain of the rowing team produced a stop watch that she and 2 of the guys would use to keep track of the time.
When everyone was ready the girl with the watch yelled “READY, BEGIN!” The guy was back against the door, the girl moved back and forth looking for an advantage. She lunged for his legs but he pushed her away. The guy’s cock was getting hard and the girls started to tease him about it! Every time the guy moved his balls would swing around hitting his leg’s or the door behind him. The girl was very fast and had the athletic edge over the guy. She faked him out and managed to get her arms around his waist then she used her leg to take him down to the floor.
The girl captain with the stop watch was calling off each passing minute, she just called out 6 minutes!!
The girl had him on the floor, when he dropped he fell on his hard-on which caused him to yell. That caused the girls to laugh and tease him about a broken cock. The guy got hold of the girls left breast and started to twist and squeeze it. The girl was really feeling the pain from the expression on her face. The guys were cheering the move, the guys were also getting huge erections, myself included! The girl managed to get her hand on his dick and began to do her own twisting! The guy was also feeling the pain but wasn’t letting go of her tit! Then the girl took her finger and started forcing it into the pee hole in the head of his dick! The guy screamed and let go of the tit to grab her hand. When he did she flipped him over on his stomach, then slid up his back and grabbed both his wrist’s and pulled him from the wall! The guy’s nuts were stretched out with the cord pulled tight! The girls were laughing and cheering, the guy’s just seemed to be laughing! The girls started the chanting “OFF WITH THEM, OFF WITH THEM!” as the captain yelled 9 minutes. The girl stood over him looking down at him giving small jerks to his arms. The guy was just yelling “NO,NO,NO!” Then the guy started to piss from his erection like a fountain and the place went wild! The girl pulling stopped to watch until she heard the girl with the stop watch yell “10 SECOND’S”. She looked down at him, smiled and said “bye, bye balls”. Than gave one big pull and the boy slid away. His large nuts lay between his legs for a few seconds before being picked up by the squealing girls! His long now empty scrotum had snapped back and was d****d on his right leg! Every one wanted to see and feel his egg size jewels and none of his friends wanted to leave the party. The guy was finally taken out of the apartment and to a nearby hospital while the girls played with his balls. This time most of the guys stood around after the main event and had more beer and were treated to free hand jobs by the celebrating rowing team! The tall champion had her pussy licked by most of the guy’s and even a couple of her team mates!
Funny thing! I’ve never heard what happens to the poor bastards balls after the party’s are over! Do they send them back to the owner? Do the throw them out in the trash? Do the feed them to a stray a****l?

And so it goes in the life of a collage student!
Will the sport ever become an Olympic event? NAH!

The End

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