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[Story] My wife and her young black physical ther****t

My wife is 62 but still very attractive, her pic is on my profile. She recently had rotator cuff surgery and is going a couple of times a week to p.t. She has made comments about one of her ther****ts who is a younger black guy and she thinks he is sexy. Here is my fantasy about them.
She has been flirting a little with him, but figures he wouldn't be interested in a "grandma" her age. He surprises her by asking her out to lunch after one of his sessions. Of course she accepts and he suggests a restaurant that is connected to a Best Western motel. She follows him to the restaurant and over lu... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy about my birthday present

My 61y.o wife asked me what I would like to have for my 68th birthday. I told her I would luv to see her fucked by a young black stud. Much to my surprise she said OK and asked if I had anyone in mind. I told her that I knew a 29y.o. that wanted to fuck her. She said OK but there was going to be no romance involved, she was just going to spread her legs and let him have his way with her while I watched. I agreed and invited him over on my birthday, grilled out some steaks and we all had some beers and I noticed neither could take their eyes off each other both knowing what was going to happen.... Continue»
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My wife's fantasy

Several years ago we were visiting friends in Chicago. We went downtown to see the lights and store displays since it was near the Christmas holidays. When we were walking back to the car two young black guys going the other way made a comment about my wife's fine ass. Later in bed she was extremely horny and confided in me that he black guys comments had turned her on. Here are my thoughts about what she was fantasizing about with them.
They turned around and followed us the the parking lot where our car was. One of them grabbed me and held a gun to my head. the other grabbed her and pushed ... Continue»
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29 y.o. black friend tells me what he wants to do

My wife is still a very attractive semi-retired mental health counselor. I have a 29y.o. black friend who has observed her going to and from work shopping etc. here is his fantasy of what he says he would like to do with her.
He says he calls her to make an appointment, telling her he and his wife have recently broken up and he is having a hard time dealing with it mentally. They set up an appointment and she is dressed in her usual business attire, skirt with slit up the back shere blouse and jacket over the back of her chair when she invites him into her office.
They make their introducti... Continue»
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Our wedding anniversary

I have a young black guy that wants to fuck my wife on our wedding anniversary. He is 29 and she is 61, her pics are on my profile. He has 9" and I have 4. We go out to a nice dinner and he joins us. She asks who he is and I tell her, he is her anniversary present. He follows us home and she tells me I am crazy for doing this. I tell her it will be a present for both of us because I know she needs it and I want to see her take it.
We get to our house and I tell them to go into the living room and get comfortable while I fix us some drinks. When I come into the living rooms with the drinks the... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy about my wife and the black janitor

My wife is 61 and works part-time as a mental health counselor. Most of the people she counsels are low income and have day jobs so she does much of her work in the evenings. One night after her session she was getting ready to lock up her office she realized she left her keys on her desk and she bent over the desk to pick them up. She heard footsteps behind her and before she could turn around she felt hands on her hips and a black man's voice and as she felt him reaching under her to unfasten her slacks she told him he couldn't do this saying I am sorry to do this Ms. Smith but I saw you ben... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy about my wife and the black preacher.

We have a historically black church down the street from us and last weekend they were selling homemade barbeque for a fund raiser. We stopped to buy some and the minister invited us to attend services. The next Sunday we did and invited the preacher to dinner at our house and he accepted.
After he arrived, he and I went into the living room and made small talk while, Sue, my wife was preparing dinner. The minister made a comment about her being a very attractive lady, I thanked hi and told him she was a very beautiful person inside and out and had been a wonderful wife and mother for many ye... Continue»
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Want a younger hung black man to give my wife what

I am now 67, small endowed, at my age can seldom get it up anymore and have always been a pre-mature ejaculator.
My wife has put up with this for over 20 years and never complained. She is now 61 but still very attractive and active ( see her pics on my profile.) She tells me her fantasies about black men and I would like to have one fuck her on a regular basis. Give her what she needs cum in her and then I can just stick my little soft one in her and cum, knowing she has already been satisfied. Think it would be a win, win situation for everyone.
Like to hear other thoughts on this.
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[Story] 2nd fanasy about my wife and black truck driver

We are on our way to Florida to visit step-son and f****y. we have the top down on our convertible and my 60y.o wife has on a sundress with the skirt pulled up to mid-thigh to tan her legs. We pass a truck on I75 and he toots his air horn. I told he I thought he must like her. We look up in the cab and it is a young good looking black guy. I look over and ask her if she is interested? She smiles and says "maybe?" There is a rest area coming up and I slow down so he can come up beside us again. I tell her to pull up her skirt and show him her panties, she does and he gives her a big grin and t... Continue»
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Knowing my wife has had black cock and I haven

She readily admits she admits she fucked black guys in high school and college and I know of a couple at least since. She is a vey attractive, sophisticated, Christian woman and has been a good wife to me for many years. The thought of her spreading her legs and offering her pussy to a black man and seeing him slide a big black one in her turns me on like nothing else and she knows it.
I love knowing she has had a black cock in her white pussy and want to see her taking it again. She knows this but won't do it.
Any suggestions on how to get her to do it would be greatly appreciated.
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Fantasy of coming home and catching my wife with a

My wife is 60 but still very in-shape and sexy for her age. I know she has fucked black men years ago and the thought of her having a black cock in her white pussy drives me wild.
In my fantasy I come home from work early one day and find a strange car parked in our driveway. I enter the house quietly and know what is going on as soon as I do. Our bedroom is at the end of the hallway and I knew the door must be open because I could hear so clearly. I was hearing my wife saying "oh god, oh god yes, just fuck me!" A man's voice was saying "you like this big black cock in you don't you, Ms. Sue?... Continue»
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Biracial grand daughter

My step-daughter is married to a black man and my wife was a young grandmother at 38. I never thought of it at the time but I bet a lot of people thought our grand daughter was my wife's c***d when we were out in public with her, taking her shopping or out to eat etc. Makes me hot now thinking about how many people probably thought my wife was fucking a black man and I was raising his c***d.
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Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary

So wish I could have my now 60y.o. still beautiful wife let me watch a younger hung black guy fuck her. Be an anniversary present for us both. Know she did it in her younger days and drives me wild thinking about a big hard black cock going in her prim and proper white pussy. Especially seeing him cumming in her over twice as deep as I can.
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18 y.o. white boy

Got an 18y.o.white boy pestering me on email wanting to fuck my 60y.o. wife. Guess I should be flattered, huh?
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[Story] Christmas fantasy about my wife

We area mature coupe, I am 66 and my wife is 60 works out is in good shape and most people guess her to be in her 40s. I am not well endowed and now at my age seldom get hard. My wife has confessed that she has fantasies about younger hung black men and I have encouraged her to act them out, but as far as I know she has refused to do so. Here is my fantasy about what happens on Christmas. We live in a rural lake community not far from a few large truckstops. I suggest to her there are probably a lot of lonely truck drivers stranded at the truckstops over Christmas and it would kind of her if w... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy of my wife and the black stranger

My wife is a professional person and always dresses nice even when she is just going to the mall. Even at 60 she is still in good shape and very sexy.
I recently started a part time business that requires mw to travel. Here is my fantasy of wht happened while I was away.
She decided to take a Saturday afternoon trip to the Macon Mall and aftrwards stopped at O'Charley's to take advantage of happy hour and have a glass of wine since it was 2 for 1 and she is always on the lookout for a bargain.
She took a seat at the bar and ordered her drink and was watching the game on TV. Pretty soon a we... Continue»
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Hope my wife is fucking a black man

She left for work a couple of hours early today, saying she was going to get her nails done. Hope she is actually going to meet a young black lover and imagining her laying up in a motel with him right now and he is giving her 9 or 10" of thick black cock, I know she wants and deserves. She is still very attractive at 59 and deserves more than my little 4" dick that cums in about 4 seconds.
Hope a young black man is running his stiff cock up in her and making her moan with pleasure and she is telling him how much bigger his cock is than mine.
She has admitted to me that it turns her on thin... Continue»
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[Story] My fantasy about my wife and young black friend.

It is my birthday so I invite a young black friend out to our house on the lake for some boating and a cookout.
I am 66 and my wife is 59 and still very attractive, sexy, professional person.
have erectile dysfunction and hinted to my friend that my wife still needs it. He is 26 and had seen him in the restroom and knew he was hung like a horse and I only have 4" when it used to get hard.
He comes over in the early afternoon and I see a spark in both their eyes as I introduce them and they give each other a hug. She has a not to skimpy because of her age 2 piece suit on that shows a lot o... Continue»
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Caught my first wife with a black man.

Many years ago when I was in my 20s I was married to a petite very hot blond.
She was a waitress a Denny's and I was an over-the-road truck driver. One afternoon I was passing by home about the time I knew she would be getting home from work. Where I parked the truck was a couple of blocks from our house, so I parked it and walked home. When I got to the house I noticed a strange car parked in front of it but I just figured one of her co-workers had stopped by after work. This was back in the 70s when Dennys waitresses wore the wrap around skirt uniforms and the cooks wore the white chef unif... Continue»
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Like to hear from white wives who have had black

Like to hear from especially older white wives who are married to husband's with 4 to 5" dicks like mine. What was it like the first time you took a huge black one?
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