Slick Night

I push you down, tieing your wrists and ankles to the bed posts, spread eagling your naked body acrost the bed, exposing your smooth skin to the chilling breezes of the fan above, the cold wind brushes your sensitive body, raseing patches of goosebumps acrost your skin. You strain your neck trying to see where I lurk in the shadowy room, but you can't. Your breathing quickens, the suspense building upon you as you wait. Sudenly im upon you, nibbling up you along your leg, moving up to kiss along your thighs, nibbling up past your navel. Sucking on the soft flesh of your breast, then kissing closer and closer to your nipple. I sudenly flick my tounge acrost it in a delicate gesture, making you shiver, and bringing up a fresh batch of goosebumps over your chest and stomach, I lean back a little and blow gently on your moistened nipple, making you shiver and squirm benethe me. I continue kissing up until I reach your neck, where I nibble up, and clamp my teeth down on the side of your neck, I flick my tounge back and.forth teasing the skin between my teeth, before biting a little harder then.moving on up your neck, I nibble along your jawline, as I run my hand behind your neck, running my fingerz up into your hair. I grab my hand into a fist, pulling your hair and head back, you gasp, and I slip my tounge into your mouth, tasting you for the first time. You stop struggling against me.and.arch your back pushing your tounge into my.mouth, our tounges wrestling pationatly. As I push my tounge. Further into your mouth I begin tracing paterns along your body goose bumps following behind my delicate fingers. I break our kiss and begin licking around your errect nipples. I begin sucking on one and roll it around in my mouth with my.tounge. meanwhile I continue tracing paterns along your bodies curves tracing closer and closer to your groin, I can feel the heat raidiating from your dripping pussy as I slide my fingers acrost the wet slit. Suddenly I bite down on your breast and push two fingers into your steamy cunt all the way to my hand. You shriek at the sudden intrution, but I gently hug your body and nibble on your neck allowing you to adjust, when you relax beneeth me I start sliding my fingers in and.out, twisting them within u, flicking my thumb gently acrost your clit making your squirm, a soft gasp escaping between the quite moans. I withdraw my.fingers slowly, and slide them.up your body smearing your juices up your torso, until I push my fingers into your mouth. You swirl your tounge sucking the juices from my fingers, then I lean forward again kissing you, tasting your juices, then I slide off you leavin you to squirm in anticipation, moisture dripping down your thighs towards the bed. You smell exotic berries and wonder were their comming from. I walk back up and you see my cock for the first time, its large shape illuminated in the sift light, although my massive cock is anything but soft. You can see the condom streatched over it, its multiple ribbs, ridges, groves, and dots adding to the pulsing viens you can see the lube glistening off it, and now you can tell the source of the smell. I slide my cock along your stomach, pushing it up against your pelvis, slowly I slide it down closer towards your drippibg cunt, you shiver beneeth me as I push the too inside you. You let a soft.moan escape as I push more of my member inside you, the ridges brushing rib by rib past your lips, the groves bumping their way further inside you. You can feel every ridge pushing you wider and wider as you take the full girdth of my.cock. As I begin and.out I lean forward and. Suck one of your nipples into my.mouth again, flickig m.tounge acrost it rappidly, as I start increasing the spead thrusts. I thrust faster and harder with each stroke, and a little more goes in each time, the small bumps on the condom are brushing along the inside of your wet cunt, moving back and forth so fast their vibrations are driving you crazy, I turn my attention to your other breast, leaving the previous expost to the cold breeze of the fan, slick with saliva and.your own sweat, you shiver at all the sensasions your exposed to, writhin as the ridges breach the walls of your hot pussy again, the bumps rattle your nerves, your breathing quickens, you squirm, I reach down and put my one thumb between our pelvis's right on top of ur enflamed clit, I pause half withdrawn, you glance up, pure lust in your eyes, silently crying out for release, I look down, and slide my other hand behind your head, pulling you up a little, kissing you, then. Breaking the kiss and gripping your hair, I suck on your cold exposed nipped again as I thrust inside you, my pelvis pushing my thumb against your clit. Your breathing races, your pussy clenches and releases around my pulsing cock, I thrust faster and faster as we race together towards an estatic epicenter of an orgasm, my cock pushes deeper each time, I start to bite down on your nipple as I reach climax, your thrash as the feeling rush over you, pleasure racing up and.down your spine, you gasp as I shudder, biting down gently on your breast, stopping my thrust as deep as.possible, my balls slap against your ass and my thumb pressures down on your clit as you cry out in orgasm, your cunt squeezing down and shivering around me as I lay on top of you panting from pleasure and exertion. Your continue to writhe from the effects of such powerful stimulation, straining against your bonds, your hair tousled as you thrash, I let loose a guteral noise deep in my throat as you squirm around my cock, still burried inside you. You slowly come down off the massive high of the climax, and sigh before falling still beneath me. As we catch our cumulative breaths you look up panting, I look down and.kiss you gently on the forhead before pulling out. I trace my cock, slick with your creamy insides, acrost your skin, and brush it on your lips, leaving behind the faint scent of berries, and the lingeering taste of your sweet pussy. I step away and gently untie you, your body gleaming in the soft light, sweat slides down your subtle curves in smooth streaks.
60% (1/1)
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3 years ago
Thanks for the advice, unlike some people I enjoy the criticism, it helps my future literature evolve and become more appealing.
3 years ago
I gave this story a score of 3 Xs. If it had been presented better, with more attention to spelling and grammar and with proper paragraphs instead of one enormous block of text, it may well have been worth 5 Xs.

Please keep writing - you have an obvious talent - but be more careful in the work you submit. A little polish and this could have been a fine story - as it is, it looks sloppy, untidy and unfinished.