a night of teasing on the town

My wife and I have always discussed our fantasies, but never really acted on them. All that changed one d***ken Saturday night.
We had been in town one afternoon for a spot of shopping and decided to go for a drink before we went home. One drink led to the next, and before we knew it, we were pretty d***k. Debbie went to the toilet before we left and when she came back, she handed me something to put in my pocket. As I took it I realised it was the little see through thong she was wearing. "Their a bit damp, I've been planning this for the last hour and got really excited" she said with a cheeky grin. As we sat to finish our drinks, she kept opening her legs to let me see up her skirt for a quick glimpse of her soft, smooth, trimmed pussy. Right then I knew all her inhibitions had relaxed. So much so that when any of the older guys passed to go to the loo, she would flash them a glimpse, pretending to be un-aware she'd done it. "Just making their night" as she put it. She knew I loved the idea of showing her off, she also knew I was getting really aroused. But then that was made obvious by my throbbing hard cock, bulging in my trousers. We got some lusty looks as we grabbed our things and rushed out, far too turned on to hide my cock or her pussy.
We decided to just put our things in the car and walk home, finding a place stop off for a bit of outdoor fucking.
As we walked to the car park we were working ourselves up even more talking about what we'd do to each other. Once we got the car and put our stuff away, Debbie took off her coat and stripped down to just her heels, pausing for a second to let me soak in the sight of her beautiful body glistening in the evening sun and her nipples stiffening with the breeze of the cool summer air. Then slipped on her coat again. My cock was throbbing so much at the thought of someone seeing her that one stroke and I would've blew like a champagne cork. As we started the walk home we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves and the more I slipped my hand in debs coat and felt her bare skin and hard nipples, the hornier we got. Half way up the road we had to compose ourselves as we passed a young guy in his early twenties. He had had a bit too much to drink and looked to be on the way home. As we passed him he got a fright and turned to say hello. I felt sorry for him As it reminded me of when I was young, going out on the pull with your mates then you don't in to any of the clubs and end up having to walk home, d***k and horny. So once we were in front of him I lifted the back of Debbie’s coat and gave him a great view of her perfectly formed bare ass. The look on his face was of classic shock and delight as Debbie looked round and let out a little giggle. Just up ahead I could see the perfect little lane to fuck Debbie in, and by now my cock was straining so much inside my jeans that I really had to get it out in the open, so we both dragged each other in. Debbie had my cock out instantly and was slowly stroking it as I pinned her against the wall, kissing and nibbling her neck as I slid my hand up her thigh under her coat and used my finger to gently pay close attention to her swollen clit. She started to rub the tip of my cock up and down the wet lips of her pussy and flicking it against her clit as I cupped her tits out of the top of her coat and pointed her stiff nipples at me and started flicking my Tongue over them, one at a time. The two of us where at the point of Cumming when we noticed the guy we passed walking slowly by trying to get a longer look. I looked at Debbie as she continued to rub me against her pussy “two tongues are better than one" I said as more of a question. Knowing I’ve always fantasised about seeing another guy touch her, she told me to shout him in to join us. I waved the guy in and told him to help me as I sucked and licked one of Debbie’s nipples, “are you sure" the guy said. The words had hardly left his mouth as Debbie grabbed his head and dragged it to her other nipple and made him lick it as she held our heads and moaned in pleasure. She was breathing heavily and thrusting her pussy against my hand while I played with it under her coat; I knew then that she was loving every minute of it. I was too, watching as her stiff nipple sprung back and forward as another guy flicked his Tongue over it was an amazing sight to see. She was wriggling in pleasure against the wall, getting both her nipples licked as I stroked gently at her pussy and she played with my rock hard cock. I was near the point of exploding when her other hand wandered down and started rubbing the guys cock through his trousers and tugging at his buttons for him to take it out. He pulled it out as fast as he could and Debbie took it in her hand, wanking it against her thigh. It was like a scene from a porn film and a whole lot hornier than I thought it would be. After about 30 seconds she pushed the guy away and told him to keep watching. She then UN tied the belt on her coat and opened it, giving him his first look at her pussy and beautiful naked body. She was like my very own porn star, I was proud to show her of and let him see what I had. She took my hand and led me over to a small wall. Laying back on it and lifting her legs up, spreading them as far as she could, she turned to the guy “watch how it's done " she said. I grabbed her knees and pushed them back as far as they would go, giving me easy access and a great view of her pussy. I rubbed my cock against it just to tease Debbie a little before I put it in. She groaned as it rubbed over her swollen clit and she told me to hurry up and fuck her. She reached down and gripped my cock and guided it between her soft wet pussy Lips and pushing the tip of it in. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as I slid the whole length slowly inside her till I could feel my balls press against her. I fucked her nice and slow till she got use to it. When she started rubbing both her nipples I knew she was enjoying it, so I started going faster and harder. I was pounding her as hard as I could, slamming every inch of my cock deep inside her tight wet pussy. By this time Debbie was flicking and pinching her rock hard nipples and letting out little screams of pleasure. When I felt her pussy tighten around my cock I knew she was going to cum. I was really banging her as hard and fast as I could and when she started screaming "I'm gonna cum" I felt my cock pulse, shooting a huge load of cum right up inside her just as she came too. I pulled my cock out while it was still throbbing and shot the last few drops of cum on Debbie’s soaking wet pussy and she rubbed it in. I leaned over and kissed her "I love you" I said lying down beside her. Just then we remembered the guy that joined us. We looked round to see him buttoning up his trousers. "what's your name" Debbie said as she lay with her coat still open and her legs apart, rubbing her nipple with one hand and my cock with the other. "Ian" he said. "Ok Ian beat it. You've had your fun". As he walked away with a spring in his step and a story that no one would beleave, we lay there and caught our breath. After a while we pulled ourselves together, jumped a taxi and went home to go through the whole thing again.

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2 years ago
3 years ago
nice thxs
3 years ago
That is one awesome story guys, thanks for sharing it with us, ive been lucky enough to see similar things many times in and around the city centre :-)
4 years ago
4 years ago
fuck debbie had my cock throbbin reading this story
4 years ago
naughty naughty but so hot