Fantasy about my wife and the black preacher.

We have a historically black church down the street from us and last weekend they were selling homemade barbeque for a fund raiser. We stopped to buy some and the minister invited us to attend services. The next Sunday we did and invited the preacher to dinner at our house and he accepted.
After he arrived, he and I went into the living room and made small talk while, Sue, my wife was preparing dinner. The minister made a comment about her being a very attractive lady, I thanked hi and told him she was a very beautiful person inside and out and had been a wonderful wife and mother for many years. I also told him, that I had a problem and that at my age I couldn't get it up much anymore and she still needed it. He asked me if she had ever been unfaithful and I told him I didn't think so by I wouldn't really mind, if she was honest about it because I realized she still had needs.
He suggested he might be able to help with the situation. He said he didn't think god would considerate adultery if I gave my permission, considering the situation with my impotency. I knew she could probably hear us because we were right in the next room with no doors between us. I asked him if after dinner while I cleaned up the kitchen if he would mind talking to her about it and he agreed.
After dinner I told them to go into the living room and relax and I would clean up the mess. I could hear them talking softly and her exclaiming she didn't know about it and him telling her he was sure god understood she still had needs and perhaps had brought him into our lives for this purpose. He held her hand and asked if she minded if they prayed about it. She agreed and after a few minutes I went in and told her I thought he was the answer to our prayers and should do it. She somewhat reluctantly agreed and he said we should retire to the bedroom and I should undress her and offer my wife to him.
He undressed as I undressed her him watching her full but saggy breasts with the big brown nipples and eyeing her hairy bush as I pulled her panties off and she stepped out of them. She told her she was a very beautiful woman as he stepped out of his slacks and underwear and she almost gasped as she saw the size of his cock already sticking straight out. She said she didn't think she could take all of that and he encouraged her by saying god had made her so she could accommodate and he would be gentle with her. She told her perhaps she should lay back and relax and let me perform oral on her to moisten her up before he entered her. I did as he asked until she was really juiced up and then I got up and told him to go ahead and annoint my wife with his black penis. I had never been so turned on in my life as I saw my wife of many years lying on our bed legs spread offering her pussy to a black man. He climbed between her legs and he asked her to guide him in so god would know she really wanted this. She did as he asked and I started cumming in my pants as soon as I saw his large black cock penetrating my wife's white pussy. She moaned and shuddered with pleasure as he shoved his large black cock into her tight white pussy.
He asks her if his black penis is giving her pleasure and she moans "oh yes" and he says he is sure that is what god intended as he starts fucking her harder and faster and I can't believe my wife is taking all of his huge black cock. He starts asking her if she wants him to put his semen inside her and she almost begs him to as I see him push her legs back and get in her as far as possible as he starts filling my wife with his black seed and her screaming in orgasm as he does. They lay exhausted in each other's arms until he finally raises up and pulls his long black spent dick out of my wife and I see his cum running out of her.
He tells us he was glad to provide this service and would be available anytime we needed him which I am sure will be often.
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