First Meeting With My Friend Holly

I was in Indy on a business trip. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was hanging around teh hotel room and getting bored by teh minute so I decided to take a drive. I spotted a Mall and decided to browse for awhile amd makbe get a bite to eat. As I was walking thriugh teh Mall I spotted this hot looking lady. She was wearinga tight jean skirt and tight fitting red top. I was walking behind her and the first thing I noticed were her amazing shapely legs. As my gaze worked it's way up her legs I noticed her awesome ass, nice and round and looking so squeezable. I felt my cock jump a bit just watching her walk and seein gthose sexy hips move side to side.

Being bored, I decided to follow her into Macy's. She stopped at the cosmetic conter and sampled som perfume, I stoped next to the counter as if I were browsing and trying to be unnoticable but she caught me glancing her way. To my surprise she smiled at me and gave me a little wink as she walked over into the Womans clothes department. She glanced behind her, I think to see if I was following her and when she spotted me, she smiled, witha sort of pleased smile that I was interested. She stoped to look at some clothes and slowly bent over to put her purse and bags down on teh floor and I almost dropped my teeth when I saw her jean skirt ride up exposing the shaply bottom of her ass and no panties. Needles to say my cock not only jumped again but I now hard a full pledged hard on.

Holly then turned towards me and motined for me to come over. By now my heart was racing with excitement not to mention my cock throbbing. Holly said to me in a low whisper, lets cut out the shit, I know you want to fuck me and I am flattered that you do...that makes me so wet knowing a guy wants to fuck me. She then headed for the stairwell, glacing back as to say follow me. Once the door slammed shut in the stair well, I couldn't control myself any longer. I pushed Holly against teh wall and started to kiss her, deep long passionate kisses. I felt her mouth open and her tongue met mine as we kissed long and hard. I reached for Holly's leg and pulled it up as I felt her unzip my pants and reach for my hard cock. Her soft warm hand stroked my cock a couple times and then guided it to her dripping wet pussy. I thrust my hips forward hard and forcibly as my cock slammed into Holly's cunt. I fucked her hard and deep and felt her soft body melt into mine as we came together.

Holly moaned as mu cock slipped from her wet pussy and I could feel my cum dripping from her cunt on to my cock. Holly straighted her clothes as I slipped my cock back into mey pants and zipped up. She said that was so nice, lets continue this at my house. By the way my name is Holly Koll and I like in Fisher. Come on, you can follow me back to my house. How could I refuse an invitation like that especially since I was bored to begin with. So off we went to teh cars as I followed my new friend Holly to her be continued.
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6 months ago
Love this scene!
1 year ago
Mmm..stairwell sex has to be amazing.
2 years ago
Hot story
3 years ago
Mmmmmm now that is way to meet also...:)HOT
3 years ago
sooo fucking hot!!! I NEED MORE.. WANT MORE!!!
4 years ago
come on over to Il on your next trip and come just 20 mils souht on Champaign,IL and look me up and I will fuck you
4 years ago
Awesome! I really enjoyed that!
4 years ago
Oh ... how hot!

Can't wait for #2.