Sister in-law and Niece visit part I

I gave up on the real world. The reality of 40 hours a week; 9 to 5; Monday through Friday lockup no longer interested me. I used to wear a uniform, provide a service, vote, pay taxes, serve on jury duties and so many other things. I worried: about the bills, advancement of our careers, what I drove, etc.

Now: simply put, I have none of those problems. My wife was killed while being driven by her d***k boss, whom she was sl**ping with I was to find out, to a work mandated conference during a terrible storm.

I took a very large settlement from her company and her boss's lawyers, cashed out my own stock options from work, sold our townhouse, and moved out to our cabin.

I texted my wife's s****r and b*****r-in-law once in a while, kept up with her k**s and some of the rest of my wife's f****y on social media. Talked to friends and f****y once in a while on the phone. For the most part, however, I managed my lakeside cabin and property, watched and played fantasy sports, smoked herb and drank whiskey.

The first real snow had hit last night, followed by flurries through the mid morning. I sat on the rocking chair on my porch, bundled up in my oversized pendleton blanket and nothing else. Wood was split and stacked for the next season if necessary. Satellite was tuned and cleaned, with a line of sight to the stars cleared by me the previous summer. Generator serviced, wired, fueled up,and ready to rock. And I had a cupboard full of preserved meats and vegetables, cabinet full of booze, mason jars full of herb, a few other odds and ends, and a handful of half-full Canadian whiskey in my hand. The metal awning I had installed over the porch this summer was serving well, and I was quite comfortable, stoned, buzzed, and listening to Dylan play through the screen door.

I was more than a little surprised to see a set of headlights cutting through the snow from the foot of my long driveway. Through a couple hundred yards of snow and pine trees, I recognized a white 4x4 suv coming up. Nobody I knew off the top of my head so, just to be safe, I squirted into the cabin and threw on a pair of silk pajama pants on my way to grabbing the little .32 out of my bookshelf. I put it in my front pocket and resumed my spot on the rocker before my guests were halfway down my muddy, rutted, stump-lined and snow hidden driveway.

Pretty quick I realized that it was my former s****r-in-law at the helm of the 4x4, and that she knew what the fuck she was doing. She tore a huge rooster-tail, got completely sideways, AND came to a complete stop in the last 40 or 50 yards of my driveway.

I stood up, blanket wrapped around me, and walked to the edge of my porch.
"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, light-hearted and light-headed ( it was a football Sunday, I had been drinking for three or four hours by then, and hadn't seed her in the year and a half since my wife's funeral.

She laughed out loud as she got out of the drivers side., the side facing away from my porch after her Dukes of Hazard move. I had never particularly liked her personality whenever we saw each other on previous f****y gatherings, but had always jerked off to the idea of fucking her. Then I saw the passenger door, the one closest to me, open, and her daughter stepped out.

This visit, while unexpected, suddenly turned innocent. I looked, as Shelly and her daughter DanyAnne started coming up the walk, for her other two k**es, but it appeated to be just the two of them.

"What's going on, s*s?" I asked, hugging her while still d****d in my blanket.
"Not much" she replied, as I turned my attention to DanyAnne. Damn, she's hot, I told myself as I reached down to give her a hug, too.
"C'mon in" I said. "Give me a second to get changed".

I walked into my bedroom as Shelly headed for my bathroom She'd come out her a few times throughout the years and knew her way around. I turned around to close my bedroom door and looked eyes with DanyAnne, who'd not been here in years, still standing in the doorway. I smiled at her, she smiled back, her gaze wandering down my hairy chest (I had the blanket on like a cape at this point) and settling on (I could very well see where she was looking) the front of my silk pajamas.

Two things happened at this point. The first was that I realized how pretty DanyAnne had become: I could make out the shape of her young breasts, and see the dark outlines of her nipples very clearly, through her thin white top. At the same time, her cute legs were on full display from flip-flops all the ay up to her black corduroy shorts.
The second thing that happened was the weight of the .32 in my pocket dragging my silk pajama pants down, flashing my pud at this poor unsuspecting young girl at the very moment her gaze was locked on it. I remember very clearly the shocked look on her face as my door closed while I hurriedly reached for the waist of my pants.

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1 year ago
Part three onward will be in stories
1 year ago
Part 2 Has been posted to my blog, if you know how to move it to stories let me know, if not, its public so just look on my blog. Long ways to go but I'll get there.
1 year ago
more, please more
1 year ago
love it so far!
1 year ago
More?? so far it is good..
1 year ago
....and? you started fine!!!