My lad Danny

Danny is my lad. He came to me after he had already been used as a cum-dump by a friend of his f****y. He is a mixed up lad, with no idea about things. I use him for my own needs and he thinks that I fill his.
The first time I had him round my house I gave him booze, showed him porn, and then took him upstairs to fuck. Danny had no idea what to do. He just lay there while I fucked his tight bum-hole. I was annoyed at his lack of ideas and spanked him afterwards. It turned out that his previous fucker hadn’t done much to him that many times. Danny wasn’t fresh, but he wasn’t too used.
I had to teach him everything. He needed to be taught how to suck my dick. I had to show him how to move when I had him riding me. He had to learn how to fill all my needs.
Danny stays over here a lot. I like to fuck him as much as I can. As a lad his age, he will soon develop into a bastard and will be off. Before then, I want to get as much of my cum into him as possible. He gives good head now, he also knows when just to open his mouth so I can do what I want with it. Danny fucks like an expert and doesn’t complain when I go fast and tear up his bum-hole. He has a lovely little willy that I like to pull on and suck the cum out of.
I have several friends who share my interests in lads like Danny: the doctor, the lawyer, and the businessman to name a few. We all like the same thing in who we fuck. We have shared lads before and help each other in making sure that our interests and cum-dumps stay our own business.
The doctor was first to have Danny. He asked me if he could have a fuck with my lad and I said yes to his request. He came round and fucked Danny one night. Danny didn’t have much of a choice, I told him that he was to do it and Danny did as he was told. The doctor fucked him in the room while I was there. Danny didn’t show me up and he behaved like all good cum-dumps should. There was no complaint from him when the doctor pulled out of his bum-hole and stuck his dick in Danny’s willing mouth to cum there. The doctor tied Danny up while I watched and used a cigarette to burn Danny’s tiny willy. The doctor pissed on Danny in the shower too, just as I like to do.
Danny did so well that I arranged for my other friends to fuck him too; I arranged for a little party at my house. Before my friends arrived, I had Danny in the bathroom to get him ready. I gave him an enema, shaved him all over, and then bathed him. Danny was so beautiful that I fucked him over the side of the bath – I couldn’t help myself. Afterwards, I had him prepare the bedroom. Danny covered the bed in a plastic sheet, got out the toys, and prepared all the lube for the fucking that he was to get that night.
My friends arrived and we had a drink and talked. Danny was left in bedroom, away from the men. Only once we were all ready did we go into the bedroom.
Danny had been told what to do. He was naked and got all of us undressed. My friends were impressed at how well-trained Danny was in doing this, and how quick he got down to his job as a fuck toy. He sucked off the lawyer first while the rest of us watched him on his knees. Then he had the businessman in his mouth, before the doctor, and then me. We formed a circle around him and slapped him with our dicks – it was fun. Danny had two then three dicks in his mouth and around his face at once. The lawyer has a huge dick too and Danny treated that b**st well.
The businessman fucked him first. Danny was pushed face-down on the bed while the businessman climbed on his back. Danny looked so small underneath the big fat man and that made me smile as I watched. Danny’s hands were pinned behind his back and the lube went all over him. The businessman likes rough sex and wasn’t happy with all the lube, but Danny is still tight and needs to be gently treated. His legs were f***ed closed though and the businessman fucked him good.
The doctor wanted Danny’s mouth while he was getting fucked and made Danny suck him off. Danny did his job well and so the lawyer and me both had a go too. From then onwards, we all spent the next hour and a half fucking him in his bum-hole and his mouth. We swapped around too. He cried a little when the lawyer fucked his bum; Danny struggled to take all of that dick. He looked so sexy with tears too. Danny got one wad of cum up his bum, two down his throat, and mine all over his face.
We left him in the bedroom, covered in cum to have a drink and a smoke in the living room. Sitting around with my three naked friends after fucking my lad was nothing strange for me. The doctor had brought along some tapes he had made of him and a lad abroad last year and we watched that; it made me think that I would soon have to have Danny in a video too. The businessman was soon horny again and went back for Danny again. When he was done, we all went into the bedroom to see Danny tied up, blind-folded, and with a dildo hanging out of him. The businessman had come over his back and left Danny positioned for more fucking. He looked wonderful like that and I went straight away to fuck him. The lawyer and the doctor also had a good fuck of the prone Danny – it was fun to fuck him without him knowing who it was.
Poor Danny cried again before we had all finished and even bled a little. I spanked him once I had cum, and then my friends all begun to get dressed to leave. I had provided them a lad and I knew in the future I would get the present returned.
I untied him and had him clean himself and the place up afterwards. He soon stopped crying, but I to sort him out. He needed a telling off and also cream applied to his torn bum-hole. I also sucked him off to cheer him up. The lad had done very well though. He had been the (almost) perfect cum-dump for me and my friends that I wanted him to be.
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5 months ago
That story could have been written about me and my mentor. He taught me everything I needed to know about sex and how to sexually please older men and he would often have parties where I was the party favor. I am very glad he taught me so much because after I joined the Navy I was really prepared to satisfy any man who wanted to use me.
3 years ago
Hey Jimmy it seems as if you speaking from experience here or what?