Christmas fantasy about my wife

We area mature coupe, I am 66 and my wife is 60 works out is in good shape and most people guess her to be in her 40s. I am not well endowed and now at my age seldom get hard. My wife has confessed that she has fantasies about younger hung black men and I have encouraged her to act them out, but as far as I know she has refused to do so. Here is my fantasy about what happens on Christmas. We live in a rural lake community not far from a few large truckstops. I suggest to her there are probably a lot of lonely truck drivers stranded at the truckstops over Christmas and it would kind of her if we could find a young black one that is unable to get home to his f****y and she could perhaps give him a little Christmas "cheer." To my surprise she seemed to like the idea and said it would be a good deed to make someone's Christmas brighter. I suggested it would probably do wonders for ours too. She just grinned
and wanted to know when I wanted to go and what I thought she would wear? I told her we could run over to one of the truckstops for lunch and it could be nice if she wore a dress and no panties and a low cut push up bra, so she could show some cleavage. She thinks she is too old for short skirts so she chose a low cut red dress, for Christmas that the skirt was just above the knee and some thigh highs I had gotten her years ago. On the way over I stopped at a d**gstore and picked up a pack of condoms, large size and with a smile told her to put those in her purse. She said I knew she hated those but I told her if she was meeting a total stranger we had better be safe and she agreed. When we got to the truckstop we went in and browsed around the truckers store before we went into the resturant. There was a nice looking younger black man also looking around and could tell he was just killing time. We went over by him and Sue bent over to look at something on a lower shelf and I knew she was showing him some cleavage and he was sneaking a glance, she cuaght him but just raised up and gave him a smile. I casually asked him if he was passing through and he said yes but he was stuck here until after Christmas when the warehouse opened and he could pick up his load and he asked us if we were traveling. We told him no we lived nearby and had just came over for lunch. I told him it must be awful to be away from f****y on Christmas and he said "yeah but what can you do?"
I suggested he have lunch with us and least he could have some friendly companionship for awhile and I would even buy. He thanked us and said that would be great.
We went into the resturant and I chose a booth my wife slid in one side and I motioned for him to sit beside her. I could tell he was getting the idea.
We ordered and made small talk and Sue asked him about his f****y because she had spotted his wedding ring. He said her was married and had 2 girls 2 and 4 and showed us pictures of them on his phone. My wife told him they were adorable and it must be terrible to be away from them on Christmas and he said it was hard but he had to pay the bills. He asked about our f****y and we told him we had, had Christmas with our k**s and grandk**s early because they were going on a cruise over the holidays. After we had eaten, my wife slid over a little closer to him and asked if he had one of those big trucks with the sl**per in the back and of course he said he did. She then told him she had never seen the inside of one of those and wondered what they were like. He told her he would be glad to show her his if I didn't mind. I told him not at all to just take their time. I would just go out to the car and listen to the game on the radio. I watched them walk out through the parking lot and knew everyone knew what I did and my wife was going to get fucked by this young black truck driver.
I waited in the car about an hour with the game on but all I was thinking about was my wife being in that truck with a young black cock in her that I was hoping was much larger than mine and I knew a lot harder. Pretty soon he walked her back to the car and thanked us for making it a much better Christmas for him. She was all smiles and her face and neck were all flushed and I knew she had been well satisfied. As soon as she got in the car she took the unused condoms out of her purse and said since he was such a good f****y man she knew he wouldn't take the chance of taking anything home to his wife. I said you let him cum in you? and she said, yes, twice. She said he hadn't been home in awhile and he had some big loads. She said her skirt was going to be a mess but it probably already was because she didn't take it off she just pulled it up around her waist and let him fuck her. I asked her how big he was and she said huge, probably 10" and she could barely get her hand around it. I asked her if she took it all and she said she couldn't at first and he "hit bottom" but by the second time he had her well lubed and stretched and she took it all. As we were driving home she asked if I wanted to see what a mess he made and she pulled up her skirt and his cum was all down the insides of her thighs and still running out onto her skirt. I told her "you needed that didn't you Baby?"
She said "oh yeah" and that she had given him her cell# and told him to call the next time he was through. I told her I was glad. Merry Christmas.
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2 years ago
Wonderful story, I bet your wife is a lovely lady!
2 years ago
Great story!! At least we can still have a fantasy about our 60 plus wives.
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
wow very nice story,there should more beautiful people like you and your wife,, Merry Christmas.