Writhing Delights

this was written in abstract poetry form, hence the spaced writing. not an error

i throw you against the wall

and spread your arms out

against the wall pinning

you, i kiss down from your

chin, along your neck,

kissing and nibbling all the

way down your neck, to the

vline of your shirt...
i silde my hands up your

arms, and down to your

waist, where i gently pull

your shirt up over your

head and throw it ontothe

floor, i hold your shoulders

against the wall, and

continue kissing down your

chest, kissing closer and

closer to your perfect

breasts... i kisss around, and

silde my hands down your

back brushing them eroticly

along your skin, raising a

trail of goose bumps,.... i

strieghten up and kiss you

pationatly our tounges

wresteling, as i slide my

hands into your pants and

push them down until they

fall at your feet, i then kiss

down your body again, until

i reach your upper left leg...
i kiss down into the inside of

your thighand brush my

hands up towards your

groin, i feel the heat from

yourexited pussy, i gently

brush my hand against it

smiling as you shudder in

pleasure, i move farther up,

and kiss closer and closer to

your steamy cunt, where i

gently flick my tounge

across your love lips, i tap

my tonge against your

sesitive clit, sending shivers

racing up and down your

i kiss again, pushing my

tounge into your pussy,

feeling it sl**p into your

slick hole, tasting you for

the first time, reveling in

your delicious flavor, i rub

my tounge around inside

youm pushing it against the

walls, feeling your skin flex

around it.. you moan in

pleasure as i slide my hands

up and flix them against

your clit gently, thenslide

them up and start play with

your nipples, makingthem

hard and errect, you squirm

as i push my tounge in and

out faster and faster....
as your boddy shudders and

gets closer and closer to the

edge i quickly withdraw,

and move up to you,

cradeling your head and

pationatly kissing you,

intertwineing our tounges,

you can taste yourself on

my tounge, i slide one ofmy

hand down your stomach,

flicking at one of your

nipples as i go, and then

down past your waist, and

push 2 fingers in, rubbing

my thumb acrost your clit,

as i push in a third, and

wiggle them around....
i cup my fingers into a C

shape, and push a fourth

inside you, feeling your

juises moisten them as they

enter your tight pussy, i

streighten my legs andstart

to raise my arm,lifting you

until your f***ed to stand

on your tiptoes, mostly

supported by my fingers! i

move mythumb so your

weight pushes your clit

down onto my thumb, you

squirm on my hand,

overcome by the pleasure of

my now wiggling fingers,

you moan, unable to speak

as your body is slowly

engulfed by intense feelings,

bringing you to the point of

passingout, i break our kiss,

stopping our tounges frantic

wrestling, tolean down and

suck one of your pristine

nipples into my mouth...

i swirl it around with my

tounge, all the while

wiggling and twisting my

fingers within you.. your

juices are literally dripping

past my fingers and i decide

to amp it up a notch, i

gently bite the nipple im

sucking on, and listen to

your moan of pleasure,

mixed with the pain of the

bite, i pull back and blow

cold air onto your wet

nipples brnging them back

to their perky state of

orowsal... then i start

bouncing you up and down

on my hand, watching as

your face contorts, as more

and more of my hand goes

in and out of your dripping

cunt... as your pussy begins

to spawsm around my hand

i stop bouncing and carry

you to your bed where i lay

you on your back, with your

legs hanging off the edge of

the bed, from the hips

down, hung over your bed...

i spread your legs aparts

exposing your inner thighs,

and your hot sex, its juices

pouring out and down the

insides of your thighs... i

lean forwards and lick

upward savoring your

taste... i put my left arm

gently acrost your waist,

and lean forward licking

into your pussy again, this

time in a scooping motion,

licking in and out at the

same time, i pull my right

hand up and slide it along

the rim of your pussy before

pushing a finger in next to

my working tonge, and

gently tweaking and rubbing

your clit... until you cant

take it anymore and thrash

around held down only by

my arm acrost your waist, i

lick at your more quicly

flowing juices as your body

topples over the edge of the

most powerfull orgasm you

can remeber....
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