My First Girly Cock

It was cold. I was running fast so that I could not get too wet by the falling rain. The streets were quiet, because everyone was inside. It was twenty minutes before midnight. I was nervous. It would be my first time I'd have sex with anyone other than a woman. I love women. I'm in love with them. I don't consider myself being gay, but I always had that ardent lust to be with a transsexual woman. I just couldn't get them out of my mind.

This passion started a couple of years ago, while I was surfing on the Internet looking for hot stuff. Immediately I felt something. That first time, when I saw a woman with a cock. It was a magnificent sight. Now I'm 20 years old. And I'm heading to Nickie's house. She lives a couple of blocks down the street. She is 22 and she studies Biology. Her voice is feminine and sweet. We 've been talking for three months, but it wasn't until recently that I took the decision to visit her. She's quite open as long as talking about sex is concerned and she loves to tell me I'm sweet and that she couldn't wait to meet me. I found her on a dating website, as I was looking for transsexuals near where I live.

As for me, I have a thin body figure, a quite sweet face and I explored the other half of my sexuality, since I was 17. I started by rubbing my asshole with my fingers and after some time I managed to put a finger in my tight little asshole for the first time. Then I became experimenting by putting dildo-shaped objects in my ass, such as small shampoo bottles and the handle of toothbrushes. It felt really nice and always made me horny. But it was a couple of years after that, that I felt the need of a real cock in my ass. And because I'm not into men at all, I discovered shemales. They combine the best things of the two genders I like the most: the whole woman and the cock. Now I see transsexual women just like genetic girls and sometimes I even find them more attractive.

Finally, I arrived at the entrance of the building she lives in and I pressed her doorbell. She answered immediately: Who is this ?”, she said through the speaker. I told her who I was and she said she was glad I decided to go. My heart was beating fast as I opened the elevator's door and headed to her apartment. The door opened just as I was about to knock. I saw her. She was gorgeous. She was absolutely passable, just like every other girl at her age, maybe even better. She was in her pink pyjamas, but see looked really stunning. She had brown hair, same height as mine, she had a really pretty face and wore her red reading glasses. Hi! Come in! she said and I walked through the door. While small, her home was girlishly decorated and I have to admit she had a really good taste. She asked me if I'd like something to drink and I told her I'd like some water, because I was a bit exhausted from the long run in the rain. She took my jacket and placed it near the radiator. She went in the kitchen and I made myself comfortable on the sofa. She came in holding a glass of water. You look so sweet”, see told me and my heart started beating faster. I told her with a shivering voice that see looks beautiful and she said she's glad I like her, while touching my hand. She was hot and I couldn't resist. She sat next to me, looked me in the eyes and then my heart melted from passion. I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back. Then she grabbed my hand and told me to follow her in the bedroom.

I felt my cock hardening as I walked in. She had a big bed and the walls where decorated with pink butterfly stickers. She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. She started kissing my lips and I really liked it. She was so passionate! Then she removed my shirt and started kissing me on the neck. I was really turned on. Out of the blue she grabbed my cock. Someone is really happy to see me!”, she said and unzipped my blue-jeans. This smells so good!”, she went on to say, as she put her nose on my cock. Do you want to see it ?”, I said and she nodded positively. I removed my shoes and trousers and my hard cock could be easily seen bulging in my black underwear. She put her tongue on the cloth and licked my cock through it. I was going to explode! It felt so good! Can I have a better look?”, she said and I went on to remove my undies. "It's so big!, she said, grabbed my throbbing cock with her prissy fingers and put it in her mouth. I moaned from pleasure as she was sucking on my penis. She then licked it's head, but I had to stop her from going on, as I felt I would cum already, so I grabbed her hand and carefully put her glasses next to the bed, revealing her beautiful brown eyes. I kissed her again, tasting my own pre-cum. Then I removed the top half of her pyjamas, unveiling her tits. They were naturally small, but nicely shaped and firm and I couldn't help myself from sucking on them. They felt really good in my mouth and I could feel her nipples hardening as I kept sucking on them.

As long as I was done licking her chest, I kissed her lips and then she asked me: Do you want to see what's hidden in here?”, pointing between her legs. I was ready for it so I removed her pink panties. She had two really long pink-and-white striped socks on and matching shorts. I couldn't discern her penis through her underwear, but I could see her perfect thin legs and her gorgeous round ass. I wanna see it”, I told her and she let me remove her pink shorts. She was totally shaved and as long as she kept her legs together, I couldn't see my ardent desire. I slowly opened her legs and her small transsexual penis was before my own eyes. It was a dream come true. Oh my God. It's perfect! I love it baby!”, I told her, looking in her eyes. I'm glad you like it baby”, she said and kissed me. May I?”, I asked her and she said it's ok and that I could go on and taste her little shaved girly cock.

I finally could touch a cock for the first time in my life. I carefully held it in my hand and went on to lick her firm balls. They were really smooth an soft, just like the rest of her pale skin. I felt her cock hardening so I knew she liked it. Then I sucked on her small cock, feeling it getting hard in my mouth. It tasted so good, that I kept sucking on it, while I touched her natural titties with my free hand. Oh baby it feels great”, she said as her cock was getting bigger in my mouth and she went on: Wanna play with my pussy too?”, so I left her semi-hard girly cock and put my tongue on her brownish asshole. It tasted great, so I started licking deeper in her lovely ass. She moaned with pleasure and I grabbed her cock, so that I could jack her off while rimming her now loosing hole. I slowly put a finger in her asshole and she seemed to really enjoy it. I finger-fucked her ass, speeding up gradually. She was really tight inside, but she told me she was comfortable and that I should put one more finger in. So I put my fingers in her mouth, so that she could taste her ass and lubricate them with her saliva. I put a second finger in her ass and kept fucking her for some time.

When she felt really open, she said: I wanna feel you in me.”. She was so hot! I took a condom from my trousers' pocket and tore the packaging open. I carefully put the condom around my cock head and unfold it down. She gave me some lubricating jelly she had in her drawer next to the bed and I put a good amount on my cock and her hole. She was lying on the bed with her legs wide open, so I could have easy access to her ass. Then I slowly pressed the tip of my cock against her opening and she helped me by moving her ass so that my cock would go in smoothly. After some in and out moves, I finally was inside her. The feeling was great! She was so tight! I hugged her firmly, while fucking her ass. She kissed me and asked me to fuck her doggy-style. She then turned and gave me the best sight I've ever seen in my life. I was looking her from behind and I could admire her perfectly shaped round ass, while her cock was hanging between her legs.

I licked her asshole once more, before putting my hard cock inside her. I was pounding her ass hard and she really liked it, as she was moaning loudly. After some great doggy-style fucking I put my cock out of her ass and admired her gaping hole. Then I told her to turn around and get on top of me, so that I could fuck her while we are looking at each other. I laid on the bed and she carefully took my cock and put it back in her ass. While she was bouncing on my cock, her huge clit was flapping up and down making noises while it was slapping her flat belly. It felt great! I grabbed her cock and jerked her off, so that it could become harder and bigger. My penis was going all the way in her ass and she took fast short breaths as she was coming closer to her climax. As we were both about to cum I told her to do a 69, so we could finish together. She turned, removed my condom and put my cock in her mouth while hers was hanging above my head. I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it. It was harder than ever and it's pink head was way in my mouth. After some great cock sucking, I felt I was going to cum soon, so I kept sucking harder. Baby I'm gonna cum soon!”, she said and kept sucking on my hard cock. After some seconds I couldn't last longer and so my cock exploded in Nickie's mouth, but at the same moment I felt her girly cock shooting loads of hot cum deep down my throat. She swallowed every drop of my cum and I did the same with hers. Her juices had a sweet taste, unlike the salty taste of mine. I could feel her cum in my throat and I liked it.

She came and kissed me. I loved every second of it”, she told me and I told her that I did like it too. It was the best sex I'd ever have until then. But the night wasn't over yet. Wanna take a shower with me baby?”, she proposed. I was really sweaty, so I accepted to follow her to the bathroom. She had a nice round bathtub in there and she let the water fill it. She removed her socks, letting me admire the rest of her perfect legs and her nice little feet and toes. She kissed me on the lips and told me she really likes me and that she could do whatever she could to make me happy. We got in the bathtub and I took her in my arms. I touched her tits and went down to her legs and feet. I took one foot in my hands, and sucked on her toes. She really seemed to have a great time.

We played for quite some time in the bathtub and she told me: Turn around. I wanna taste your ass”. I did as she said and she spread my buttocks so that she could have full access to my ass and put her tongue on my asshole. It felt great and I enjoyed having Nickie lick my ass. She then put a finger in my hole and while I was not expecting it, it didn't hurt at all. She knew what she was doing. Then she started fucking me with her finger and after a couple of minutes she put another one in. I was getting hard again, but it seems Nickie was already hard, because at that point she put her thin cock in my ass, instead of her fingers. She had put on a condom too, her girly cock was hot and hard and it felt so good in my ass for the first time in my life. See started slowly at first and gradually she fucked me harder. I was moaning and she asked me: Do you like it baby? Do you like my big clit in your ass?”. I told her it was the greatest feeling my ass had ever experienced and then she turned me around and sucked on my cock. I want you to fuck me while you 're looking at me”, I told her and we went back to bed. I laid on it, she spread my legs and put her cock in my ass. She fucked me while we were looking at each other and she hugged my firmly. She increased her tempo and after a while she said: I want to cum so bad baby”, so I told her to remove her condom and cum on my cock. She came so hard, that some drips of her girly juices were shot up to my chest. Her hot cum felt great on my hard cock. Then Nickie put my cock in her mouth tasting her own cum too. She kept on sucking till I finally came on her tits. So, after such a full sex session we fell asl**p in each other's arms.

When I woke up the next morning she wasn't there. I found a note next to the bed that said: I had to go to the lesson. I'm in love with you. I'll call you!”. So I put on my clothes and headed back home, thinking how much I loved having sex with her.

And that's how my first time with a girl with a cock ended. Nickie and I now are having a relationship and we have a great time together. We are always horny for each other and have a really great time when having sex. I love her and she loves me too.
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11 months ago
Wonderful story
1 year ago
erotic story glad you had a great time looking forward to reading more of your work
2 years ago
That was a great story, Very hot and sexy. thanks for posting it
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Great story!
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very very hot!
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Nice, hot story.
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Awesome story!
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very good story! inspiring :)
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Very hot story...well told...I would love to have this experience...!!!
3 years ago
I jerked off to your story, Especially when she was fucking you you in the ass. I remember my first TS cock. WOW
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got me hard. good story
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great story!
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Hot steamy story! Loved it!
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very hot. thanks!
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fantastic first time hope theres more
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nuaghty stuff ;)