My wife and the black college professor Part II

She said he took her in his arms and started kissing her as he took her hand and put it on his large cock. She started rubbing and stroking it as he was undressing her and carassing her tits and ass.It turned her on seeing his black hands on her white breasts and her small white hand on his huge black cock. After he had her undressed she took him in her mouth it was so big she couldn't much more than the head in but she sucked and licked on it while he rubbed her clit and fingered her pusssy.
She said this only lasted a few minutes, because she just had to feel that big thing inside her. She said she lay back on the couch with her head propped up on the arm and threw one leg up over the back of the couch and the other foot was on the floor as she offered her pussy to him. I knew she was being very descriptive just for me and it worked my little dick was rock hard as I thought of my wife laying there legs spread in a stranger's apartment offering her pussy that was supposed to belong only to me to a black man. I was imagining him clmbing between her thick white thighs and her having her eyes glued on his huge black cock knowing it was soon going to be inside her. She said she told him she was a happily married woman and knew she shouldn't be doing this but she couldn't help herself. He said he understood and said she shouldn't deprive herself just because I have a small penis. I told her I felt the same way and she had been a good wife and mother for many years and she should get the pleasure she deserves. She said she reached down to guide it in and it felt so hot and heavy she couldn't believe it. She said her hand didn't even reach all the way around it. She said she slid it up and down her slit a few times and he could see her juices on the head of it and said he could see hot for him she was. She said she arched her back and guided him in her. You can imagine how hard I was my wife telling me about putting a black man's cock probably 3 times as big as mine in her pussy. He told her nothing turned him on more than putting his black cock in a married white woman. He told her to lay her left hand on her stomach so he could see her wedding ring while his black cock was going in her. She said she was looking down seeing that huge black cock going in her and had her first orgasm as soon as he penetrated her. He said "damn you do need this black cock don't you Sue." She just moaned "oh yes give it to me but be gentle, she wasn't used to any nearly this big." He started talking dirty to her as he eased a little more in with each stroke asking her how it felt having his big black cock in her white pussy and how she liked having a black man fucking her tight married pussy. She admitted she told him she loved it, she couldn't help it. He asked what I would think if I saw her now with his big cock in her pussy, she told him she didn't care, she needed it. She felt him hitting up against the wall of her cervix, a feeling she had never had before and he said he knew he was "hitting bottom" but told her to relax he knew it would stretch. She said she could do nothing but moan "oh god, oh god" as she felt him using her pussy like it had never been used before. He asked her how many k**s she had besides her daughter and she told him 2. He told her he loved having his black cock in a pussy he knew 3 white k**s had came out of and she should let him give her a black baby. She said he couldn't do that, but the told her he wasn't pulling out and the only thing he liked better than putting his black cock in a white married woman was cumming in one. She said he pushed her leg that was up on the back of the couch back as far as he could and started pounding in her as deep as he could telling her he was going to put his black baby in her married white belly and hearing that and feeling his shoot so deep in her she couldn't help but orgasm over and over again.
She said the lay exhausted in each other's arms and he told her the damage had already been done she might as well spend the night so he could "hit it a couple more times." He apologized for getting carried away but he just couldn't help himself. She told him she understood but would have to get up in time to go back to her daughter's apartment before she got up. She said he fucked her twice more in his bed and once standing up from behind with her holding on to his dresser in front of the mirror.
She said she went to the d**g store and got the morning after pill the next day.
Later she told me it was just a fantasy and she had made it up but I am pretty sure she did it because I know her daughter had a black neighbor named Marvin when they lived in California.
What do you think?
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2 years ago
2 years ago
I'd luv to have 6 or 8 black guys just take me bare
2 years ago
I think you are right notact. Just wish she would give me all the details.
2 years ago
I think she "gave it up to him" and that she's trying to "protect" your feelings by lying. Now you just have to figure out how many she's had since then, cause once she went black........